New Powerleveling Guides Debut!

One of my BIG projects for this Beta has been to write some power-leveling guides for the Classic professions. I saved materials for several months on my Live realm, copied all my characters with their bags stuffed with cloth/leather/ore. I made five premade characters to learn the new professions so I could save my existing characters for Illustrious training. Then I waited for Blizzard to finish dorking around with professions so I could start testing.

Last week I gave up waiting, I just don't have any more time left to spare. Cataclysm launches in less than four weeks and I had 20+ guides and lists to compile. So I just started leveling professions anyway. My apologies if any of this information gets revised before launch, I had hoped to bring you guys the freshest data possible. I'm still waiting another week to see if the Illustrious tiers get any more clean-up before I start leveling them as well.

We just got these guides put online over the weekend. I leveled each profession from scratch, most to 300. On a couple of them I went a bit higher because I had enough materials to do so. I hope to extent these guides in future PTR realms, but I think this should be enough to get all you new Worgens and Goblins started on your professions!

New Power Leveling Guides:


Jewelcrafting has an existing guide, so I'm not including it here. That said, I plan to update with with more current information when I get a chance. I need to do a complete rewrite and I ran out of time for that. Also, Inscription has been updated with the new 3 inks per Glyph change that just went into the last patch. The rest of the guides are all new and about as current as you can hope to get for next month's launch.

I hope these will help you prepare for your new adventures!


  1. nice work! a couple weeks ago i discovered how horribly outdated the guides on the oboards have become.

  2. Hi - your guides are awesome, but could you post a link to the JC Powerlevelling Guide?

    I can't find it by meyself apparently :-(

    Thanks :-)

  3. What would be great is to have a list of all the mats for people that want to gather/ buy/ beg all at once or work as a simplified mats checklist.

  4. My circa-BC Jewelcrafting guide is here:

    I hope to have time to update it before Cata comes out.

    John: I did the power guides as a table so they could be printed and you can highlight the parts you want to do. There were too many choices to come up with one singular path and mat list for each guide as everyone has differing opinions about what items are easier/harder to collect. I guess I'm just not comfortable making those types of choices for other people :)

  5. Might we be so lucky as t have a cata cooking guide? :D

  6. No worries, I have Cataclysm guides planned for all professions! I'm just prioritizing them based on their status in the Beta. Right now the Cooking trainer has 2 whole recipes over 425 skill, so I'll likely put that off until next week and see if we get new content in the next patch.

  7. Thanks! Your site has been so helpful over the years.

  8. Thanks a bunch - you're very kind!