Jewelcrafter's Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

... otherwise known as 'The Beast'. Ok, so I wasn't really looking forward to this one because Jewelcrafting spans all classes. Most other profession wares can be limited to a handful of classes, but Jewelcrafting has forced me to evaluation every 10 levels of gear for every class. But now I've bitten the bullet, gotten it done and I'm ready to share :)

Thoughts on Account Security

This topic has been bugging me for a few weeks now because I was recently hacked. I didn't lose my gear like many players do, luckily Blizzard caught them in the act and locked down my account for 24 hours. It seems they were satisfied with my 70k gold and were in the process of cleaning out my banks when they got shut down. While the inconvenience to me was minimal, the emotional toll was not. On the plus side, Blizzard did a very good job of handling my situation and getting my gold and items back to me.

Alchemist's Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

Wow, has it been three weeks since my last "guide" post? Shame on me! Clearly it's time for a new installment, so I selected Alchemy as my next target. Alchemy is a total no-brainer right? Make potions... rake in cash? I don't consider myself a true Alchemist, since I primarily abuse my Alchemy alt for personal gain. But I did take the time to analyze the available wares and I feel reasonably comfortable with my recommendations.

Thoughts on the new Archaeology changes

In case you haven't heard, over the weekend Blizzard announced some changes to Archaeology. "The whole Path of the Titans idea has been removed from the game." Yes, you read that right. Path of the Titans will not be a part of Cataclysm. It is being replaced with something called "medium glyphs". These are glyphs that will provide "fun factor" to abilities. It looks like Inscription will inherit the core functionality that Path of the Titans was going to provide.

New TradeTrak and Site Update!

I realize that web site and add-on updates aren't the most exciting events in the world, but I want to let you guys know that we ARE still busy here :) Before Beta starts, I'm trying to clean up our database in preparation for all the new Cataclysm goodies. I just completed a massive review of all 293 non-faction vendors in the game. I visited every single one of the them and confirmed every recipe they sell. This means for every "limited" spawn recipe, I camped until it popped to make sure it was still there. Our information should now be 100% accurate in terms of which vendors sell which recipes.

We've also updated TradeTrak to 3.3.3 and included all the vendor changes. As a result of requests from our users, we've also added the Mining recipe list to TradeTrak. The newest version has been submitted to and is pending approval. Once it's posted it should be here:


Vanilla Weaponsmithing plans now available to all!

It appears that sometime during all the changes to profession specializations, a few of the Blacksmithing quests got modified. Perhaps those who have visited the quest givers for Weaponsmithing may have noticed, but I didn't even realize this was changed. Back in the Vanilla WoW days, you had to complete a dungeon quest to unlock one of three Weaponsmith specialties. Once you completed a quest you could not do the other two (or switch specs either, but we knew that).