Kaliope Guests on Call to Auction

Recently I was invited by Euripides and Big Jim of the Call to Auction podcast to participate in their show. I'm always tickled when people are interested in talking to me about Crafter's Tome. It feels like we have a small niche community here, so it's fun when other peeps notice us :)

The podcast is up on iTunes and also on their site, you can find the info in their latest post. Assuming of course that you're interesting in listening to me babble about professions, lol!

Call to Auction: Episode 23



  1. Hey Kaliope,

    Just curious but with all the time you put into the site - do you actually have any time left to play the game for yourself?

  2. HAHA! Um, not so much during the last three months. I'm sure if you talk to my guildies, they think I've gone into witness protection or something :)

    I've spent most of my normal game time working on Cataclysm stuff since I got into the beta. The good news is that I was getting kinda bored with Northrend at that point, so it wasn't a huge sacrifice for me.

  3. hey hello,

    I just heard you on the call to auction podcast as I jogged round the docks. I've been using your site since BC and think you deserve a big thank you for all your work!


    jealousy - nubgoat totem spammer

  4. Yeah, don't be afraid to take some time off and just play (or do whatever else you like.)

    We appreciate the work and no one wants to see you get burnt out:D

  5. I just found you and really overwhelmed by the content...this is a great sight and I have to debate at times whether or not to play WOW or comb through what you have written...very good stuff...

    I am about to start a JC/Alchemist...first time on both...so I will be learning from you

  6. You know what I love about your site Kaliope? You do the work. It's not just speculation and random advice, it's actual information. I was so happy to hear you on CtA and get some well deserved credit for this awesome site. You're head and heels above all these guys in my book.

  7. Thanks guys - you're all so kind! But honestly, I love doing this kind of work and knowing that you guys appreciate the information makes it all the more rewarding!

    Chamomile: I will probably cut back on my gaming once we get into the pre 4.1 content lull :)

    Whitt: I find that going into PTRs and actually working with the new content helps you learn things you wouldn't discover by reading patch notes. I do it because I've learned from experience that it often makes a difference.