Cataclysm Tailoring Leveling Guide (450-525)

Today I decided to level Tailoring, although I'm not super-comfy with the progression. I did the final 25 points with rare PVP gear. Since Blacksmithing and Leatherworking both had their rare PVP gear moved to the phased vendor in Twilight Highlands, I'm not confident that Tailoring will keep these recipes for launch. However, I moved forward with the leveling so we could see what to expect. Whether the recipes are vendor or trainer-based shouldn't change how they work, it only changes when you can get them.

When you initially unlock Illustrious training the recipe for Embersilk bolts will already be gray to you. This recipe is learned at 425 and is no longer useful by 450. Old recipes that can be used are the Glacial Bag and the Ebonweave/Moonshroud/Spellweave Robes, which are yellow at 450 and change to green at 455. I don't know that I would actually use these myself, but you can if you don't mind crafting something that may not sell.

Most of what you'll make through 500 skill is green (uncommon) quality gear. After that the only options are blue (rare) quality PVP gear. If you have the ability to collect some volatile water or fire before you start crafting, you can add better items to your repertoire. I noticed that there are a pretty good variety of items that give multiple skill points. They require more materials of course, but you would end up with something worth selling by going that route. For instance, one of the first recipes you get at 450 is the Enchanted Spellthread, which uses the same number of bolts as the green items and gives 3 skill points instead of 1. The downside is that it also uses 6 volatile fire, so it's not exactly cheap either. This is the sort of choice you'll be making on all of the various multi-point recipes. It's usually not a matter of just higher components, but higher components + uncommon components.

A couple of other things you should know about leveling Tailoring. Recipes that give multiple skill points only do so while the recipe is orange to you. Once it changes to yellow, the multi-point feature is gone. So if you're going to use it, use it. Also, the self buff recipes will all be gray when you learn them. I don't remember how this was for WotLK, but you won't be able to get any freebie points by enchanting your own duds in Cataclysm.

Here's my suggested recipe progression to reach 525 Tailoring:

450-455: Deathsilk Belt or Deathsilk Bracers | 10 bolts of embersilk
455-460: Deathsilk Shoulders or Deathsilk Boots | 15 bolts of embersilk
460-465: Deathsilk Leggings | 15 bolts of embersilk
465-470: Deathsilk Cowl or Ghostly Spellthread | 15 bolts of embersilk or 9 bolts of embersilk + 18 volatile water
470-475: Spiritmend Bracers or Spiritmend Belt | 20 bolts of embersilk
475-480: Spiritmend Boots | 20 bolts of embersilk
480-485: Spiritmend Gloves or Spiritmend Leggings | 20 bolts of embersilk
485-500: Spiritmend Robe | 90 bolts of embersilk
500-505: Emberfire Bracers or Fireweave Bracers | 30 bolts of embersilk + 20 + 20 vol.water or 30 bolts of embersilk + 15 + 15 vol.air
505-510: Emberfire Shoulders | 30 bolts of embersilk + 15 vol.water + 15
510-515: Emberfire Belt(2) + Fireweave Belt(1) | 26 bolts of embersilk + 11 + 8 vol.water + 3 vol.air
515-521: Emberfire Gloves or Fireweave Boots | 30 bolts of embersilk + 12 vol.water + 12
521-525: Emberfire Boots or Fireweave Gloves | 40 bolts of embersilk + 16 vol.water/air + 16

Currently the Emberfire Belt at 510 is giving 2 skill points, while the Fireweave Belt gives only 1 skill point, so I went with 2 Emberfire and 1 Fireweave Belt. This may be a bug, so be prepared to make five belts at this stage if necessary. The same issue is involved at 515 where both new recipes were giving 2 skill points. I made three items and got 6 skill points, which cut the next step down to four items instead of five. Again, not sure if this is a bug, so be prepared to make five of each of these items.

Something you might be willing to substitute in are the various bag recipes you'll learn. Crafting the new bags will get you 5 skill points, so if you have the materials it may be worth it to you. I didn't include them here because you'd have to use another profession to get those extra components. You can also use the Dreamcloth recipes for extra skill points between 500 and 525, they all remain orange until 525. I believe they are on a 1-week cooldown, but you could make each of the six while you're leveling up. You don't get multiple skill points for those recipes.

Final Tally for materials used:
346 bolts of embersilk
69 volatile fire
3-34 volatile air
35-71 volatile water

If the multi skill recipes at 510 and 515 are fixed it would add 34 bolts of embersilk, 16 volatile fire, 8-12 volatile water and 12-16 volatile air to the list.

Also, Tailoring recipes were just added to the site. You can click any of the recipe links above to reach it :)


  1. Hi Kaliope,

    Great post as usual !

    Two questions about dreamcloths :

    1/ Can you confirm dreamcloths are BoP so you can't sell them to the AH or send it to another tailor toon ?

    2/ How do you learn the recipes for the six dreamcloths : trainer based, reputation (exalted?), drop ?

    Thanks again !

  2. All of the recipes that I've seen are on the trainer. I can't imagine there are more than six. And yes, all six recipes make one Dreamcloth that is BoP.

  3. Thanks for your response !

  4. stupid question: how does the ui let you know you'll get multiple skillups? are there any screenshots out there?

  5. Very helpful post, as always, and I'm sure I'll be referring to it when the time comes.

    I had a question, though. Will fishing yield volatile water the way it yielded crystallized in Wrath? If so, I personally may go for the ghostly spellthread for a few points...

  6. Any reason you don't craft the High Society Top Hat? It seems like a nice way to lvl from 500-515? (assuming the recipe is not a drop) I just have no idea where the Polished Bronze Rivet comes from.

  7. Ax: Yes, the UI shows a number to the far right of any recipe that gives extra skill points. I can get a screenshot of that so you guys know what to look for :) I don't know if someone else has a pic of the tradeskill interface.

    Caster: Yes, fishing will give you volatile water! That's how I got some of mine. The drop rate was around 8-10% when I was fishing earlier in the Beta.

    Anon: I don't know where the recipe for the Top Hat comes from. The trainer does not have it and neither does the vendor in Twilight Highlands. You probably can't count on having that for the leveling process, especially if you plan to power level Tailoring in the first week or so.

  8. cool, i was under the impression it was kinda random, like getting those seventh through tenth skillups on yellow recipes.

  9. Kaliope: my guild is looking to try for a couple of realm firsts in crafting. The Ulduar/ToC/ICC epic recipes are all orange in my recipe list and Wowhead Cata shows the ICC recipes as being orange for 25 points of crafting. The obvious disadvantage of extremely expensive and useless is balanced by "can be farmed before Cata and use guild bank materials for the orbs". Can you confirm that the recipes are, in fact worth points in the expansion?


  10. Nzete: I can try, I have a couple of ToC patterns on Kaliope. Not sure I have the mats, but I can probably scrounge for them. I'll see what I can do, however I might not get a conclusive result for you. Fixing/Implementing achievements seems to be a backburner task at this point. I've had Archaeology achievements that didn't get credited to me until weeks later. But I will give it a go and see if it ticks up. There may be other folks out there who are curious about this same thing.

  11. Do you have to power level your toon in order to power level Tailoring? I noticed that none of these recipes require you to go to the Twilight Highlands, so I was wondering if there are any level restrictions on the recipes taught by the Ogrimmar trainer.Thanks!

  12. No, at this time you do not have to power level your character to level 84. There are some Tailoring recipes on the vendor in Twilight Highlands, but enough recipes remain on the trainers that you can reach the level cap of 525.

  13. Does the Glacial Bag have a weekly cooldown or will we be able to level with this recipe? Thanks!

  14. I'm sorry, I can't check that for you now that the beta server is down for good. According to Wowhead the Cataclysm cooldown has been changed to 7 seconds. Whether this is confirmed in-game I do not know, sometimes their information isn't fully up-to-date.

  15. just wana say thanks for your awesome guides, used both engineering and tailoring :)

  16. Thank you! I'm glad your enjoying the site :)

  17. Small suggestion - some of the bags for multiple points end up totally being worth it. For instance, on my realm Volatile Lives are really cheap right now and Cloth seems to be my limiting factor (and more expensive). To get five skill points going from 490 to 495, making the bag is far superior (money wise) to 5 of the robes. Basically, this is saying that buying 40 VL's are cheaper than buying 10 bolts of ES cloth. Crazy! Check local listings, of course, but that's how things shake out for me right now.

  18. If this comment shows up more than once then i appologise in advance. I am an 82 rogue and found " Polished Bronze Rivet" by pick Pocketing...hope this helps

  19. Will there be any additional patterns from raiding? The two purples are a teaser.. and id like to craft epic robes.

  20. I sure hope there are more epic patterns on the way, I'd love to see more goodies too. Perhaps when 4.2 rolls out and we get the new raid there will be new recipes along with that :)

  21. I cant find a trainer for spiritmend cowl or robe? what am i doing wrong?

  22. The guards in any major city can mark a trainer on the map for you. Talk to a guard and ask them to mark the Tailoring trainer in your city :)

  23. Thanks for shared your knowledge with us.