Transmute Living Elements - The Procs

I've been working on the Alchemy transmute for Living Elements in an effort to quantify the procs that Blizzard says are working. During my time in the Beta I used the Living Elements transmute quite a bit and never got a proc. Therefore I assumed the procs were not applicable on this recipe.

Now that we know procs are working and we know that we can control the resulting elements, I've taken this recipe more seriously. I leveled my Alchemist so I could unlock this recipe and start experimenting with it. More inportantly - my Engineer needs volatile air! So I flew to Uldum and camped out for a few days with my stash of volatile life. The first two days, I got no procs. The third day, I got a proc! Obviously this isn't super-scientific or anything, just one example. I wanted to go ahead and share for those of you who haven't gotten a proc yet, just to give you an idea of how it works.

The good news is that I got an extra 17 volatiles for my proc. That's more generous than I was expecting and actually 1 more than the tooltip indicates. The bad news is that it did not proc volatile air, the whole reason I traveled to Uldum for the transmute. The extras from my proc were volatile earth. I still got the regular 15 volatile air as well, so essentially I ended up with 2 sets of volatiles from one transmute. Just be aware that even if you travel to a specific Cataclysm zone to control the type of volatile when transmuting, the bonus volatiles will apparently still be random.

If you have other experiences with Transmute: Living Elements you'd like to share, feel free to leave a Comment!


  1. Kaliope,

    Hi. Your blog is magnificent, I'm glad I came across it. OK to add to your experiments: I have 3 max skill transmute Alchemists, each goes to Uldum daily to make my volatile lifes into airs. So after 10 days of doing that, 30 transmutes, I have procced extra elements 6 times. (3 on one toon, so the others aren't holding their weight). Two of the procs gave me the same element (air), 2 gave me earths and one each resulted in fire and water. The proc seems to generate 16 extra volatiles as that was a constant each time. Now that I have a ton of air I will begin testing in different Cata zones. I'll try to remember to report back again.

    Good luck.

  2. This is Blizzard quality assurance so I don't think we "know" anything.

    shows the Blue quote as

    "alchemists with Transmutation specialization will always receive bonus Volatile elements when completing this"

    I do not know whether the Blue misspoke (not at all uncommon) or (s)he was correct and the current behavior is a bug (not uncommon in professions either)

    It seems to me that if a blue poster is going to issue a clarification, they should take some care to make it correct.

    So there are two RNGS:
    how many airs do you get - 14-16
    random proc of some volatile

    My last three were 14 air, 14 air, 30 air

  3. I also got a proc last night. Went to Uldum for Air and got 16 air and 14 Water off of it.

  4. Sakuan: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your transmute numbers and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! I was hoping the proc chance wasn't quite that stingy but transmute spec has always been on the low end with procs.

    Hagu: You're right, when I say "know" I mean we know how it's intended to work, which we sadly did not during Beta. The reality of its functionality is a different story, which is why we're getting rampant hotfixes :) And I think the blue poster misspoke in the original post. If you revisit the same post on

    Transmute: Living Elements Clarification

    You can see that it has been modified to specify a "chance" to receive bonus volatiles.

    The three transmutes I did had 15/16/16 air and the proc of earth was 17. I plan to continue doing volatile transmutes, so we'll see if anything new pops up.

  5. 14 Air 17 Fire
    15 Air nothing else
    16 Air 14 Earth

  6. I would love this transmute if the CD wasn't shared with truegold. Right now it's much cheaper for me to buy the volatiles I need (already have plenty of pyrite), transmute truegold and sell/use it than to wait an extra day or two to transmute the volatiles I need

  7. The first transmute of elements I did I flew to ulduam and got the regular 15 air and a proc of another 16 air. I haven't gotten a proc since and have done about 5 transmutes.

  8. Anonymous:
    I wouldn't worry about the Truegold. At my server's prices, 15 Volatile Air generates about 10x the profit of a single Truegold bar. You'd do better to take advantage of the high prices and buy someone else's Truegold.

  9. Well, this is off-topic but I am not sure where to report this. I was over at JMTC and saw a link to Archaeology Keystones in the Market. But the link goes to a page not found. Feel free to remove this post at your convenience, just thought I should let you know.

  10. Hehe, I'm working on an article about that. The bad link should be fixed on my end, but clearly still snuck into people's feeds. No worries, it will be up later today anyway :)

  11. So, I've been using my Transumtes for Skill ups now that anything past 500 is a PITA for Alchemists.

    I used my Transumte Living Elements last night at 10:30pm Server time that gave me 1h 30minute cooldown (restarting at 12am Server time). From what I remember with Transmutes is that all transmutes are now on cooldown. I hovered over one of the Gem Transmutes and I noticed that it wasn't on cooldown o.0

    I bought the 3 common gems and transmuted it to a blue prior to midnight that same day.

    TL;DR Are Elemental Transmutes & gem transmutes on different cooldowns now for Alchemists?

    Thank you for your answers!

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  12. Dorrinal:
    On my server I've been able to pick up volatile air for < 30g per volatile while selling truegold for more than 2k. Of course the price for truegold has been decreasing while volatile air fluctuates wildly so you may be right in the long run

  13. *edit* L2 Read Fuu

    So, I saw on your Alchemy post that there isn't a CD on the Gem transmute.

    Please disregard my foolishness...

  14. Anonymous:
    I see! Truegold is selling for 1500-1600 and we're getting anywhere from 30-45 per Volatile Air. Considering Volatile Life costs 10 each, Air is still a huge profit for me.

    Then again I use 3 alchemists to provide at least one truegold per day to use up excess volatile supply. It's one way to have your cake and eat it, too.

  15. Hi, compliments for your excellent blog, I used it extensively for my profession leveling.

    Here is some more empirical data if interested:
    I have been doing the living elements transmute in Uldum every day since I found out that the location matters, which means 11 times for me. I have had 3 procs, the first for air too, which was great of course, the others were fire and earth. 8 times I did not have a proc.

  16. Thanks for sharing your data folks! Hopefully this will help other Alchemists decide whether they want to go Truegold or Volatile Air with their CD.

  17. Hi Kaliope,

    After doing 4 transmutes in Twilight Highlands [questing there, didn't make the Uldum run) it's obvious that the transmutes there are not controlled by any elemental plane and will be random. So far I have received air2x, and fire2x. Also have not had any specialty procs lately. Being that I have a ton of Air now I will do another 2 attempts in T.H. to see the results I get.