New Cata Build + Status Update

I'm working late today to bring breaking news from the Beta front -- as opposed to goofing around late, which I always do! Anyway they finally got the servers back up so I'm running around checking everything. I suspect many of you have questions and keep wondering why I ignore certain professions. So I thought for this build I would go through everything and give a status update.

Alchemy - All recipes appear to be implemented and exhibiting proper progression (meaning recipes start at 425 and new ones are offered every 5-10 skill points). Status = First test done, follow up test pending.

Inscription - Many recipes implemented but suspicious gaps still exist (490-500 has only one blue recipe. Several new recipes @ 500 but nothing else until 515). Some players are able to level this, but I consider it incomplete. Status = holding for better progression.

Leatherworking - Clearly in flux with about 2 dozen recipes still sitting at 530 skill on the trainer. Some of these appear to be leveling recipes such as green leveling gear and caster gear. Big gap between 495 and 510 with no recipes except self enchants. Epic recipes at 515 with blue PVP gear at 520, very odd. Status = on hold until recipes are redistributed in a reasonable way.

Blacksmithing - Recipes stop at 500 skill. No recipes @ 425, recipes start at 440. Most recipes are 10 points apart, which is unusual. 480 skill has six blue recipes and 1 green, this is also strange. 490 has three green recipes and two blue ones, which seems to support the idea that 480 is odd. Status = on hold until the 500+ items show up and the weirdness is resolved.

Tailoring - Most leveling recipes appear to have been implemented in today's build. Epics are still missing. All recipes are blue past 500, no green recipes are available. Trainer has five versions of the dreamcloth recipe, not sure what that's about. Status = Might be worth leveling to 500 but that's about it.

aaaaannndddd..... the server is down.

Engineering - Stupid character copy messed up my gnomie! I mean my pre-made toon with skill level of 1 is unable to see any recipes over 450 on the trainer. All recipes are WotLK. Status = Still waiting for recipes to appear on trainers.

Enchanting - (see Engineering, re: gnomie) Good progression of recipes on trainer from 425 to 510, higher level recipes not available. Given traditional enchanting progression 510+ recipes may be vendor/faction/drop based. Status = Could be leveled if I had my damn gnome!

Jewelcrafting - Green gems implemented at 425 skill. A handful of jewelry recipes between 425 and 460. No recipes from 460-490 and just one recipe at 500. Preliminary tests on pre-made toon indicate that green gem recipes remain yellow until 475, which is probably not realistic for release. Prospecting Elementium is unlocked at 475. Status = not even close to ready.

Cooking - As of yesterday's build critter meats were not yet implemented. It's possible to level all the way to 525 with just three kinds of fish. Status = Functional but likely to receive a revision before launch.

First Aid - One of the first professions implemented. Seems to be working and I've already written a post on my brief testing. However, I'm not about to waste cloth leveling it all the way until Tailoring is done :) Status = Functional, follow up test pending Tailoring completion.

Fishing - Vashj'ir has been fishless so far, so some Cooking recipes are not craftable. Fishing pools in other zones showed up a couple of builds ago. Fishing appears to be working and most fish are implemented. Status = Preliminary testing done, reports continue to trickle in. Visit El's Anglin for full details.

Archaeology - Pretty well implemented at this point but not immune from future changes. Status = Testing complete unless more content/changes are introduced.

Gathering - Seems to be mostly implemented with some minor glitches still causing problems. Status = Testing complete unless more content/changes are introduced.

So there you have it, my current status with all the professions. Much as I would love to review some of these for you, many professions just aren't ready for a full progression test. And since leveling a profession is a one-shot deal, I hate to waste mats on dubious-looking recipes. The only reason I moved forward with Alchemy is because I can borrow a second Alchemist to run another test. Since my first test there have already been notable changes, so I know I jumped the gun with it. However, I was impatient and I really wanted to give you guys something.

If there's something I missed here, please leave a Comment and ask about it!


  1. As far as engineering is concerned, did you try any of the trainers in outland? In previous patches those had the new skill rank and recipes, while the azeroth and northrend trainers didn't.

    My engineer learned the new stuff from the trainer in Area 52, though reportedly the other outland engineering trainers (in hellfire peninsula and zangarmarsh) teach it as well.

    In general, the biggest issue preventing my characters from progressing on their tradeskills is the extreme scarcity of Obsidium - my feeling is that node spawning for obsidium is interacting in a very bad way with the heavy use of phasing, especially in Hyjal. Elementium not being prospectable until 475 means that not only engineering and blacksmithing are affected by the scarcity of Obsidium, but jewelcrafting as well. Elementium is much easier to acquire than the lower level Obsidium, just like Saronite is easier to collect than Cobalt.

  2. The 5 recipes for dreamcloth is something they announced months ago, and then never mentioned again. Instead of having 3 types of cloth you could make every 4 days, with (theoretically) only one type making 2 cloths, there is now just one speciality cloth, but it has 5 recipes, each with one week's cooldown.

    Since each recipe's ingredients will cost differing amounts, it'll eventually be cheap to make 1 or 2 a week, but to make the 5th will be much more expensive.

    Interestingly, the top-end bag costs 5 dreamcloth to make.

    In addition to all of the ways you mentioned that tailoring was broken; about the only thing to make with dreamcloth are bags and enchants; no lvl 80 intro armor at all.

  3. Do the 5 recipes for the specialty cloth all share the same cooldown?

  4. Yoco: No I didn't visit Outland to check trainers. My real Engineer is bugged so the only toon I have is a pre-made. I can try to get her out there sometime today and see if I can document those recipes. It will also help me plan my materials.

    I have not experienced the obsidium scarcity that others are dealing with, I suspect this is because I didn't complete Hyjal. The southeastern section I've been working is not phased for me (or in its original phase, however you want to view it). But yes I agree that they need to address the phasing situation. I have a tendency to mine areas that I haven't quested through yet, but I doubt that's their intent with gathering node density.

    Neil: I vaguely remember them mentioning a change in the cloth CD mechanics, I guess I didn't realize they would all make the exact same item. From what I'm seeing, they all require roughly the same mats, just with different types of volatiles. I did notice that one recipe in particular looked quite hefty on mats, requiring 5 'chaos orbs' which I presume are the new frozen orb.

    Anon: They don't appear to share a CD, but the tooltips for all but the hefty version mention a 1-week timer.

  5. I'm hearing that Vashj'ir is now (13189) fishable. Other changes to...

  6. Nice! I was gonna check that later today :)

  7. Do you see any cooldowns other than the tailor cloth? Everybody works in my family; there are several 80s who will be 80 for many months. So things like an alchemist c/d is great as was the non-carrot cooling dailies. JC daily was ok but would not have wanted to do it with a clothie. THe other extreme is like ICC BoP patterns or JC recipes that drop in instances. An alt will never see those even if they get 80. So on your travels (thanks again!!!!) just check if you see sources of passive income for non-raiders.

  8. Hagu: Will do, I'm in the same boat with some of my alts so I know where you're coming from :)

    And I've confirmed the new recipes are on the Outland trainers (Area 52 and Zangarmarsh). Unfortunately Engineering looks about as solid as Leatherworking, so we'll be waiting on that. Some of these recipes actually have WotLK mats, rofl.

  9. The latest build added some new Inscription recipes, but I've no idea if they are available on trainers.

  10. Or maybe not: It looks like many known recipes simply changed their components and/or skill-ups.

  11. I have spent a while fishing in Vash'jir, from the rock sticking out of the water on the northren end of the Shimmering Expanse. The non-junk items I've caught there have been Murglesnout, Algaefin Rockfish, and Fathom Eel. This is my husband's toon I'm using, and he didn't level up cooking all the way to 450 yet, but checking the trainer, and the person near him who sells recipes in exchange for Chef's Awards, I don't see anything that uses Murglesnout. Am I missing anything?

  12. Oh, and I just noticed I also caught 1 deepsea sagefish, 1 giant sunfish, and 1 bonescale snapper, they got mixed in with the junk items. In comparison I caught 21 of the murglesnout, 12 of the algaefin rockfish, and 14 of the fathom eel. This is less useful information since I did not keep track of what junk items I caught :P

  13. Stacy: So far I'm not finding any Murglesnout recipes on the token vendor or the trainer. Right now the trainers actually don't have much in the way of recipes, they were removed in the latest build. But the recipes on the vendor are the same ones I posted a few weeks ago which did not involve Murglesnout. I presume new stuff will be added that will cover it. The Murglesnout is white, which generally means it's used for something.

  14. Engineering appears to be available at trainers in Stormwind.

  15. Epic Tailoring patterns are in Twilight Highlands