Cataclysm Enchanting Leveling Guide (450-525)

I debated all morning over which profession to level today and ultimately went with Enchanting. At this stage it has the most polished progression, second only to Alchemy. New recipes are learned every five skill points all the way up to 510 skill. Recipes stay orange for 5-10 points, including the final three recipes learned at 510. The required materials are reasonable too, you can level up with just dust and essences if you like. There are some weapon recipes where you can use shards and other materials if you like, but you can easily skip over the more novel items if you prefer.

Also, I can confirm that some recipes have multiple skill points. In particular the weapon recipes seem to grant 3-5 skill points vs. one skill point for armor enchants. However I didn't find a scenario where a weapon recipe had a clear advantage over an armor recipe. Unless you consider a shard equivalent to a dust or essence, which I don't.

One other thing to note - all of the Cataclysm enchants require item level 300 or higher. This means you won't be enchanting your own gear until the items you wear are level 82 or so. I think this rules out any way of power-leveling and enchanting your own goodies in the process. In fact, this may be why the enchanting vellums were added to the vendors. A recognition of sorts that Enchanters are expected to level their craft by creating vellums and not by enchanting the gear itself.

If you're currently at the level cap, the first new armor recipes you learn will be yellow to you. At this stage you can make those recipes and take the random miss (I did six enchants to get the five points, you're mileage may vary). You'll also learn two new weapon enchants, Avalanche and Mending, which will be orange to you. Both of these will give 5 skill points for one enchant, so you can go that route if you like. Another option is to make a few WotLK enchants. Since we cannot use the Cataclysm enchants until we're sporting 300+ gear, I think it's viable to make WotLK enchants for the first 5-10 skill points. You probably have some in your spellbook that are still orange, I know I did. According to Wowhead there are four: Blood Draining, Blade Ward, Spellpower to Staff and Major Stamina to Bracers. Of those, only the bracer enchant will remain orange through 460. I believe there's a chance for that enchant to stay viable in Cataclysm, so I'd consider using it for the first ten skill points. Once you make it to 455 you'll be able to access additional recipes that are orange difficulty and the need to consider WotLK recipes will be less significant.

Here's my progression list for leveling Enchanting to 525:

450-455: Bracer - Speed (recipe is yellow) | 10 dust + 5 lesser essence
455-460: Boots - Haste | 10 dust + 5 greater essence
460-465: Boots - Haste
or Gloves - Haste | 20 dust + 5 lesser essence or 10 dust + 5 greater essense
465-470: Cloak - Intellect | 30 dust
470-475: Cloak - Intellect
or Gloves - Ex.Strength | 30 dust or 15 dust + 10 greater essence
475 *** Enchant your rings if you wish ***
475-480: Gloves - Ex.Strength or Boots - Major Agility | 15 dust + 10 greater essence or 20 dust + 10 greater essence
480-485: Boots - Major Agility | 20 dust + 10 greater essence
485-490: Gloves - Gr.Expertise
or Shield - Blocking | 25 dust + 10 greater essence or 60 dust
*** Can use Weapon: Heartsong if you have shards and volatile life to spare ***
490-495: Shield - Blocking
or Cloak - Crit.Strike | 60 dust or 40 dust + 10 greater essence
495-500: Cloak - Crit.Strike
or Bracer - Precision | 40 dust + 10 greater essence or 60 dust + 5 greater essence
500-505: Chest - Ex.Spirit
or Bracer - Precision | 50 dust + 10 greater essence or 60 dust + 5 greater essence
Boots - Precision or Cloak - Protection | 10 dust + 10 greater essence + 5 Elixir of impossible accuracy or 40 dust + 15 greater essence
510-515: Bracer - Ex.Spirit | 45 dust + 15 greater essence
515-520: Boots - Mastery
or Cloak - Gr.Intellect | 50 dust + 15 greater essence or 45 dust + 20 greater essence
520-525: Boots - Mastery
or Cloak - Gr.Intellect or Bracer - Gr.Expertise | 50 dust + 15 greater essence or 45 dust + 30 greater essence or 20 dust + 30 greater essence

For the final five skill points, all three remaining recipes will be yellow to you. I had to make six scrolls instead of five, but it was still quite easy to reach the cap with them.

Also, I have a confession to make. I did not farm most of the materials for this profession, they were ill-gotten gains. I made inappropriate use of the character copy system in order to pillage pre-made alts for their enchanting stash. I'm SO ashamed! . The only thing I can say in my defense is that I've been posting my leftovers and finished items on the auctions for pretty cheap.

The total materials required to reach the new level cap are:

385 - 565 hypnotic dust
93.3 - 161.6 greater celestial essence
5 Elixir of Impossible Accuracy (optional)


  1. Kaliope,

    Thanks again for these, they're very helpful.

    Have you seen any 425-450 (for any profession) recipes implemented, like WOTLK did to ease new levelers? A few of my alts are hovering around 400, and I haven't decided yet whether its worth it to go for 450 for them now or wait.

  2. So far all are starting at 425, I would at least level to that. You can click through to the charts at Crafter's Tome to see the 425-450 recipes for Cataclysm, select "Cataclysm" from the Expansion tab to see only new recipes.

  3. I tried leveling enchanting a bit, but without using the 'trick' of copying premades to strip them of their dusts.

    From that point of view the amounts of dust you mention are crazily hard to obtain. The problem is (or maybe 'was') that hypnotic dust is very hard to get because the main way to obtain it is to disenchant cataclysm era weapons. Weapons? Yes: weapons, not armors: the disenchant tables for armor and weapons seem reversed.

    I haven't checked if those disenchant tables for cataclysm weapons and armors have been adapted in yesterday's patch - I hope blizzard is going to turn them back so it is armors you have to disenchant for dusts and weapons for essences.

    (I wasn't able to log to my enchanter, as she is parked in the center of orgrimmar, and characters there crash upon login in yesterday's patch)

  4. Thanks for this, although one thing really stands out for me:

    "this may be why the enchanting vellums were added to the vendors"

    They've added vellums to the vendors? For how much? I only ask as this may utterly kill the selling vellums market if the vendor cost is low, plus give us a cheaper way of getting vellums while leveling enchanting.

    I put all my leveling enchants onto vellums when I went from 300-450 anyway and managed to sell them all to cushion the cost, and while I do have a stockpile of vellums, being able to buy them from a vendor would be good.

    On the flipside, if the vendor cost is high, it will put a ceiling on the profits to be had from selling vellums. Or a lot of people will be doing the old trick of buying them from a vendor and posting them on the AH for a markup, before others figure out they are on a vendor (see Vanishing Dust).

  5. Rakhman: Vellums are selling for 10 silver from the Enchanting Supply vendor. Scribes only make one version now at 35 skill, so I don't think it will be a viable market item for them any longer.

    Yoco: I started out collecting mats the normal way - I've been purchasing cheap greens off the AH for months. After DEing a few dozen items I had less than one stack of dust. Once I crunched the numbers and saw how much dust it would take to level, I realized that the legit path was not going to get the guide written. I agree that the drop rate on dust is terrible, as bad or worse than arcane dust when BC first launched. I disenchanted more items yesterday while leveling up and did not see a notable improvement in drop rate on dust. I would say it's still messed up in this build, I got mostly lesser essences.

  6. What level of toon is required in order to learn enough recipes to level to 525? And is that level enough to learn all of the new recipes?

    This is one of my big questions for all the profs as not all my toons are at lvl 80. Thank you for these guides and your research!-Chris/Sen

  7. Right now level 75 is required to learn Illustrious rank of any profession. For Leatherworking and Blacksmithing, you must be level 84 to access the vendor recipes in Twilight Highlands. So far most other professions can be leveled with just trainer recipes.

  8. Hi
    Shouldn't a skill up for Rned Elementium Rod and mats be included?
    515 - Runed Elementium Rod...Runed Titanium Rod X1, Greater Celestial Essence X6, Heavenly Shard X6, Hypnotic Dust X10


  9. Brian: Actually, no. The Runed Elementium Rod can't be included in a power-leveling scenario. The recipe for the new rod is sold by the vendor at Twilight Highlands, which is not accessible until you are level 84. If you were already at the cap when you tackled Enchanting, then perhaps it would be an option. The list I've presented above assumes you will be attempting to level Enchanting on Day 1 - as a level 80 character.

    When I roll this into the formal guide on my site I may mention the Rod for those already at the level cap, but I doubt I'll include it as a requirement there either. Too many people level professions on alts to force a TH vendor recipe into the list if it can be avoided.

  10. I know for the crafting professions they have a chance at extra skill-ups for crafting rare or epic items. Do ehcnahters get the same benifit for their blue enchants (other then weapon enchants like you mentioned)? Also, do we have a chance at some xp from this prof like some of the others?

  11. The blue weapon enchants give extra skill ups, I don't recall any non-weapon enchants that did. I didn't keep track of that for Enchanting as well as I did for Tailoring - something I intend to correct after launch. However, I do have some notes that report Avalanche and Mending both giving 5 skill points. I believe most of the weapon enchants had some bonus points. The main reason they were not included in my guide is because even with the extra skill points they were more mat intensive than the armor enchants.

    I'm not sure what blue enchants there are other than weapon enchants, I'm not seeing anything like that on the trainer. If you're looking at the Enchanting vendor, those recipes aren't available until 84 so I didn't include them in the guide and I didn't test them. Right now they aren't needed to reach the skill cap.

  12. Thanks again for your guides, Kaliope. Yesterday I got Realm First Enchanting about 20 hours after launch. It cost me about 60k to buy out the greens on the AH at 50g or less. In the end I also had to buy out dust and essences. The last few dust cost me over 100g each, because I under-prepared, not knowing how the DE's would go. After all my DE's, I believe that uncommon weapons and armor both DE into dusts or essences randomly.

  13. Gratz Hobbes - that's amazing to level Enchanting in 20 hours!! I'm surprised that you were able to get your hands on that many Cata greens so quickly, but clearly your strategy worked =)

    Thanks for sharing your info about DE drop rates. In Beta we were getting way more essences than dusts, but I didn't really expect those drop rates to make it through launch.

  14. I think I did get some more Lesser Essences than Dusts, but after the 3:1 conversion into Greater Essences, I ended up with a shortage of both. :)

  15. Hi and thanks for all the work.

    Does anyone know what level your enchanting needs to get to to disenchant the higher level greens, blues, etc.?

  16. 425 Enchanting is required to DE Cataclysm gear level 80-82. 475 Enchanting is required to DE 83-85 level gear.

  17. Thank you very much. 475 was the number I was looking for, but couldn't find it anywhere online.

    Thanks for a great resource.

  18. Changes in DE rates:

    Disenchanted green items are now giving more materials as the item levels increase. This change also ensures armor items give dust more often than essence, and that weapons give more essence than dust.

  19. Would be nice to list the eternium rod as an option for 420 - 425. I made it at 415 thinking it might be yellow at 420 (which it wasn't). I have terrible luck with yellow recipes, just did 4 and only 1 procced.

  20. Did they remove boots haste? I'm not finding it at all, even on wowhead.

  21. FYI, Major Haste for glove has also gone missing.

  22. nvm, for some reason, when I go to training, I have to scroll up to get the next enchant. Verry confusing.

  23. Glad you got that worked out ;)

  24. 510 enchanting is enough to learn all the recipes available in Stormwind. Unless you are just going for the achievement, you might as well stop at 510 until you reach level 84 and can travel to Twilight Highlands. Once you reach 515 enchanting, runed elementium rod is orange (contrary to what wowhead says) and gives 5 skillups. Can anyone tell me when it turns yellow? If it will be orange at 520, then I'd like to make two to get from 515 to 525 and discard the second one. If it will be orange at 519 and yellow at 520 then I'd wait until 519 to make one.

  25. If I get a chance I'll test this on the PTR. My enchanter is still sitting @ 450, so she should be able to level up a bit and check that out :)

  26. I just found out that it remains orange at 520. I would use it for my last 5 or 10 skill points depending on the server economy.

  27. Thanks for responding, Kaliope. Silly me, I overlooked one of the main ingredients, the runed titanium rod. It would be a pain to make another one, so I'll just use this for my last 5 points.