Realm First Brag Board

I want you guys to know how excited I am for everyone who's gotten their Realm Firsts! It has been such an amazing few days for me to be a part of everyone's special moment. The fact that so many of you came back here and posted your stories really made all the work putting this together worthwhile. I'm humbled by everyone who took time out of their big moment of glory to stop by and share their achievement with us.

In the spirit of honoring all the hard work that went into these achievements, I wanted to create a post where we can consolidate all the Realm Firsts into a virtual "brag board". I was upset when I realized that Blizzard's new Armory site has dismantled the Realm First listings, so there's no way for anyone to see or share these achievements. It's not official, but we can try making one big list here and see how many of our readers ended up reaching their goals on Realm Firsts. Right now they are all scattered among the different profession posts and it's kind of hard to keep track of them all. And for those of you who haven't gotten your achievements yet (JCs) make sure you stop by when you do!

I've been trying to keep track of all the activity, and in reviewing my Mining and Herbalism posts I count at least 30 Realm First achievements between those two professions. I know there are more that that, but even that number is AWESOME!! I am thankful to each and every one of you who came back here to tell me about your achievement! You're excitement and pride has made the last three months of crazy work completely worthwhile for me :)

I'm extending an invitation to all of you to savor the moment - even brag a little if you want! Tell us your character's name, server and which achievement you got. I'm so proud that our little corner of the blogosphere has remained a positive and constructive place for people to come and learn about crafting. I hope you guys feel the same and use this opportunity to bask in the limelight of this well-earned glory!


  1. OwnsAndOperatesStaghelmDecember 9, 2010 at 12:54 AM

    Yiinderyg got realm first illustrious alchemist on Staghelm-US. I followed your guide to mining and was disappointed that someone hit 525 when I was just 513. The Alchemy achieve came 7 hours, 45 minutes after Cataclysm went live and only after I learned that my draenei bonus wouldn't help me get to realm first JC.

  2. Thanks to your guides and some serious money savings, I managed to get Engineering Realm First on tuesday's morning (Hanser , Minahonda-EU).
    It was not until tomorrow when I got Inscription Realm First with an alt (Krenji , Minahonda-EU). Since the "runescroll of fortitude II" is broken and the "forged documents" have cd restriction, I had to overcome the 500-505 points mainly by spaming shoulder inscriptions (which where green). Now i guess its time to start thinking about how to recuperate all that money...

  3. Realm first Illustrious Herbalist on Spinebreaker. Almost lost it when I headed out for Uldum a skill point short (got too into counting how many points to go and missed that the last lichbloom didn't give a skill point) and wasted 10 minutes making my way back without ports (ring on cd, unable to get my mage online. You're guide made this incredibly easy, no competition in Storm Peaks or Uldum so luckily my mistake didn't cost me the realm first.

  4. Honestly I don't see the point in this "realm first" nonsense. It doesn't give any kind of benefit and (besides gathering professions) usually mean a waste of huge amount of gold. It's rather silly than awesome.

  5. Are you the glum guy in the corner of the room at parties complaining that the beers too warm Gevlon?

    Anyways - my partner, Catreann got realm first LWer on Cael. A proud achievement that had been planned for weeks.

    Big ups to her. :)


  6. it is just silly, but it is something to be proud of, it shows you are dedicated to crafting

    i know i was screwed as soon as i logged in on tues morn at about 12:15 (finally able to get in) and saw the 3 realm first gatehring go within 2 hrs
    the realm first cooking was done about 2 min after i logged in

    there is always next expansion if im still playing!

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  8. Realm first Archaeology on my mage Joline, both 450 and 525 on Stormreaver (US). Took me 18 hours, but I picked up the fossil raptor mount along the way. It was well worth the effort for sure.

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  10. Hello. I am Crusard from Argent Dawn - US. Shame on you Gevlon. Gold is not tangible and therefore should be used how the player decides is best, for his/her game experience. I spent approximately 100k and made Realm first in [TWO] professions on a level 78 alt (Darkened)- Inscription and Enchanting. I am proud of these two achievements. It would seem to be true that if you did not push yourself to achieve something great, something that is unique and a product of hard work, that you would "troll" the success of these dedicated young people. This is precisely the reason why "Marco" at JmTC is a much better person than you and also the reason why you "troll" him. Go exploit pvp noob...LOL Much love Gevlon.

    Kaliope I love your dedication and this wonderful site. I did a small post on my blog for my achievements- I would appreciate some site traffic (LOL).

    Good job everyone and God Bless! Go Cowboys!

  11. Thanks for your hard work on this site. Thanks to you, on my Zangarmarsh server my main, Kevmech (hunter) I was able to get realm first on mining and engineering. With all the mining I did in twilight highlands I only spent 8k to max my eng. Prof.

  12. Hi Kaliope,

    Count up another Realm First on your behalf. Sieglinde of Stormreaver, my druid, achieved Realm First mining following your guide. I practiced the details of my flight from the Dal flight trainer to Sholazar a few times and it paid off. After 14 mins I was on the bird to Farstrider Lodge with 470 mining.

    I wasn't even perfectly 100% efficient, because I did stop by the herbalism trainer and picked a few Lichblooms, Adders and Tiger Lily in Northrend, as well as one or two Cinderblooms before I hit 525 mining.

    Nevertheless, the stream of whispers after the Realm First broadcast that came in varied from "Gratz" to "I'm buying" to "Impossible! Explain plz!!!"

    Thank you for your excellent guide, it was a lot of fun!!

    - Sieg.

  13. I followed your guide and got myself the "Realm First! Illustrious miner!" achievement. Dicci on Grizzly Hills-US, i thank and applaud you for your wonderful guide!
    JC realm first is still up for grabs on my server, so I'm using your guide for that, wish me luck!

  14. Hey,
    While using your mining guide I was able to get Realm First Illustrious Miner on Blade's Edge. I appreciate the hard work you put in to making all of these.

  15. Thanks to you, my main (Flockogulls, on Agamaggan-US) got realm first herbalism. Took me about 5 minutes to get past the log in screen, and then it was easy from there. Went the Storm peaks to Uldum route, and kept straying from a consistent route because I was too anxious to wait for nodes to respawn. I think I spent about 20 minutes getting to 495 (no one had +5 herbalism enchant for my gloves), then maybe 10 getting to 525.
    In hindsight I might have gone to IF and then Twilight Highlands, I've found the herb density there is overwhelming and they're selling a lot better than Whiptail. But I really like both areas so it's a toss-up.
    Thanks again!

  16. Thanks for coming back and sharing your stories with us guys! I have to say it's inspiring to hear how well the guides worked - I'm somewhat shocked myself! I really didn't think that the Northrend gathering would turn out to be such a strong starter to the process, but I'm so glad for you all :)

    As for Gevlon, don't worry about him. He QQed over my JC Realm First in Wrath, clearly he hasn't changed his position on them. Why he feels a need to rain on your parade I don't know. But you guys are all so proud and that's the feeling I was hoping to share this time around :) Getting a Realm First is such a special and unique achievement - don't let one bad apple ruin it for you!

    I'm so happy for you all and I hope this experience is something you will remember for a long time :)

  17. I got realm first mining following your suggestion to stay in outland (Wintergrasp in my case) till 475 , then I went to Uldum to skip Obsidium ore.
    Got 525 Mining in about two hours of flying around.

  18. As I commented on the other post, I got Realm First Mining thanks to your guide, though I failed at actually getting that ore up on the AH when people were gunning for realm firsts.

    Any thoughts on the gathering hotfix for Deepholm/TH? I'll be buying out the AH in preparation for the weekend, I think.

  19. Two Realm First for me!


    Herbalism -Magenificent
    Scribe - Animalia

    All thanks to your guides :P

  20. I saw the comment about the node hotfix this morning, but honestly I've been in TH for the last hour mining elementium and haven't noticed a huge change overall.

  21. Thanks Kaliope for your herbing and inscription guide! I milled my way to Realm First! Illustrious Scribe around 11am Pacific 12/7/10 on the Uldum server. =)

  22. Gratz to our new Scribes!! With the Runescroll recipe being bugged that makes the achievement even more of an accomplishment =) I honestly thought they would fix that before launch, I'm pretty surprised it rolled out like that. I know I posted a bug report on that issue several times.

  23. I didn't go for a realm first, living on the East Coast, having to work on Tuesday, AND not being young enough to easily bounce back from that prohibited me from going for it. BUT!!!

    I really want to pop a big "Thank you!" your way - my miner needs to support his JC and my main's BS addiction, as well as the wife's JC skills, and I found it really easy to level mining by following your tips. The "Gatherer" enchant was a definite help.

    Now, either back to leveling the main, or chasing down some weed on the druid :)

  24. Realm First Herber, despite heading over to Uldum too soon due to my inability to count. Thanks for all you've done for us non-beat types.

  25. I was at 523 mining when I lost my realm first. Without your guide I wouldn't have even been in the running, so thank you very much!

  26. Archaeology Realm first on Darkspear. Didn't realize it was a 2 for 1 deal so was pleasantly surprised when I got the achieve for 450 and then 525 of course. Thanks for the guide!

  27. Hey Kaliope,
    I got the JC realm first (and missed LW by 1 hour, literally!). Took making 33 Ember Shadow-diamonds, from 505 to 525 - so, not too bad. Thanks for the awesome guides, they really did help!

    Also I would like to offer my point of view of Gevlon's criticism: for me it was about the competition, the race - and that was a race "in the dark". you have no idea what others are doing and if they gonna "win" by a minute, an hour or a week. its simply put, exciting.

    Now maybe you dont do such stuff, but I do, in game and in life. It relieves the stress of normal working/personal life by creating lots of adrenaline. Those things are not measurable as tangibles, but they do affect you.

    I couldnt care less if that particular (or any other for that matter) achievement is simply deleted tomorrow. I got mine at 5am anyway, so server was really empty - i had 2 whispers. It wasnt about "fame" or "prestige". It was for me and not for others (which is why i keep anonymous posting here).

    and it was, also, for selling those Diamonds to mass of level 85s for a short while until others join me and we start the undercutting game, or whatever. And btw I spent 7k out of 300k gold I have.

    If we all did only things that have benefits as understood by Gevlon, all we would do i eat, shit, sleep and fuck. Which wouldnt be that bad, at all... but we complicate even those simple things, so why not make it (life) more interesting?

    (i'm verbose, sorry :))

  28. Perp@Trollbane, realm 1st fishing :) I just logged out next to the trainer in Darnassus, logged in, trained, and started casting right there. As for Gevlon, love ya, man, but we are all just typing at cartoons.

  29. And that was supposed to be a link to The Noob comic, #171 :P

  30. Thanks to your great guides I was able to get Realm FIrst Herbalism for my paladin, Jeneya of Zangarmarsh-US. I'm sure that 310% flying plus Crusader Aura helped me quite a bit. I actually didn't even get started herbing until 7 or 8 minutes after Cataclysm went live. Somehow a Horde rogue was able to kill the flight trainer in Stormwind multiple times in spite of the 500 or so Alliance standing there. After waiting 2-3 minutes for the respawn I gave up, used my Argent Tournament tabard and flew to Dalaran to train. After that it was smooth sailing - I never saw another soul in Storm Peaks, and only saw 2 horde players in Uldum (1 was mining, 1 was fishing). I was on edge the whole time in Uldum, expecting to see someone else get the achievement but somehow I made it!

  31. Natima on Drenden got both grand master and illustrious master archaeologist.

  32. Thank you again for your awesome guides Kaliope!
    Especially the mining guide was very nice, I capped my mining at 0.43 server time.

    I obtained the following feats:
    *Europe First Illustrious Miner - Raîkîng - Trollbane EU

    *Realm First Illustrious Alchemist - Timmehh - Trollbane EU ( Missed the EU first by 15m!)

    *Realm First Illustrious Jewelcrafter - Raikïng - Trollbane EU

  33. Could not have done it without you. Realm First Illustrious Cooking and Realm First Illustrious Blacksmith.

    Aeghadrix - Drenden (H) US

  34. I snagged realm first JC on Misha-US this morning - thanks for the tip on using prismatics!

  35. Nyrh got realm first JC on Shadowcouncil at 5am this morning! thank you so much for all your helpful information! it's been fun!

  36. Mining realm's first thanks to your guide!! Excellent!!

  37. Lavindin from Lothar-US, Realm First Mining 525 because of you!!!! Thank you so much!!! First time I have ever tried for a realm first, it was so exciting, and I actually got it - beat someone else by only 5-6 points!

  38. Got 2 realm first achievements! Got both for enchanting and inscription (on a side note, got realm first 85 mage too). Daeveren, Quel'Thalas EU. Thanks for your work Kaliope!

  39. Zangarmarsh realm first in Enchanting (20 hours after launch, spent a lot of time on the new WoW mobile AH to buy out greens). Is there a way to see if it's also an Americas first?

    Also realm first Jewelcrafting after the 4th daily quest. I only got that because the person ahead of me didn't read your guide and didn't load up enough metagems. Thanks, Kaliope! BTW, I spent about 50-60k on each achievement.

  40. Gratz to all you guys who got Realm First achievements - awesome job!!

    Hobbes: Hehe, I can't help but appreciate that you beat out another person thanks to info from the JC guide. That's pretty great =)

  41. Realm First Alchemy/Herbalism on VeCo!! Thanks so much for the help!!

  42. Dicci from Grizzly hills reporting in again,
    I followed your guide for JC, and i would have had server first if it weren't for my terrible luck with the daily!
    I missed Server first JC by only 15 seconds!
    However, i was first on horde and I've made SO much gold. Thank you so much for your wonderful guide!! :)

  43. Hola there!
    Escudojaguar from Spain! Sanguino EU. First ilustrious herbalist.
    Thanks to Kaliope in the antipodes of Spain. You are an Ausie aren t you?
    Aniway... tauren druid 310%flight plus the bonus from gatherer enchant.
    Started in k3 and moved to Uldum when it was totally empty. Got the achievement in less than 40 minutes. Could have gotten also first ilustrious miner but I relaxed too much.

    Anyway I could not have done it if it wasnt for you! So, from Spain, a big GRACIAS TIO!

  44. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not from Australia :) I'm from the US - boring I know. Congrats to all our international friends who also got Realm Firsts!!! I'm so happy for everyone who has gotten achievements and those who missed it but are still enjoying the fruits of their labors.

    You guys are all AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your stories!!

  45. Dicci - Grizzly HillsDecember 13, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    >:) I'm australian! And despite my awesome lag for playing on a US server, i still got my ach ;)

    Someone else i know thought you were australian too Kaliope.. Not sure if it were you, but.. Perhaps you made some comments about holidays being US only? WTB Boxing day holiday in game ;)

  46. I totally thought I'd posted here already! Apparently not! Thanks to your great engineering guide I was able to be Argent Dawn US's first 525 Engineer!

    And in regards to folks who, like Gevlon, think it's pointless . . . if you think aspiring for something in-game is pointless why do you care about making gold, raiding, questing, or anything else in WoW? It's all fake, none of it means anything IRL (Unless you're breaking the ToS and selling your gold or toons for real cash) so one person's mountain of gold is worth as much to that person as a realm first is to me or a hawt epic is to a raider.

    Who CARES how other people spend their gold/enjoy the game?

    Thanks again, Kaliope, great work on the whole site, thanks so much!

  47. Dicci: It's possible that some readers assumed I was from Australia because I've made comments about being a night owl for my server. I can see where that might create some confusion when I don't give any other details. The truth is that I'm on an East Coast server but live on the West Coast. Strange I know, but I love my guild too much to leave. Plus I get to farm ore when most of my server is asleep :)

  48. Tried to get herbalism, but unfortunately somebody else here on US-Fizzcrank seemed to be doing a better job of following the same track and beat me by 10 points. I did get cooking, though - because I had done all the dailies on 8 alts and turned them in for crates of meat ahead of time. Just a little fishing in Twilight Hilands for guppies got me over the hump (and the guppies were also your idea).

    I could have gotten alchemy first pretty easily, but I couldn't stay awake past 5am.


  49. Hello Kaliope, i got server 1st miner and i have to give a lot of credit to the info gathered here. Even tough i only managed to log about 1h after servers opened i still snatched it and those last 5 points where heart pumping nervous! Best gz whisper i got was a guy saying:" did u get a mount?" No i said, "did u get a title" No i said, "Pooo" he finally replied!
    Cheers all

  50. Val: Yes, there seems to be a lot of misinformation about Realm First rewards. I think this started in the WotLK beta where they originally had cool titles for Realm Firsts. There was so much QQ on the forums over that - Blizzard took them out before WotLK was even launched. Nothing was said during the Cata beta about reinstating those titles or any form of reward, yet the idea persists...

  51. Thank you Kaliope! Thanks to your help, my guild was able to make "Working as a Team" Realm First, and I was able to get Realm First-Tailoring:)

  52. I'm so happy for you guys, that's an AMAZING feat!! You should be so proud that you all worked together to do something like that as a group =)

  53. Thanks to your very informative blog and tips made x2 Realm firsts :-)
    - Alchemy
    - JC
    Regards and Happy New Year
    Spamlord from Australia - Kargath Server

  54. StKH the Ret of Kindread on Kel'thuzad-US here.
    I manage to get myself realm first Jewelcrafter thanks to you and guildmates who killed the Alliance daily npc for me on the reset.

    It was beautiful....

    Thanks a billion

  55. Realm First Alchemist Gurubashi-US
    Realm First Engineer Gurubashi-US

    While everyone was busy trying to mob tag first few hours I was on my 80 alts flying around collecting mats. The zones were packed with mats, especially Twilight Hinterlands and Uldum as no one was there yet... THEY WERE ALL MINE! HAHAHA

  56. Gratz to all you guys! And StKH your story is awesome - I love that your guild mates helped you get the achievement :)

  57. Missed this post when it was timely but I did get Realm First JC and Mining directly because of your work Kaliope. JC despite not getting my daily done before 3am the first night.
    Deathwing US

  58. I'm glad to hear that someone got the achievement despite a snafu like that :) Gratz on the Realm First!

  59. Hum, i came back to WoW like the 3rd of December, where i decided to go for some realm first. I obviously didnt do the beta, so your powerleveling guides were VERY helpful. I decided to drop inscription/leatherworking, and go for herbalism/skinning/inscription/first aid realm firsts. When i finally managed to log in, skinning was already done, so i rushed for herbalism. I grabbed the realm first herbalism, but unfortunately, some bug exploiter already had emberweaves cloth farmed from before cata launch, and i couldn't execute my plan of buying thoses at insane prices to get the realm first (i am filthy rich + of course clothes guild donation that would have happen).

    So i was grinding jasmine in Twilight highlands to get inscription first, when it appeared to me that i was leveling REALLY fast. I was like 40/50 to lvl 81, 15/20 to lvl 82, THIRD to lvl 83, and finally first to level 84. I couldn't believe i was actually going to be realm first! 85, BY ONLY GATHERING PLANTS. And it did happen. That was the most brutal grind i've ever done (i already competed for realm firsts in BC/Wotlk, and while it was much more longer, farming herbs for more than 11hours straight is just over the top).

    It's one of your blogpost about herb xp that initially gave me the idea. I was actually talking about doing this in guild chat a few hours before cata launched, but while i had the idea, i wasn't really serious about doing it.

    So, big thanks for inspiring me, and also for you herbalism guide, which was the perfect way to go for realm first :)

    End of the story : I didn't got inscription first, my gf was a bit mad at me, so instead of doing TH quests to get the necessary items for inscription first, i just offered alchemy realm first to a guildmate, and logged of for the day :)
    I also made over 300k gold from this grind, averaging over 80stacks of herbs an hour^^ It was that insane and easy to pick herb.

    Oh, obviously, i'm a tauren druid, any other combination wouldn't have work, i calculated that i gained more than an hour only accounting gathering time, over someone who is not a tauren. Druid vs other classes is much more difficult to math out but it's obviously an other timesaver.

  60. That's an awesome story Lucky, thanks for sharing! I'm pretty surprised that you were able to get Realm First 85 just from Herbalism, I didn't think the XP was quite that high. Although with TH to yourself and all the herbs that spawn there, I guess it would be pretty insane :) Big Gratz on both Firsts!!