Cataclysm Beta is Over

We just received word on the Beta forums that testing is over. The server went down about ten minutes ago. I'm sad to say that I will no longer be able to bring you new information from the Beta realm. I'll do my best to answer questions from what I've already learned whenever possible. Plus, I still have many screenshots I took in anticipation of this moment. Blizzard is famous for giving no notice on testing schedules, so I tried to document as much as I could. I plan to continue working on the material I've collected and bringing you new content that didn't make it into a post.

I've enjoyed sharing all my information with you and I hope you guys will continue to visit us in the future!


  1. Thanks very much for all your time and effort. It certainly saved me much time and effort. :)

    I had never read your blog before but it now has a spot in my favorites. Cheers

  2. Thank you for your hard work Kaliope! As a fellow crafter affectionado, I appreciate the preview of the exciting crafts to come :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words all - so glad you're enjoying the posts!

  4. Thank you so much, Kaliope!

    I've posted the addy for your blog in our guild notes- and we've all been reading =)

  5. *hugs*

    (Gnome hug, so it's more like a small child gnawing at your long elf legs.)

    Professions have been really tough to write about this time, because so much was added late, or (frankly) not added at all.

  6. Thank you so much for all your efforts! They are so helpful.

    I was window shopping in cata.wowhead and found "Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan"

    I then reread you arch post. But am not sure I understand how it works.

    Some guesses:
    a) I get generic racial fragments and get to choose whether I want to assemble "Wooden whistle" or this staff
    b) I get generic fragments and somehow randomly get a staff or wooden whistle to fill in. Then I get the required number of racial fragments and use those to "solve" it
    c) when you say fragments, you meant I will get "fragment of ?" e.g. fragment of wooden spoon. Every ten or so I get "fragment of one specific rare". Unlike love is in the air or DM cards, I just need to get the right number, all fragments of wooden spoons are the same, there is no "ace of wooden spoons" and "seven of wooden spoons" - all fragments of the same artifact are the same?

    Sorry for being dense. My understanding is I get fragments and later use them to solve artifacts (I hope I am patient enough to get to 100 skill before starting to solve. but the odds are against it. ) But I don't quite get which artifact I get to solve?

    Could you help me out with a concrete example? Say I bring up my map of the EK continent, triangulate down one of the four sites and get close enought to click on "it"? What would "it" be? "Generic dwarven fragment"? "Dwarf fragment" that I won't know what of until I open it (like a pearl or making a darkmoon card) and when I solve with it later. Or it says fragment of wooden spoon or BOA staff? And I just need to get enough fragments of wooden spoon to then right click on them and assemble/solve a wooden spoon?

    I confused myself further with the above ramblings.


    Could I use arch to semi AFK an alt? I.e., find out there is a southern site and put them on a gryphon flight to booty bay AFK. Then do the triangulation and get the fragment. Then AFK fly them to the closet flight point of the next site? I.e. arch involves lots of travel and a fair amount of the time to level arch can be done AFK?

  7. Many thanks to all the work you put in to bring us unwashed masses the gospel of the Cataclysm. May the Random Number Generator Gods smile upon your next 1000 loot rolls!

  8. El: I would hug back, but I might flatten you ;) I agree that professions were particularly stressful this time, I put off every guide to the last possible day to maximize accuracy. I still can't believe I guessed the exact day the Beta was ending, I thought I was just being paranoid by trying to finish all guides before the two week mark! I'm still sad that I didn't have time to go back and check all the recipes one last time.

  9. Hagu: Your questions are the main reason I was planning a video tutorial if I had time this week to collect some footage for it. It's hard to explain some parts of the profession without visuals. When you collect your first fragments for a particular race, it starts an artifact for that race. The artifact is randomly generated, you have no control over this process. Your "B" option is closest to the mark.

    Once unlocked, each artifact has a set number of fragments required to solve it. All fragments you collect for that race are exactly the same, there's no variations on fragments. I guess fragments are like ore in that regard if saronite = dwarf and piece of ore = fragment. If you're currently farming at a Dwarf site, all the fragments you farm will be Dwarf. The guide has pictures of artifacts now, are you reading my previous post on the blog or the official guide I posted on Crafter's Tome? Try reading the Archaeology Guide for some visual aids.

    The Archaeology journal shows you which artifact it selected for you to work on. When you have enough fragments, you can 'Solve' it or keep collecting fragments. The solving comes when you decide to hit the Solve button. Solving one artifact will generate the selection of a new one to solve (again, not up to you). Rare/epic artifacts have about a 10% chance to be unlocked, on average you'll go through about 10 crappy ones before you hit something worthwhile.

    Whew, finally an easy question :) Yes, you can AFK during the flying part. I AFK'd through most of Kaliope's 1-525 leveling process. I would work on other things until I noticed she had landed somewhere. It would be fairly easy to do while watching TV.

  10. Thanks so much for your efforts! I've been checking in every day since you started posting the beta info, and your fine page will continue to be part of my daily blog roll - for a long time I hope. :)

    Good luck in Cataclysm, hope you'll continue to write about crafting!

  11. Thank you so much Ceri - I appreciate you including us in your daily routine =) I will absolutely continue bringing new tradeskill content through the next expansion, though probably not at the same pace I've been going the past two weeks, heh!