Cataclysm Gathering Notes, Part 1

Since profession training is broken right now in the beta, I've focused my early efforts on gathering. The first two zones only have one kind of ore: obsidian. They also have three kinds of herbs, but the most plentiful is cinderbloom. Stormvine is pretty rare in Mount Hyjal and so far I think we've only spotted Azshara's Veil in Vashj'ir. I've spent a few hours questing through each zone, so I'm pretty confident that's all we're going to find in terms of variety.

Mail Bag: Cataclysm questions are answered

We've gotten a couple of questions in since yesterday so I thought I'd try to dig up some answers for you. The content on the beta servers is still very much in flux, and much of the tradeskill content is broken or MIA. I'll do what I can to find answers or if nothing else, try something and report that it's not working :)

New Cooking & Fishing dailies in Cataclysm (BETA)

**** UPDATE: Comprehensive list of Cooking Quests HERE ****
**** UPDATE: Comprehensive list of Fishing Quests HERE ****

I found a new daily Fishing quest last night in Stormwind while I was trying to figure out how to get Fishing working. This new quest is interesting because it rewards a skill point, in addition to the standard goodie bag. Perhaps this is meant to be an encouragement for players who are reluctant to take up the profession. Here's a couple of pics I took of the daily Fishing quest:

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life...

Kaliope flying over Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal. last I've found you! (Madeline Kahn, Young Frankenstein for the confused).

I finally made it into the Beta today after two weeks of waiting :) It only took a week of waiting for a key code to be assigned to me, followed by a week of waiting for to accept it. In a bizarre twist, my daughter got a random Beta key on her account the day before I applied for mine. And she was completely unwilling to share, would you believe that?? Luckily I'm a sweet and patient person and restrained myself from invoking parental privilege.

My Thoughts on Stockpiling Saronite Ore

I've been invited by Markco to comment on his post Making Gold by Stockpiling Saronite for Cataclysm. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the discussion, however I'm not sure I agree with his logic on saronite ore for a few reasons.

First, I think anyone who plans to powerlevel a new profession in the first weeks of Cataclysm would be a fool not to stockpile materials now while they're bored. That's what I've spent the last month doing -- prepping for Cataclysm. So you have to eliminate people who plan ahead from your prospective buyer list.

Engineer's Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

Yep, it's time for another installment of "How to Get Money from a Goblin". Or a wolf-man. Something like that. Today we're going to take a look at Engineering. I know this isn't a money-making profession. We used to be able to provide items for a handful of quests in the game, but most of those have been removed. Only one is still available and it's a Northrend quest:

Vote in our Cataclysm Wish List Poll!

Yep, it's that time again :) Time to vote in our wish list poll for Cataclysm! I've compiled all the feedback we got in May on which new features we want to see for crafting. Now YOU can weigh in on the items that are most important to you:

If I've forgotten anything, please leave a Comment so I can add your idea to the list!

Cataclysm Beta has Begun!

That's right folks, Cataclysm is officially in Beta. Now we can openly discuss the new goodies that are going into the expansion :) I wish I had exciting news to share like other sites, but sadly I was not involved in the Alpha. I did take the opportunity yesterday to look over some of the tradeskill content that's been published so far, and there's some pretty exciting stuff!