More Fun Stuff from Beta

Well I kinda got myself in a pickle today with professions. I used up all my cloth for Tailoring, so I have none left for First Aid. I tried to buy some but there's only one stack up for 4000g, pretty insane. I also tried to farm some but every spot I picked seemed to have a drop rate of 20% or worse. Igh.

I also tried Cooking and I had nine tokens to purchase recipes. Then I stupidly tried to do the "buyback" trick for the crate of meat and lost 2 tokens. Apparently that little bug is fixed now, heh. So now I have to wait 2 more days to get enough tokens for the recipes I need. After that I tried Inscription and got stuck at 500 on a genuine bug with the Runescroll of Fortitude II - it's not giving skill points. I just can't win today.

So I'm reaching into my bag of tricks to bring you some fun stuff I've found in the Beta. This is just some random screenshots I've taken over the past few months that haven't made it into a post.

I love these guys! They patrol an area in southern Silverpine Forest, near the border with Hillsbrad. This "disguise" cracks me up :) I got lucky a few days ago and found some of them recreating near a fire. Too funny!

Here's another completely useless and oddball picture I took. I believe this sign is either in Azshara or Thousand Needles. Sorry, I was flying all over the past few days so I can't be sure where I found it. You can't tell from this, but it's actually animated. Weird huh?

This is a picture of the magic lamp made by Enchanters (upper left). I was going to make one at some point, but I got lucky and found one in Stormwind. Dang thing makes my warrior look like a shrimp!

This is a screenshot my daughter took in Blackrock Caverns. She thought his tooltip was adorable...

I discovered this "cube" NPC while traveling through Feralas for Archaeology. At least she's got a name, she'll always have that.

This NPC offers two of the cutest quests I've seen so far in WoW. Click the picture to read the text that goes with it. If you see her in Mount Hyjal you have to stop. Unless you're a hard-hearted beast who abhors cuteness. There's also the bonus that she looks great - I keep asking Blizzard to give us a dryad form for healy druids. I'll take this one :)

Did I mention she's freakin' huge?? I couldn't resist sharing the other quest page. The quest text cracks me up - whoever wrote it needs a raise.

Last one - I took a screenshot of this server message because I thought it was funny. We rarely see the Devs and GMs showing much personality, so I enjoyed this "call to arms".

*** UPDATE ***

I'm so sorry, I forgot one of my favorite pics!! Check this out:

Most importantly - the tooltip on the buff!

Yes, it's me!!

Here's another pic. This is a new item from Herbalism. Each time you use a Lifegiving Seed, you get transformed into a random herb! So awesome =)


  1. You may have mentioned it earlier, but what toon/server can those with Beta accounts donate stuff to?

    What stuff do you need? I assume cloth and the new replacement for northern spices? Gold?

    For the record, I have access to a Beta account with largely unskilled toons (via my son's account). If we can get the results of your research for the cost of a few bolts of cloth, I would be willing to donate my son's time. (see how generous I can be :). But seriously I am sure there are others who would help out as well.

  2. Thanks for the offer Foo! I'm on the Lost Isle Server and my character name is Kalliope. I think I'm ok for Cooking aside from the Daily tokens I squandered. As far as I know we don't have a new version of the Northern Spices. And I still have tons of fish from when I tested Fishing a couple of months ago.

    The main thing I'm lacking is an estimated 16 stacks of embersilk to level First Aid. I went through almost 400 bolts of it for Tailoring and now my stash is down to nil.

    If anyone want to work out some trades, I have tons of leftover herbs. I could probably also trade cloth for stacks of obsidium or elementium ore, I think I may have over-farmed that :) Just send Kalliope a msg and we can work something out, I have one of each profession on Lost Isles so I have all sorts of items with me.

    I also have a pre-made Horde named Kaylianna on Gilneas who will happily give away her uncut blue/meta gems, volatile life and heavenly shards to anyone that needs them. Just send a message and I will mail it to you - I'm only using her for exploration on the Horde side.

  3. I assume Kalliope is alliance?

  4. Oops, my bad. Yes, Kalliope is Alliance :)

  5. Aww those quests are adorable... and the dryad model is amazing, it would be so cool if my druid could turn into that. I'd never want to go back!

  6. My druid would kill that have the dryad model has her new "healing" form.

  7. I know, right? This model is way better than the weird "hulk" treeform they designed for us.

  8. I would like to give a big shout out to Foo and Celmorph - I just got 8 stacks of embersilk in the mail for my First Aid project. Thanks so much guys!!

  9. A warning before you plough through Inscription: The data files for build 13287 (going live 4.0.3, ironically 10 builds in front of the current Cataclysm beta) contain a host of changes to Cataclysm Inscription recipes: Apparently all the special ingredients are gone (such as Bleached Jawbone), the only Volatile used is Life, there are no longer multi-skillups (above 450), and pre-500 gets a lot easier (Dust of Disappearance remains orange until 500). But then several of the ingredients changes to lower-level offhands seem to have been reverted... It's all getting rather confusing. Since beta is likely to end next week, we might not see the final professions data until Cataclysm is actually live.

    (Remember that this data is masked in the live build, and there may be changes to the training method or minimum skill that I cannot see in the data.)

  10. Oops. please disregard that last post. I've got the data back-to-front...

  11. Welcome Celmorph - so glad to have you here!

  12. Herbouflage ftw, indeed! When my herbalist goes afk she now has a habit of going into herbouflage, and doing so in a completely inconspicuous place ... like the stairs of the main bank in orgrimmar or the entrance of grommash hold. It is fun to see the reactions. As far as I can see your name in the tooltip also changes while in herbouflage, though it may not necessarily match your herb - I have been in "black lotus form" while the target of players targeting me listed "peacebloom".