Cataclysm Daily Cooking Quests

I hope everyone saw my Tweet/Wall post yesterday about the new Cooking quests being activated on the Live realms. I probably should have posted my screenshots before now, but better late than never eh? For the longest time the Cooking quests weren't rotating on the Beta, we got the same one every day until a few weeks ago. I had been collecting the information but I'm not sure I have a full set of quests. I've got four Alliance quests and one Horde. At this point it's better than nothing at all :)

Fisherman's Feast (Alliance) In this quest you're asked to collect five gigantic catfish. You can either steal barrels of fish from the fishermen who are now around the city or fish these up yourself. In the Beta it was easy to steal the fish, yesterday I had trouble finding enough because they weren't respawning quickly.

The King's Cider (Alliance) For the King's Cider you need to collect 12 apples from the new apple trees in Stormwind. These are much easier to spot from the air because the apples stand out. There is generally one apple tree per section of the city. Each apple tree can have 2-4 apples under it. I haven't done this one on Live yet, so I don't know how much of an issue spawn times are. I think they bumped up the number of apples needed, I was pretty sure it was 12 on Beta but Wowhead is saying 15.

Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes (Alliance) This quest takes you to a new area of Stormwind, the farm on the north end of town. There's a small pumpkin field where you can collect pumpkins and turn them in. As I recall there aren't a huge number of pumpkins up at any given time, so this one could get tricky if too many people are picking them. And I know they increased the number of pumpkins needed for this one. I was able to do it twice in the Beta and it was six pumpkins, now it takes 8.

Orphans Like Cookies Too (Alliance) I only did this quest once in the Beta and I had the most trouble with it. It took me awhile to figure out where the sugar was located and what it looked like. On top of this, most of the "general stores" are not labeled as such on their signs. The respawn timer on the sacks is rather long as well, so you can't just camp one spot. Well maybe you can, but I gave up after a couple of minutes. Luckily for you guys, I took notes when I found the sacks =)

Before we get into that, here's what you're looking for:

This is the sack behind Edna Mullby in the "Everyday Merchandise" building next to Trias' Cheese. Another sack can be found at the Pig and Whistle tavern on the east side of Old Town. You can also find a sack in the Blue Recluse, which is behind the Mage Tower. A fourth sack is inside the new "Golden Keg" building, next to the bank in the Dwarven District. There may be others that I didn't find, these are just the four I located.

Feeling Crabby? (Alliance) I never saw this quest on the Beta realm, but I was able to do it today on my Live realm. I have to be honest though, I saw the canal crabs in Stormwind in Beta and I might have killed a few for sport. Oops! This quest appears to be the counterpart to Crawfish Creole on the Horde side. You have to swim around the canals in Stormwind and collect Canal Crabs. They have the same "pick up" mechanic that the Wolvar puppies in Dragonblight have, you just right click a crab to collect it. If you have trouble seeing the crabs, use the "V" button to activate nameplates. They are very easy to spot this way!

Fruit Bites Back (Horde) This is the only Cooking quest I did on the Horde side, sorry I didn't keep a better eye on these. It's pretty easy, you just walk around the city and look for cactus plants. Most of the time one plant in the clump will be lootable and you can collect it.

Crawfish Creole (Horde) For some reason this quest gives 2 skill points instead of one like the other quests. Not sure why that is, I didn't see anything special about it. You are tasked with collecting 10 muddy crawfish:

Now the quest text makes it sound as if you need to fish up these babies, at least that's how I interpreted this information. After 10+ casts with no crawfish, I realized this was unlikely. Turns out you need to hunt for the crawfish in and around the lakes of Orgrimmar. You cannot kill and loot them, I tried that too :) They have a "pick up" mechanic like the Wolvar puppies in Dragonblight. If you have trouble seeing the crawfish, click "V" on your keyboard to activate nameplates. This makes them very easy to see! I hope this saves you guys some frustration!

Stealing From Our Own (Horde) The idea for this quest is a bit unscrupulous. The Infantry Chef in The Drag wants you to steal barrels of rice from the Trolls in the Valley of Spirits. These are fairly large barrels that seem to spawn on the walkways through the Troll area. Some also spawn near the NPCs in the grass huts. I didn't see any in the Goblin area though, they appear to be restricted to the Troll neighborhood. Each guard at the south, west and east end of the walkway has a barrel by next to him, if you're having trouble spotting any. Here's the pic for this quest:

Even Thieves Get Hungry (Horde) I thought this quest was a bit more interesting than the other Cooking quests we've seen. You need to hunt down some poaching miscreants and reclaim their rations. The fun part is that they are stealthed, so you have to work a bit to find them. They hang out near the supply crates bearing the Horde Insignia. Here's a pic of the quest text:

And the boxes:

Have fun doing these new quests and hopefully you'll be swimming in Cooking tokens by the time Cataclysm launches. Meanwhile I'll continue to document the Cooking quests so we have a full set here for reference purposes. Feel free to share any other tips you may have discovered in the comments below:


  1. For the cookies quest, the respawn wasn't too bad when a lot of other players were doing the quest, so you could feasibly camp one spot for a few minutes and get all four bags. Some vendors will occasionally have one or two bags for sale (around 9s) - I found the cooking vendors in some inns had the bags for sale. There's another bag available in the other inn in the Mage Qtr, and that inn has a vendor who sometimes sells the bags too.

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips with us, I had trouble getting my sacks but there were three of us camping one spot :(

  3. The pumpkins are where they are supposed to be, but I cant pick them. Hmmm

  4. What is really cool about these is that they work for everyone. I just started a little cow pally today, and I was able to pick up the daily at cooking lev 40 and character level 10. Perhaps it works from cooking 1, I just happened to walk past the NPC and noticed I could take the quest.

    Imagine all the nice tokens one can save up while levelling! Great stuff.

  5. has anyone turned in tokens for the crate, to see what meats are awarded before Cata?

    also note that tokens cap at /10 on the currency page.

  6. I know that the box can contain monstrous claws or toughened flesh. I'm not certain beyond that, but there's a good chance that it has all the new critter meats as a possibility.

  7. I did the cooking daily yesterday on a few characters, for both factions. I got the cactus tree quest on my horde realm and the fish barrel one on my alliance realm. Coincidentally, all the characters I used were herbalists.

    I noticed that the cactus trees in orgrimmar were marked on the minimap, so they were extremely easy to find. I assume that was related to herbalis m, after all cactuses are plants too ...
    What surprised me was that the fish barrels in stormwind *also* showed up on the minimap (making them easy to find), which made me wonder if they are somehow treated as 'herbs', or maybe that they simply showed up because I had selected that quest as the 'current' quest in the objective tracker.

  8. Yoco - I'm pretty sure the Stormwind barrels are tracked as herbs. I did the quest a few times, and the tracking only showed up on my Herbalist.

  9. Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes is definitely 6 pumpkins on live, a very quick respawn as well, even with 6+people in the field its click run, click run.

    I checked 3 crates of meat on alts, Delicate wing,Blood shrimp and monstrous Claw.

  10. did king's cider today and it was 12 apples. respawn rate was quite quick.

  11. There is a daily fishing quest as well.

  12. Yup, I'm working on a post for Fishing as well. Will try to get that up today or tomorrow :)

  13. Do any of the alliance quests give +2 awards like Everything is better with bacon does for the Horde?

    After /rng falling in my favor and getting that quest 4 times on Horde this week my awards are looking pretty nice.

  14. Ngita: The equivalent quest for Alliance is 'Feeling Crabby'.

  15. I was so confused on why everyone thought there were barrells in the Troll area when I always found them with the goblins. But then I figured it out. It's cuz Im a troll.. well duh why would I "Steal from my Own". So anyone who has a troll above level 10 will be able to do this quest in the Goblin area. not so many barrels but not so many to share either.

  16. Meant to sign the above post - Tadedra Sentinels

  17. Lol! That makes perfect sense but I'm surprised that Blizzard actually wrote the code to make that distinction. Very cool and thanks for the tip :)

  18. It seems that Blizzard has implemented a cap on the amount of Cooking Rewards you can have pre-cata.
    I've been doing the daily on 7 chars each day since the release now and we got quite lucky having the same quest several days in a row(Everything is better with bacon) which rewards 2 Cooking Rewards.

    I reached 10 rewards on each char yesterday, but when I did the quest today I didn't get any rewards added to my list.
    I've tried it on two different characters to see if the first one didn't bug out, but the second character had exactly the same. So to me it seems 10 is the cap at the moment.

    Just thought you should know :)

  19. Raiking: I guess I didn't see the 10 token cap as a problem - if you hit the cap just buy a recipe. You can purchase recipes even if you don't have the required skill to learn them.