Profession Vendors in new Beta Build (13221)

Today we got a new build in the Beta and there's some new profession changes finally. I heard a rumor in chat that there were recipe vendors in Twilight Highlands, so as soon as the servers came back up I went to check it out. I did indeed find some trade NPCs including vendors at Highbank, the first quest hub. There's a metal trader who sells Blacksmithing recipes for 20 Elementium Bars, 2 Hardened Elementium Bars, or 5 Pyrium Bars. The recipes include rare PVP gear sets, crafted epic gear, a level 85 shield spike, the new belt buckle, a new weapon chain and rare 85 weapons. From what I can tell most of these items were in my last Blacksmithing post. Some of those recipes were removed from the trainer and put on the Metal trader instead, plus some modifications to ingredients and quality levels.

In all likelihood this treatment will be extended to the Leatherworking and Tailoring traders. Right now they aren't talking to me, but those NPCs are both labeled "Trader" so I assume it's just a matter of time. Neither the Blacksmithing nor the Leatherworking trainers have any recipes over 500 skill. The Tailoring trainer only has rare PVP recipes over 500 skill, so it may well be headed the same direction as the other two. There's also a Shard trader who sells Enchanting recipes. Notably absent are Jewelcrafting, Inscription, Alchemy and Engineering traders. There are supply vendors for these professions, just no trader NPCs.

The bad news is that Highbank is currently phased. Until you do the starting quest chain, you can't see the trader NPCs. What you see is Alliance and Horde battling for the island. This would make it impossible to bring an alt here to pick up some recipes. Right now Alchemy, Engineering and Enchanting look to provide enough trainer recipes to reach the cap and Inscription is skimpy but workable from what I've heard. I'm not thrilled by this situation, especially since it's not applied evenly to all professions. We've still got six weeks before launch, so hopefully this will be addressed in some fashion.

For those asking, there are some level requirements showing on the trainers at this time. Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, First Aid, Enchanting and Archaeology all require level 75 to learn Illustrious rank professions. Cooking and Fishing still are not showing a level requirement for Illustrious rank skill. I think we can assume that Cooking and Fishing will include a level requirement eventually.

I'm working on an Engineering post to share some of the new information from this build. Most of the recipes were already on the trainer but the materials and skill levels were a total mess. Now that they've cleaned that up I guess it's worth posting about :)

Feel free to leave any questions and research requests you might have in the Comments!


  1. There's reported to be an "Alchemy and Inscription" vendor at Highbank. Notable, because they sell (limited supply) some of the unusual items required to make many of the relics.

    Worth clarifying that Highbank is an Alliance settlement, so Horde probably get something similar in their Twilight Highlands port. As you note, the area is initially phased, so only accessible at 84+ (when the quests become available).

    Live Fishing and Cooking have no level requirement beyond 5, so I don't expect one for Illustrious. In practice, the need for Dalaran Cooking Awards still caps low-level cooks at about 400.

  2. Yes, there is an Alchemy/Inscription vendor at Highbank who sells the vendor wares for blue relics, etc. And yes, Highbank is Alliance but I assume Horde has an equivalent phased town. There's a couple of spots to the north that are Horde, not sure which is the actual starter town for them. I can try to get a premade over there and have a look around :)

    It's possible that Dalaran Cooking may get some tweaks to ease the leveling process. I don't think too many new players will spend the time in Northrend needed to accumulate Dalaran tokens for Cooking in its current form. The Stormwind daily appears to require only level 10, according to Wowhead. That could be interesting if it stays, as I think the Pilgrim event allows anyone to power Cooking up to the 350 range. A patient person could theoretically level Cooking at the Pilgrim event and also do the SW daily for the +1 Cooking skill to hit the Illustrious cap and completely circumvent the Dalaran blockage.

  3. You are correct about the Pilgrim's Bounty cooking, I made it to 350 cooking last year before the last recipe turned grey. Talk about easy skill points!

  4. Hey Kaliope, thanks again for another very informative post, this has changed my gameplan for the first month of cataclysm quite a bit. I was hoping to focus on leveling my Miner/Enchanter first and just mail the mats to my JC/BS to work on before leveling a second character, but it seems like I will now have to level both :( getting a lead on the economy is going to be alot more work now.

    In a completely unrelated note, I was hoping maybe you could do a bit of exploration for us. I've been trying to find a world map from the beta showing all the zones uncovered, and whedre the new zones fit into the existing continents. I just got on the beta myself this week and will be working on things i have access too, however I havent completely any requisite quests to gain access to new zones such as Deepholm.

    oops sorry, im rambling here. If you could post shots of the new world map that would be really sweet i think, if you are too busy or whatever thats fine too :D

  5. So the design is that alts have to quest and level to do the professions? How very annoying! I have a main toon I will do the raiding/gearscrore grind with and was hoping I could enjoy professions with the alts.


  6. Bear in mind that not all professions are impacted by this. At this time only Blacksmithing and Leatherworking stop at 500 on the trainer. Tailoring is just a speculation on my part. I actually don't mind that some recipes are on a vendor, as long as the trainer provides enough recipes to reach the cap.

    On the other hand, if your alt is an Alchemist/Engineer/Enchanter/Scribe then you currently have the recipes on the trainer to skill up to the new cap. Not all alts are affected, just those with armor-making professions.

    But yes, I agree. I'm not in love with this methodology and I hope they rework it before launch.

  7. For the horde the equivalent vendors are in Dragonmaw Port. Just like highbank, this location also requires completing the early quests in Twilight Highlands before its "normal phase" shows up that has these vendors.
    As far as I can see they have the same issues as their Alliance counterparts (such as the cloth and leather traders not being interactive yet).
    And I agree, putting an artificial level 83 or 84 limit on access to these recipes is a bit of a bummer for altoholics... (you currently can do the questline to open up these towns at level 83, but IIRC blizzard mentioned a while ago that that is just for testing and the intention was to have this level at 84)

  8. Thanks Yoco, I wasn't sure if the equivalent town was the port or that weird hub in the cloud. I tried to take my premade out there yesterday but she bugged out on me and now my client crashes when I try to log her in.

    Out of curiousity, has anyone else spotted any other recipes in the Beta aside from these? So far I've only seen recipes on trainers, these vendors and the handful of Jewelcrafting drop recipes. Surely there are more than that but I'll be damned if I can find 'em!

  9. I should mention that I visited all the new faction Quartermasters a week or so ago and didn't see any recipes on any of them.

  10. Hardened Elementium Bar? So you can use the bars you make out of ingots from BWL to buy Cataclysm Blacksmithing recipes?

  11. [Elementium Ingot]s from BWL make [Enchanted Elementium Bar]s. So no, can't use these for the cata recipes.

  12. Hardened elementium is a beefier version of the new elementium bars. It's made by smelting 10 elementium bars with 4 volatile earth. The old elementium bars from BWL have been renamed to "enchanted" elementium.

  13. I am increasingly disappointed in this. What is the point of saying that only level 75 is required to max a profession if the de facto minimum is 84?!?