Cataclysm Mega List - One Stop Shopping!

Cataclysm is going LIVE tonight at midnight and I'm sure we're all excited for the big day! We've talked about a lot of topics over the past few months and we've gotten a lot of new information. We've also had some new folks join us who may have missed out on some of the articles. So this post is going to run down ALL of the important posts and charts I've done from the Beta.

Once Cataclysm is up and running, you can go straight to this page to find answers to any questions you might have.

Cataclysm Noob Guide - answers basic questions about Cataclysm.
Cataclysm Gathering Chart - tells what herbs/ore are found in which Cataclysm zone
Cataclysm World Maps - screenshots of the new zone maps

Archaeology Guide - explains how Archaeology works

Herbalism 450-525 - tips on leveling Herbalism
Mining 450-525 - tips on leveling Mining

Cooking 450-525 - leveling guide for Cooking
First Aid 450-525 - leveling guide for First Aid

Illustrious Tradeskill Leveling Guides

Alchemy 450-525 - leveling guide for Alchemy
Blacksmithing 450-510 - leveling guide for Blacksmithing
Enchanting 450-525 - leveling guide for Enchanters
Engineering 425-525 - leveling guide for Engineers
Inscription 450-525 - leveling guide for Scribes
Jewelcrafting 450-525 - leveling guide for Jewelcrafting
Leatherworking 450-525 - leveling guide for Leatherworkers
Tailoring 450-525 - leveling guide for Tailors

"Classic" Power Leveling Guides (1-300)


Download TradeTrak @ Curse or WoWInterface for an in-game version of our recipe database!


  1. AWESOME job! Let me be the first to comment

  2. Typo on the Mining link. Pretty sure we're not leveling to 252. :)

    I'm shooting for it (Realm First Mining) on my realm...

  3. Thanks so much for this great post! ^_^

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this awesome amount of information together for us. Best of luck in Cataclysm!

  5. Typo fixed, thank you for spotting it! Good luck with the Realm first :)

    Faid: You're very welcome, good luck to you as well!

  6. W

    Not World of Warcraft, just pure amusement. I can't imagine the amount of effort that goes into this, much appreciated.

    Question though are these suggestions accounting for the multiple skill points that some crafts award?

  7. Hero: Hehe, thanks! I have multiple skill points worked into the Cata leveling guides where appropriate. In cases where the extra materials are too burdensome (usually due to volatiles) I stick with the easier green crap. But in spots where a multi-point item is reasonably competitive or better - it's in the guide :)

  8. I have been following this blog for months and I really appreciate all the effort, well done.

  9. Since this is the most recent post I'll say this here. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you so VERY much for all your hard work Kaliope. Thanks to your strategies and your hard work, your unfailing detective and exploratory dedication, and your humbling generosity in sharing your knowledge, I nabbed both Mining and Engineering realm first. You have my most heartfelt thanks.

  10. Seconding Anonymous. Successfully grabbed the Realm First mining achievement in about ~35 minutes (got the ach at :45, due to it taking 10m to log in and have cataclysm content enabled.) I never saw anyone else, but I got a lot of angry tells after the fact. :) Thanks Kaliope!

    BTW, TH was easier than I expected...I never aggroed a single mob.

    (blog post with screenshot here)

  11. I would like to say a big thanks to Kaliope for all the information and guides from the beta. It sure helped me to complete my goal that I have wanted for a very long time now. To get my second realm first tailor!

    Naraxi - Realm First! Illustrious Tailor

    Thanks again!!! :)

  12. Thanks for all your efforts!

    I got my mining to 525 but way off the mark. Herbalism was about 30 minutes and mining was 45. I had a real slowdown at upper 480s; my theory was all the < 495 miners had gotten all they could in TH so the field was filling up with rich/pye we could not mine.

    I originally thought there were some nodes in mines or glitched but now I wonder if it was just phasing.

    I was too sleepy to quest so I got jewelcrafting to 525. Not cost effective, but at least another profession out of the way.

    Thanks again!

  13. Gratz on the Realm Firsts everyone - I'm so happy for you all!!

    Hagu: Did you really cap Jewelcrafting on the first day? How did you manage that one???

  14. I looked on wowhead and saw that
    Dreadstone -/450/453/465
    Hess band was -/485/495/505
    Nightstone choker was -/495/505/515

    Remember, as part of the racial rebalancing Draenei were changed to +10 JC, not CTA like they mentioned on CTA.

    So you use dreadstone to get to 475. You then don't use any hess or nightstone as part of your uncommons.

    I remembered to do a icy prism for one skillup and fire prism was my last point.

    Unlike what BiggJimm quoted on CTA, you do not need to be prepared to get realm first. Rather, as the Ruttles song goes, all you need is cash. It's bugged so you don't get the title at the moment, but it was something different to do. I surprised they would design a racial so only one race can get it 3 days before the others considering the QQ. But it is not something normal people would do.

    It shows up in game as 525/535 and on the armory guild profession list as 515/525. Similar for my gnome engineer.

    Thanks again!

  15. Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for all your hard work. I followed your Mining guide and was able to get Mining to 525, JC to 475 to start the quests, and still net over 8,000 gold in profit from just a couple hours of invested time. When I jumped from Mt. Hyjal to Twilight Highlands just as I hit 470 Mining (thank you Gathering enchant), I swear I had the zone to myself for a full hour. I missed Realm First by quite a bit, so I know that's an illusion - but it sure seemed that way. Couldn't have done it without you!

  16. I'm so glad the guides are helping you guys! Thank you so much for coming back and sharing your stories, I'm really enjoying hearing all about everyone's success!!

    Hagu: Thanks for sharing details about your JC triumph. It seems strange though because our Tauren herbalists and Gnome Engineers have been reporting that they needed to reach 540 for their cap. It could just be a variation in implementation, but it paid off for you ;)

  17. I just wanted to drop back in and thank you. I used your advice to earn a realm first in Mining. I was done in exactly 56 minutes which is close to what you predicted.

    The one flaw in your logic was Farstrider Lodge. I popped over the ridge at the Lodge and the very first node I tried to get I died from getting taken by surprise by a level 85 mob. The sites on the north and west and along the river were basically mob free and that's a lot closer to Wetlands. Fortunately this snafu didn't hurt me.

    The one sad thing is that I have made absolutely no gold off of it. Ore is selling on my sever for 50g a stack. I did manage to sell a few jewels but my total take is about 1000g. So much for the early bird getting the worm.

  18. Thanks a lot for the guides. They helped me and my guild immensely. :)

  19. I'm so glad! I hope you guys are enjoying your new professions :)