Tailor's Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

I'm starting a new series on Crafter's Tome aimed at helping crafters find items to sell when Cataclysm debuts. We all anticipate that folks will roll new characters to play Worgen and Goblin toons. Perhaps some of us have even planned out what to make for our own alts when the time comes. But I suspect few if any of us have actually thought about how we might capitalize on this event with our tradeskills.

Pony Outrage

Wow, I've been reading a lot about this whole pony debate. It seems many players are resentful of this new development in our favorite MMO, but somehow countless hordes still bought ponies. No matter how offensive some may find the idea, clearly there are plenty of others who are willing to fork over the cash. After reading a number of posts about this, I thought I'd throw a different spin on the debate.

Specialty Cloth Tip for Tailors

Having spent the last few months plodding through Tailoring, I've discovered a bit of a trick that I hadn't seen mention of elsewhere. So I'm mentioning it... I hope Blizzard doesn't hate on me. I ended Burning Crusade as a Shadoweave Tailor with the much loved Frozen Shadoweave gear on my warlock Kalli. Suffice it to say, Ebonweave goodies aren't quite the pinnacle of achievement that the Frozen Shadoweave gear was. In fact, the Ebon-flavored gear is the low man on the epic cloth totem pole. I toughed it out for quite a while, but after the Tailoring CDs were removed I decided to put myself out of my misery and respec to Moonshroud.

Guide to Noblegarden

Last year I wrote a nifty little guide to Noblegarden, complete with pictures of the eggs. For those of you who didn't do this event last year, you can read all about it here:

Kaliope's Guide to Noblegarden!