Cataclysm First Aid Leveling Guide (450-525)

Since I missed having a fresh post yesterday, I'm posting two leveling guides today. This guide is for First Aid, which usually isn't a high priority for crafters. However, I've gotten several requests for it so I'm including it to help those folks who want to know what's involved.

The first new bandage recipe, embersilk bandage, is learned at 425 skill. By the time you learn it at 450 it's already yellow difficulty. Despite that, you need to eek 25 skill points from it to unlock the next new recipe. I made about 45 bandages to get from 450-475, the recipe turns green at 467 so it takes a bit more effort to reach 475 after that.

Next you'll be able to train the heavy embersilk bandage recipe when you get to 475 skill. This recipe will actually be orange difficulty when you learn it and stay that way until 485. It will eventually turn green on you at 505, which isn't a pretty bad run for one recipe. Unfortunately you still need to hit 525 to unlock the final recipe, which leaves you 20 skill points to grind on a green recipe. This part is pretty painful.

I ended up making about 140 bandages to get from 505 to 525 in First Aid. This equates to about 14 stacks of cloth just to get through the final push. That's a lot of cloth in my opinion, you end up making roughly 7 bandages for each of the last 20 skill points.

I think Blizzard must realize that it's an excessive amount of bandages we're being forced to make of a type that we likely won't want. I'm guessing this is why they added this little baby to the First Aid lineup: Field Bandage: Dense Embersilk. When I first saw this I wondered why they would give us a recipe that uses two of a lower recipe to make a beefier version. Why wouldn't we just make the beefier version in the first place if that's the one we needed? Now I see the reason. No matter which bandage you might prefer, you're going to end up with 140+ heavy embersilk bandages. Personally, I think it makes more sense to work the dense bandages into the leveling process so we aren't forced to make crap just to level. But clearly no one is asking me ;)

At any rate, you can count on using about 400 cloth (20 stacks) to hit the new level cap in First Aid. This represents a 60% increase in materials vs. Northrend First Aid. In addition, I've been farming mobs in Deepholm (level 82) on my 84 hunter. After 10 minutes of killing humanoid mobs, I got 4 cloth. I did a brief estimate of my kill speed and I was able to take down about 3 mobs a minute. Over 10 minutes that's at least 25 and possibly 30 mobs. So the drop rate on cloth is roughly 15%, maybe slightly higher. The WotLK drop rate for cloth from mid-level mobs is closer to 32%. This is far from scientific, but it may well be twice as hard to level First Aid than it used to be. I've submitted my numbers to Blizzard, so we'll see if this gets changed before release. If not, be prepared for a significant grind to 525 in First Aid.

Once again, I'd like to thank Foo and Celmorph for their donation of 8 stacks of embersilk cloth to help me level :)


  1. I pity the Tailors in our guild that relied on donations after people leveled their First Aid...

    That is a huge amount of cloth to get your First Aid to max... ouch!

  2. all the more reason to play a healing class. Previously I had leveled first aid on my shaman but now it looks like I will just wait.

  3. I agree that Tailors will be the ones hurt most by this situation. I hope that the drop rate of cloth gets tweaked before Cataclysm launches, but for now I think it's reasonable to hold off on First Aid.

  4. Two questions:

    1. Do you think the tailors will get the ability to get the extra cloth drops in cata like in WotLK?

    2. Could you make a few frostweave bandages at 450 to burn through a few skill points ?

  5. 1. No evidence yet. In my professions tab the scavenging ability specifically references Northrend. I take that to mean it doesn't apply to other locations. I've seen nothing on the forums to suggest that it works either.

    2. Yes, the Heavy Frostweave bandage stays green until around 470. If you wanted to try using Heavy Frostweave, you'd probably need around 10 stacks to get 20 skill points from a green recipe. It would only save you about 2 stacks of embersilk cloth, which is ultimately why I decided against recommending it. However if you feel the trade-off is worth it then by all means give that a shot :)

  6. for anyone still looking at these guides.

    If you are a tailor the drop rate for Embersilk cloth out of dungeons seems to be really high.

    Also, make sure to stick around after someone else has looted because I now find cloth on previously looted mobs. just like if you were running a quest with someone. The cloth seems to appear after the fact if you are a tailor. If you are not a tailor the amount of cloth in dungeon runs still seems very high from watching everyone else loot. This is probably way faster than grinding cloth and you could be getting rep and loot.