On Buying JC Recipes

I think the biggest issue on every Jewelcrafter's mind this week is which recipes to buy. My toon is a few days behind the power-leveling crowd, which puts me at a bigger disadvantage in the market. So I was very motivated to find a way to carve out a workable niche for myself. I know I shared a tweet/post with you guys about steering clear of the red gems. The competition is so fierce there that prices are already falling to WotLK levels on gems that many players can't even socket yet! I consider this quite unappealing for items that we just unlocked mere days ago.

In my other Jewelcrafting posts I've advocated going off the beaten path and purchasing less obvious gem recipes. Obviously I'm not suggesting anyone buy a crappo cut that has zero market. But you can pick gems that have lower competition and hopefully make more money by not competing with so many sellers. You can do some preliminary searches on your auction house to see which cuts are missing from the supply and purchase accordingly. Or just pick up something that has very few sellers and still lists at a good price. Use your judgment to pick cuts that still have good stats, just not the most popular versions. I think combo gems with Haste or Hit are a good option. You might also consider gems with Mastery, although I'm still unclear on which classes strongly value Mastery as a stat.

A good case in point is my own situation. I needed to pick up a meta gem recipe and saw that there were already a number of other players posting them for sale. The two cuts that everyone seems to be buying are Austere (tank) and Chaotic (dps). No healer meta gems in sight, so I bought the healer meta that I thought was most likely to be the top choice. Now my JC Rogue clearly doesn't need this gem, but I saw an opening and I took it. While everyone else is driving the price of their cut gems down to the value of the uncut gem, I'm able to name my price on the gems I list. Every single one of my meta gems has sold for 600-800g, while the other sellers are fighting it out in the 450-500 range. I could probably set the price even higher, but I don't want to price myself out of buyer's pocketbooks :)

You can take this idea one step further by putting in a bit of research. To this end I set out to identify which cuts had NOT been purchased on my realm. I used the Undermine Journal to look up all the new gems, then clicked on each cut to see how many sellers had listed it. I found six different gem cuts that had zero sellers and 4 others that had just one seller. This gives me ten different recipes I can purchase that would have little or no competition. Lest you think I'm talking about obscure and useless gems, some of the cuts in this group were Deft Ember Topaz (+agility & +haste) and Etched Demonseye (+strength & +hit). I wouldn't consider either of these crappy gems, they are hybrid gems with good stats.

This may be more work than the average player wants to spend on their professions, but I think it's well worth it to those of us who are serious about maximizing our crafting skills :)

I want to thank the folks at the Undermine Journal for providing a valuable resource to the community. I wish you luck in your efforts to keep the site running with Blizzard's blessing!


  1. No pain, no gain. I bet I spent 30 min scrutinizing TUJ when picking my third cut last night. I picked one of the zero-competition cuts (Polished Ember Topaz (+agil +dodge)). I felt it was the best of the remaining. However, it's been 24h and I've not sold one. This is no reflection on (y)our strategy, just perhaps that I picked the wrong one.

  2. I think that the undermine journal will be closing up shop next week, actually :(

  3. I did this for my first JC recipe. No one was selling Quick Amberjewels (+40 Haste). Got the recipe and for three days after that had no competition.

    I was buying amberjewels for 19-40g and selling the Quick ones at 200g each. Saving up now for a meta cut, but I'm guessing on my high-pop server all the cuts are covered now.

  4. Cody: There is a certain level of personal judgment that goes into the process. I would be more likely to stick with DPS stats in a situation like this, but that's just me :)

    Euripides: I'm sorry to hear that, I was really starting to enjoy using their historical data :(

    Harold: I purchased the Ember meta, but if that's already being provided on your realm you can try a different variant. Bracing could also work.

  5. I think it is going to vary widely realm to realm. My first cut was the straight stam and those are now selling for <100g so I'm just holding on till we have more 85s wanting to tank.

    My second cut was straight AGI and those are now selling at 270+.

    My third is going to be a meta just to finish leveling.


  6. Thank You Kaliope for informations !

    Is there any market for Chimera Eye ?

    I think everybody is looking for cuts and very few buy some chimera eye for the JC Gems only or for high crfting gear...

    What's your opinion on this ?

  7. I know on Elitist Jerks, the meta gem recommended for Holy Paladins (at least a few days ago) was a choice of either Ember or Revitalizing.

    I also agree with Rasputin on checking your own realm for what prices things are going for before you make a decision. Using something like Auctioneer to keep tabs on things by scanning at least once a day, really helps me figure out what to cut, and what new patterns to buy. Its also nice for figuring out what price I should try to buy ore at to profit from selling the gems I prospect out of it, but that is a combination of my own math and it keeping track of prices.

  8. I'm a tank.
    First gem I bought was parry+stamina purple because it's the one I use for red sockets, for druid tanks it can be agi+stamina or maybe expertise+stamina.

    For the guy who bough "agi+dodge", sorry, but I would never use a gem as a tank that isn't at least half stamina. Oh well, some theorycrafters say we should gem full mastery now but still agi+dodge isn't any hot, agi+mastery maybe if it's any good for druids (or agi dps classes).

    So all these agi+dodge, parry+dodge, dodge+hit, no sorry, I won't gem these.

    My second pattern was mastery+stamina for my yellow sockets.

    Seems everyone and their dog are cutting pure stamina gems, exactly the reason I skipped the recipe and got stuff for my other sockets instead.

    I'm thinking about effulgent (spelldmg reduction) or eternal meta (block) as a tank as opposed to most common austere, however I need to research it more which one is the "best" for me to use. At the moment using old wotlk meta because cata ones simply cost too much to experiment and change them around.

    Chimera's eyes sit at 1000k on my AH but I think I won't use my JC gems for some time, no ideas are other people using it, but it's 2 tokens for recipe + 3 Chimera's eyes to kit yourself and these are really more valuable for the patterns at this point I feel.

  9. Maybe I am just lazy, but it may not matter as much now. I.e. soon all gems should be going for 10, 20, 30 g above uncut price. ( Commons will probably stay below uncut price. ) Once several people have a cut it is really just how often they repost.

    Another way to look at it as once the market matures, non-JCs can make about as much as JCs as they buy underpriced and flip them.

    I wish the rings were epic 359 and not low end 346 blues. BS can make my shaman an epic shield. LW can make epic belt and chest. whereas JC can only make the profession bonus, no other epics.

    Very, very sad about TUJ. But not unexpected; remember when Bliz shut down some iPhone apps. I feel sorry for the author of such a wonderful site getting caught by a big company's machinations. Blizzard pushing people to install an executable and perhaps pay RL$ for wowecon would not seem to be what Blizzard would want to do. Oh well, big companies.

  10. Azerh: I don't think I would deal with Chimera's Eye at this point. I don't think there are enough people seriously gearing for raids to have a solid market for just the JC folks. I agree with our tanking friend, most JCs are focused on profiting on their profession, not gearing themselves. Of course, I base that opinion on my own server, if you're on a more hard-core realm that may not be the case.

  11. Hey guys :)

    I sold a few gems for 200g the first few days and have been able to sell anything since. Going to try some PVP ones next as the price of all gems on my server are dropping due to people flooding the market. A lot of cuts are posted at 30g and I decided to get the +67 agi Chimeras eye as we are raiding already and given the small amount to be made from JC in that aspect I gave up :)

    Mainly been using it to DE rings and level up my enchanting or sell the mats.

    It seems that my server seems to packed full of people who are determined to severely undercut another just to sell their item within 30 min :)

    I posted some of the first gem cuts at 500g within 24 hours of going live. 2 people bought the exact same cut and immediately undercut me by 300g, then another 100g and in the end they were posting the cut at 55g!

    I them bought a hybrid mix no one had and within 24 hours I was undercut below the price of the uncut gem! No way to win there unless I have a farmer pretty much giving away huge quantities of ore.

    Anyway glad to see it is going so well for most of you :) I made enough of low level enchants to see me buy all I need so Im just making sure my raiding toon is as best as I can make him with what I have.

  12. I feel your pain Shamon, I finally got some competition on my Meta and they undercut me by several hundred gold (why people? why??). I prefer not to drag my goodies through the mud, so when things get nasty like this I just bide my time.

    I think right now we're dealing with a huge number of Christmas break kids who are spending most of their free time in-game. On top of that few guilds are raiding again, so those people are bored and playing the markets too. Until these extra people move on to other things, we're not likely to see prices normalize. Those of you on high pop realms may have to wait out the crazy cutthroat pricing. Or even better - buy out the stupidly cheap items and hold them.

    We had idiots on my realm selling Cata enchant scrolls for 2 gold. 2 Gold!! Needless to say I bought about 50 of those. Even if I never resell them, that's so cheap I can keep my gear chanted up for the next six months :)

  13. Kaliope,

    I'm seeing the same games on my realm. I'm looking at it in a few ways.

    1- I think that many people chose a cut other than a meta to level on (maybe the one they wanted most, explaining the influx of reds)and due to cheap uncut rare gems from leveling alchemists made as many of that cut as they could to level J.C. skill. Now that they have 30+ gems taking up bag space they just dump them in mass on the A.H. Kinda like them selling uncommon gems under vendor price.

    2- Experienced J.C.'s are making just a few of their current cuts but they will use deep deep undercutting to frustrate new J.C.s who want their gem stock gone. New J.C.s being impatient, or scared, then dump even lower, allowing skilled people to build up a cheap stock in case of a rebound. Big mind game for the J.C. newbies.

    3- People who bought ore at 300/stack still haven't cleared space. They thought the wheels wouldn't come off so soon on the economic boom and now that rare gems are selling like the rares they are and not epics they have to work hard to make any profit they can.

    Either way the norm on my realm now seems to be dump 10 cut rares undercutting by minimum 10G. Silly J.C.'s acting like we'll starve.

  14. I did a google search and found your blog. I was looking to see what other JCs were doing.

    I think I was about 2 days behind those all over it at launch and picked up the stamina cut. That was selling awesome for me at 150g profit for about a week but now there's tons of competition although lots of buyers and I'm now having no problem selling but profit is sitting around 50-60g.

    2nd cut I got was Quick Amberjewel (yellow haste) and I had no competition really but sales were significantly slower but demand seems to be raising with supply. Still at 100-150g profit each.

    3rd was Adept Ember Topaz (orange Agi/Master) which has sold really slowly but until the past few days I had practically no competition.

    4th was Lightning Dream Emerald (green Haste/Hit) and I've been selling a few of these at about 150g profit each. I believe I'm only one of maybe two people with this cut so I should have this under control for awhile.

    All in all I've probably made in the neighborhood of 15-20k since I bought the first cut around 2 weeks ago. It will obviously not be this easy going forward but I thought I'd share my experiences so far.

  15. Adam: I'm gonna make a crazy guess that you're on a newer and/or low pop realm?

    Many of us are having trouble making any type of profit, on my realm cut gems are selling for anywhere from 30 to 150g. With uncut gems selling for 30-100, it's a bit difficult to make much profit. True we can use our own alchemist to make gems, but it's depressing to see how little markup comes from cutting the gems.

    You also have three different recipes with virtually no competitors, on my realm every gem cut (I spot checked reds and yellows) is being sold by at least 6-10 sellers.

    I'm glad you're doing well with it :) Sadly most of the JCs I'm seeing in forum posts are frustrated with the insane competition right now.

  16. Heyas,
    I have made most of my cata money with JC. It has helped pay for 5 profs to 525 including itself, plus one to 515, BS. My JC is a Draenei so day one I was doing the daily and prospecting Elementium ore. I picked the obvious cuts first, bold + solid, and had the first 24hrs of each pretty much to my self. TBH I have made a lot of money off the uncommon gems esp in the first 10 days when the dailies where cut either jasper, zephyrite or nightstone.

    Nightstone is a double whammie because it also a JC lvler. Hessonite was a great seller for the first 2 weeks is also a JC lvler. I have been lucky and have 7 rare cuts now some obvious and some not so, aka mystic(+40 resil), which i bought just after the main pvp happenings. So i realise much of this advice is in retrospect, but if u can buy the cheap uncommons used for dailies and sell them on the particular JC daily day it still works for me. My future advice is buy Pyrite Ore and store it for when they(hopefully) will be prospectable for cata epic gems. Yes I know that is a risk that might not happen but I am willing to take that risk and so may you. I am buying at 200g per stack or less on my realm, and Kaliope keep up the Great Work :)

  17. Just as an additional meta-gem option, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up the Destructive meta-gem recipe either. For many melee, this is the meta gem of choice until Blizzard gets around to fixing the Chaotic meta-gem's silly requirements.