Cataclysm Blacksmithing Leveling Guide (450-510)

I wish I could bring you a full Blacksmithing guide, but my Smith is only level 81. I don't know if I'll have time to get her high enough for Twilight Highlands before the Beta realm is shut down. This guide should get you most of the way up and I'm going to include some worst-case scenario estimates for the vendor phase.

Blacksmithing is pretty easy to level up as long as you have enough ore and volatiles. The main volatile used for trainer recipes is earth, although others are in the mix on optional items. I've tried to include alternate recipes that use only ore, but this isn't possible 100% of the time. At 460 every recipe you learn uses volatile earth and you can't level very well without at least that bit. Luckily you can get past this with just 10, which I don't think is an insurmountable burden. There are other spots where avoiding volatiles will increase your ore usage to a significant degree.

The nice part I discovered is that multi-point recipes are actually viable here. Unlike other professions where the multi-point recipes always used higher materials, even after considering the extra skill points, Blacksmithing has very competitive recipes. I should quantify that by saying that I weighted one volatile as equal to one bar of metal. If you disagree with that methodology you might want to do your own number crunching. As I said, I've provided pure ore alternatives where possible for those who can't or prefer not to use up volatiles.

Also, there's a couple of recipes at 480 that appear to be incorrectly labeled as far as the skill points you get. There's an uncommon quality recipe that rewards 3 skill points and two rare recipes that reward only 1 skill point. I don't know if these will be fixed prior to release, but I've included the uncommon one for now. I put a notation with it in - use the other recipe if that one isn't giving 3 skill points any more.

Since I know someone will ask, the trainer recipes will all be green once you hit 510 skill. I purposely used a 3 point recipe at 509 to get to 512 instead of 510 but the recipes are still not useful after that. I tried making 10 more of the items that were green to me and only got 1 extra skill point for my trouble. Obviously you can keep cranking out dozens of green trash items if you like, but it doesn't appear to do much good.

Here are my recommendations for leveling Blacksmithing from 450-525:

450-455: Folded Obsidium (yellow to you, but you need 75+ anyway so go for it)
455-460: Any Gauntlet Recipe (15 folded obsidium)
460-470: Decapitator's Razor (40 folded obsidium + 16 volatile earth) or Any Belt Recipe (40 folded obsidium + 10 volatile earth)
470-475: Any Boot Recipe (25 folded obsidium) or Cold-Forged Shank (15 folded obsidium + 6 volatile earth + 4 volatile water)
475-480: Obsidium Skeleton Key (25 obsidium bars) or Elementium Rod (45 elementium bars)
480-490: Redsteel Shoulders (30 folded obsidium + 60 elementium bars) or Stormforged Legguards gives 3 skill points, may be changed (8 folded obsidium + 32 elementium)
490-500: Stormforged Helm (80 elementium bars + 32 volatile earth) or Hardened Obsidium Helm (16 folded obsidium + 60 elementium + 24 volatile earth) or Hardened Obsidium Legguards (20 folded obsidium + 100 elementium)
500-510: Redsteel Breastplate (60 elementium bars + 60 volatile earth) or Hardened Obsidium Breastplate (40 folded obsidium + 60 elementium bars)

*** Trainer Recipes no longer Viable ***

510-520: Rare Belt Recipe (100 elementium bars + 100 volatile water)
520-525: Rare Shoulder Recipe (60 elementium bars + 50 volatile fire/water)
Recipe Purchases: 40 elementium bars

Final Tally for materials used is:
Obsidium Bars: 152-365
Elementium Bars: 344-465
Volatile Earth: 10-116
Volatile Water: 0-154
Volatile Fire: 0-50


  1. please tell me the elementium icon is not a purple bar. i foresee much confusion between elemternium and eterentium bars in my future.

  2. Just a possible correction..

    Here are my recommendations for leveling Leatherworking from 450-525


    Feel free to delete after it's done.

  3. Ax: Haha! No, the icons on Crafter's Tome are a few builds behind. We'll do a fresh grab in the next week or two and get all the new art :)

    Nigel: Cute, but I don't think it helps the toons without Smithing :)

  4. You didn't understand Nigel's post, you said "Here are my recommendations for leveling Leatherworking from 450-525:" on BS thread.

    Question: What and where are the rare recipes are from ? Hope are not raid drops ...

  5. Rawer: My bad, I didn't realize he was pointing out an incorrect header! I can fix that, no worries.

    The recipes on the trainers and token vendors are the only ones I've located personally. Jewelcrafting has some drop recipes, which I've included in my chart. There are others that I haven't documented. I have yet to see any faction recipes at all.

    If there are rare drops, dungeon drops, or raid drops I haven't seen them. They may be in the loot tables and just haven't been discovered yet. I will certainly add them when they become available.

  6. Ok, I took a little more time to go back through the trainer recipes and here are the missing ones for Blacksmithing(beta) vs Blacksmithing(live):

    Truesilver Gauntlets
    The Shatterer
    Phantom Blade
    Truesilver Breastplate
    Truesilver Champion

    I believe most of these are related to Armorsmithing or Weaponsmithing. Since they've gotten rid of specializations, these items may be casualties of the process. If you're interested in speculating on any of these items, now is the time to do it. No promises that these items will remain in your spellbook now that they are no longer trainable. Currently my Smith in beta has the recipes, but that can still change between now and launch.

    Whether we keep our old recipes or not, these recipes will no longer be trainable after 12/7.

  7. And what about using till 475 ICC plans? It is now days cheap and it will save a lot of 'rare' new things for a higher plans.

  8. You can use ICC plans to reach 475 if you like. I personally wouldn't go that route because you end up with a bunch of expensive lemons. The real barrier to leveling BS is your character level, not daily quests or other gating mechanics. The best thing you can do is push your toon to 84 as quickly as you can to unlock the vendor.

    It depends on what your goals are, but I think the 80-84 leveling process will be a bigger time-sink than collecting materials for this profession.

  9. I have read that to have access to the new BS plans you need to be 84, and that these plans/illustrious grand master will not be trainable in city. Is that accurate?

  10. Yes, that's correct. The Blacksmithing trainers will only teach recipes up to 500 skill. Recipes beyond that are sold in Twilight Highlands at the starting town. The town is phased and vendors cannot be seen until the first set of quests is completed. Those quests are not available until your character is level 84.

  11. Ah, thank you for the information and the fast reply.

    I have a tankadin alt who reached 80 this week so I was hoping I won't have to wait for people to hit 84 for the hardened obsidium set to placed on the AH.

  12. Some of those are trainer based, so they may well show up on the Auctions in the first day or two :)

  13. Hey everyone, after spending some time in the beta, I can tell you that the xpac should be lots of fun, I just got my key for it on on the early side :)

  14. Where can I learn Folded Obsidium?

  15. Folded obsidium is learned from the Blacksmithing trainer @ 425 skill.