My Thoughts on Cataclysm Preparation

Today we had a comment on the blog asking for tips on what to do to benefit from the Cataclysm transition. I think the most important thing you can do is arm yourself with information and I've been posting everything I've learned in Beta to help you guys achieve that. Part of the transition process depends on your goals. If you're attempting a Realm First, you should be snatching up cheap WotLK materials for early skill points. If you're planning to power level a gathering profession, you need to clean out your bags/bank and get your gathering bonuses set up. Hopefully you're also staking out zones and perhaps even doing dry runs of the routes to prepare for the big day.

In terms of personal prep, buy whatever you need for yourself now, don't assume it will be there next week. Most players won't bother with buying and selling, they'll be too busy leveling and enjoying new content. So stock up on your consumables and buff items now. Better still, craft a bunch of consumables for other players and post them up for insane prices. There are always desperate procrastinators around to take advantage of :)

For those of you wanting to play the markets during this frenzy period, do your homework. Know what items have the strongest demand for leveling professions and be ready to grab them if you see a bargain price. Not only should you to be familiar with the leveling process for various professions, you probably also want to think ahead to the pre-raid crafting market. For example, in the first few days of WotLK arctic furs were selling for around 10 gold. They have never been that cheap since. But at the time, the average player had no idea what they were for and they dumped them. I was happily buying them at that price because I knew they were needed for epic recipes in Dalaran. The more you know about the big picture, the better you'll be at recognizing a good deal. I have my own theories about what items will be in demand, but each server economy is different. If you've done your homework, you'll be able to spot trends so you can take advantage of them.

In terms of general advice, my opinion is that Mining will be the biggest cash cow for the first week. Not only do you have three professions competing for your ores, you'll also be getting volatiles that are used by even more professions. Towards the end of Beta I was still farming ore just to beef up my volatile stash. Do not underestimate how important these will be for crafting. The only professions that don't use volatiles to level up are Enchanting and Jewelcrafting. Tailors need Water/Fire/Air, Engineers need Air/Earth/Fire, Smiths need Fire/Water/Earth, Scribes need all five types, and Leatherworkers need four of the five. If you can only focus on one area of crafting the first week for gold generation - make it Mining.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the Comments area if you like, I'm sure I'm not the only one with opinions on this!


  1. Nice,

    As an Alchemyst, I can't wait to get that amazing mount! Any tips about how to get it?

    Thanks for this amazing site.

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  2. i just wanted to say thank you once again kaliope, i know that you ahve a thank less job but all of us crafters know the hours we all put in to just our toons, you do that for every profession, plus keep us updated as much as possible, AND write leveling guides!

    Kaliope, you are my hero and im convinced you are really supergirl in disguise!

    oh and it seems that a side effect of the shattering is more minerals have been shifted around and brought to the surface..possibly due to the massive number of earthquakes?
    I know just from a 5 min run from Arathi Highlands to WPL on my way to scarlet monto turn in a quest, i saw at least 10 tin nodes, and close to 15 iron in Arathi and WPL respectively and i was taking the quick route!

    i didnt know if you had noticed that as well, or if you had posted it somewhere that i missed, but it is good news to those of us still leveling miners and i wanted to share with my fellow crafters!

  3. Thanks guys - I really appreciate all the great feedback! It has kept me going these past weeks more than you know =)

    Yes, I did notice that some zones were more prolific after the Shattering than before. Two in particular that I found more node-laden were EPL and Swamp of Sorrows. I didn't mention it in any of my guides because I thought it might be more anecdotal than concrete. I was hoping Wowhead would give us more realistic information once the changes were live. Thanks for bringing that up, I think it got lost in the shuffle of all the other content I've been working on.

    Maldy: No, unfortunately I don't know how the Alchemy mount is acquired. I can only say that as of last week it wasn't on the trainer or any faction vendor. Perhaps they will sneak it in before release? I hope it's not a drop, I dislike that kind of random acquisition method for core recipes.

  4. Hi there! I've been following the blog for about two weeks now, and have finally decided to post :)

    I have heard from other sources that the best place to farm at 475 mining is in fact deepholm. I was wondering your thoughts on this?
    Also, do you have any suggestion on an optimized gathering route for herbalism and mining together?
    Thanks again for all the work you've put into this blog... It's definitely helped me plan for cataclysm :)

  5. Greetings - glad to have you with us! I would agree that Deepholm is a very good zone for mining. The main reason I avoid it in the guides is because you must be 82 to access it. Because I don't expect everyone to level up that quickly, especially those going for Realm First achievements, I leave it out of the various guides and posts. But if you are 82 when you get to 475 Mining, it's a very good place for elementium ore.

    I haven't really done any gathering tests for dual gatherers because I don't have any. What I can tell you is that herbs tend to be in the middle of zones and/or in more lush areas of a zone. Ore tends to be more plentiful at zone borders and rocky areas. This doesn't create lots of opportunity for crossover. That said, in Twilight Highlands I find the Grim Batol area a decent spot for both. That's the only zone I can think of where there's a specific area that works for collecting both herbs and ore.

  6. Hi Kaliope!

    Thank you, you have a unique blog on wow crafting and the work you´ve doing on Cataclysm is great!
    I´d like to ask some hints about skinning...
    I´m planning to go level Eastern Kingdom (80-83) because I think it will be less players on this side of the world.
    Will this make any diference to skinning leveling? (That underwater reference make me wonder).


  7. Hi Zim, I'm so glad you're enjoying our site! I believe Vashj'ir will be less crowded than Mount Hyjal, because it's more challenging to navigate. Many of the fish/crabs/eels/sharks are skinnable, so this gives you plenty of materials to work with. In fact my premade hunter spend a full level here just killing and skinning crabs for leather. I picked a spot near a quest area where other players had to kill crabs just so I could take advantage of the free carcasses :)

    On the other hand, Hyjal has a decent number of dragonkin and corehounds you can kill and skin. Especially if you're a hunter and you need the dragonscales, Hyjal is the better spot to farm those. You can just fly to one of those quest spots and camp it. The downside to Hyjal is the crowding and most of the quests there don't really involve critters, so incidental skinning will be lower there than in Vashj'ir.

    I don't recall having any trouble skinning the early critters, the only problem I had was in Twilight Highlands and that was because I forgot to train Illustrious before I went there.

  8. Any ideas as to whether unused jewelcrafter tokens will be able to be used once cata hits?

  9. Hey just started listening to the latest Call to Auction Podcast. Thanks a lot for doing all of this crafting work for the community! Love the site!

  10. Gnomemor: As far as I know, WotLK tokens are not being used for Cata content of any kind. They may choose to roll them over at some point, but for now I'm guessing they don't want us stockpiling tokens to trivialize new content.

    Xalted: Thanks! I'll have to check that out, I hadn't heard it was up yet.

  11. Are the trainers for Illustruos only in the capital city or can my toons stay in their beloved Iron Forge?

  12. Yes, all the the trainers in major cities should have Illustrious recipes on Tuesday. I just updated my recipes lists to reflect this, although I didn't include *every* trainer. I listed at least one trainer per continent :) But rest assured, they all have the same information. You are free to pick any trainer and home city that you wish!

  13. Is there an ingame or web site way to see "realm firsts?" IFor example if you are going for realm first tailoring and someone gets it while you are taking a nap, meal, shower, job, life, then when you come back can you see if the race is still on? Because if it is not, there is far less motivation to really overpay for mats immediately when even a day or two will help prices.

    Some realm firsts will be quick - I assume with tokens that the realm first cooking will be well before 1am since you can prebuy crate contents to insure thats. But it would be nice to be able to check if this is still available when you come back to your machine.

  14. Hagu: The realm firsts used to be in the armory, but I can't find them on the updated site. I was hoping to pop a link in here for you but I'm not having any luck finding the information. It looks from the main landing page that the armory may still be MIA? Bad timing on the web facelift...