Cataclysm Daily Fishing Quests

I know these quests have been up for a few days and some of you have already done 3-4 of them, but I wanted to share my information for those of you who might not have seen all the quests. I did most of the Alliance quests on the Beta realm, so I may be able to provide a little extra guidance for those of you who happen to get stuck. If nothing else you can satisfy your curiosity about what you may be asked to do tomorrow, lol.

The quest I probably did the most in Beta was Rock Lobster. For this quest you have to swim around Stormwind Harbor and pick up little gray boxes from the harbor floor. The challenge is avoiding the level 85 sharks that are also swimming in the harbor. At level 85 they are very easy to dodge, not so much at level 80. The quest giver will buff you with a water breathing spell, so try to do this right after you pick up the quest if you want to take advantage of the buff. Here's a pic of the quest text:

The next quest, which I also did several times, is Diggin' For Worms. You need to look for a worm near Lake Olivia. The area should be highlighted on your map. If you're not sure where the lake is - it's in a new section of Stormwind. The worms you're looking for are on the ground around the lake. They have a sparkle effect like most loot objects, but the area effect is so small it can be hard to see sometimes. You can either tweak your graphics or just move your mouse around the ground until you see a loot cursor. Once you have a worm, apply it to your fishing pole like a lure. This will enable you to catch the quest fish, which is pretty quick after using the lure. I typically got the Crystal Bass within 3-5 casts. Here's a pic of the quest:

The next new Fishing quest is called Thunder Falls. For this quest you get to fish at Thunder Falls, north of Westbrook Garrison. This spot is actually quite annoying to get to without flying. In the Beta I could just fly south from Stormwind and get a primo spot at the top of the waterfall. On the Live realms it's harder to get to the top - you have to scale the mountainside to the east of the falls.

The fish don't seem to drop if you stay at the bottom of the falls. I tried one spot there and after 10 casts got zero violet perch. I moved to another spot casting right into the waterfall and after 10 more casts still had zero perch. Then I moved up top and had all four within nine casts. Luckily you don't have to do anything special for the fish, as long as you're in the proper location the fish you want will drop. You only need four of them for this quest:

Another new Fishing quest is Hitting A Walleye. For this quest you're directed to a lake "north of the city". In this case they mean the one right above Cathedral Square, not Lake Olivia. You need to catch 8 fish for this one, I think I only did it one time so I'm not sure of the drop rate.

The final Alliance quest is Big Gulp. You need to fish in the Valley of Heroes and catch Royal Monkfish. This quest was the most annoying because the monkfish only drop some of the time. On top of that, you have to loot the monkfish for a chance at the locket. The one time I did this quest and took notes, I had to look 14 monkfish before I got a locket. I did it another time and also had to loot a high number of fish, I didn't write down the number but I remember being irritated with the quest. So be prepared for this to take time to complete. Here's the quest pic:

I also started doing Horde quests on the Live realms the other day (sorry Hordies - I suck at this!). I've been able to catch two so far, I will add others as they come up in the rotation. So check back with me if you get stuck!

The first one I did was Clammy Hands. This quest takes you outside Orgrimmar to the coastal area east of town. The clams are HUGE! You shouldn't miss them. Inside is 1-2 clam meat, so this quest is pretty easy to knock out:

The next quest I've done is Furious Catch. In this quest you must go to the river west of Orgrimmar and fish up a pike. It took me about 8 casts to get one. The dude next to me was there about the same amount of time, so I'm guessing his luck was similar.

UPDATE! Over the weekend I did two more Horde fishing quests. One of these was A Staggering Effort. For this quest you get sent to Azshara to kill stags for their eyeballs. Gross. But if you exit Orgrimmar from the Rear Gate at the north end of the Valley of Honor, you'll be right in the area where stags are found. I only had to kill two for a viable eye. Then you go back to the Valley of Wisdom and use the eyeball on your fishing pole. I caught the Sandy Carp pretty quickly once I had the proper lure. Blech.

The other quest I did this weekend was No Dumping Allowed. You're asked to fish up 6 toxic puddlefish from the waters in the Goblin Slums. This quest is pretty straightforward, although the drop rate isn't great. It took me about 14 casts to get the 6 fish. Here's a pic:

A Golden Opportunity (Horde) - This is another quest that takes you outside Orgrimmar. You're sent to Thunder Ridge to collect a drowned thunderlizard tail. You'll need to swim around and find a dead lizard - then "skin" it for the tail. Next you use the tail to zap unsuspecting fishies and loot them. Here's a pic of the quest text:

If you discover any tips for completing these quests, feel free to share them in the Comments!


  1. Only done Big Gulp once but it dropped first cast.

  2. So far from the Horde we've seen "Clammy Hands" which requires you to go outside Org to Bladefist Bay and swim around opening clams. "No Dumping Allowed" requires (I believe) 6 specific fish from the Goblin Slums in the Valley of Spirits. "A Golden Opportunity" takes you to Thunder Ridge where you zap a Thunder lizard getting his tail, as I recall, and then zap three golden fish and looting them. All give gold, a bag of rewards and one fishing point so far.

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  5. Anon: Thank you for contacting me about reprinting my Cataclysm guides for the Chinese community. I think it's great that more players can read and benefit from them, I have no problem with allowing translations of the works and sharing them on relevant forums for others to enjoy. I see that you pointed back to my posts as the source for the content, which is a perfectly reasonable method for crediting an author.

    You have my blessing to leave the posts in place for our fellow gamers across the Pacific to enjoy :)

  6. I assume only the fishing treasures are of interest at this point, since you can't level skill yet.

  7. I believe you're right, it looks like the main benefit to doing the daily Fishing quest is the skill points. The goodie bags can contain a Weather-beaten Fishing Hat or the Strand Crawler pet, so if you don't have them yet you could continue working on them with the SW/Org quest instead of trekking to Dalaran. Otherwise I don't think it's helpful to do the Fishing quest if you're currently at max skill.

  8. Funny thing is: On my server I've had the Rock Lobster quest 5 times in a row, since the patch hit.
    I was already wondering, if that was the only quest implemented so far. ;-)

    What's also pretty funny is, that you can learn fishing and do the daily right away. No need for fishing rod or anything - that's liberal.
    I wonder if there oughta be an achievment for getting fishing to 525 without ever catching a fish. ^^

  9. Sarge: Ah, that's the rotten luck. I just completed five Horde quests today and got an achievement, so I think 5 quests is the magic number. I had also noticed that the quest requirements were pretty minimal. I took a level 10 with pathetic fishing/cooking skills to the quest givers and she was able to access both of them.

    From what I've seen, these new dailies require a character level of 10 and trade skill of 1. A level 9 alt was not able to activate either quest.

  10. As for the "Rock Lobster" quest...
    I found there's no need to hunt around for the lobster cages and risk getting munched by jaws.
    I always go for a cage closest the the waters edge and wait for it to respawn. It will respawn in 20 seconds every time.
    I hope this helps someone who keeps getting tired of being attacked.