I Got Nothin'

Ok, so I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what to talk about today. It's been a week since my last post... I'm not even finding cool stuff to tweet lately. I wish I had something new or interesting to share, but it's been awhile since we've had a new Beta build. I've been in a holding pattern for the past week. I'd love to bring you guys something new, but there's just not much going on at the moment. Honestly, I'm getting a bit nervous because we've got six weeks until launch and most professions still aren't fully implemented.

I watched the Blizzcon live stream over the weekend hoping for some news. Unfortunately there was very little news period. Even less relating to professions. I believe I gleaned two things. No new melee enchant for Hunters anytime soon. And no plans to make old raid recipes available in new way. Yawn.

On the plus side, digital downloading of the Cataclysm client so we plan play right away. Woot! And servers going Live at 12am PST. Double Woot! That means those of us on the West Coast actually have a chance at Realm Firsts. But as one of our commenters pointed out, East Coast players have to stay up half the night to play. Not sure I consider this a major problem - if you're going for a Realm First you wouldn't be getting sleep anyways.

So there's my 2cp, what do you guys wanna talk about? Open post :)


  1. meh take the down time as you can get it maybe 2 or 3 weeks. then hit us with something that will blow are socks off.

  2. Blizzcon wasn't that useful, I'm not planning to go again. Crowds of round sweaty guys that don't believe in hygiene just aren't worth suffering through for panels of 'how cool Blizzard is' and 'no, we're not telling you anything new'. Standing in line for an hour to buy stuff quickly lost it's appeal as well, especially when they ran out of the items I wanted just as I finally got to the counter. Sigh.

  3. Using the chance to ask a question I've been wondering, do you know how far fish feasts are usable to gain cooking skill on the beta?

  4. They did mention that Hunters might get cool procs with new scopes, which I assume will be made by Engineering...

  5. Ok I have a suggestion for a post

    How about working on some guides of the best places to go right off the bat for people wanting to power level professions?

    I.e. which zones to start at and when to move on to a new one for the most efficient time for leveling fishing/mining/skinning/herbing.

    For people not on the beta, it might be nice to have so idea of where is a good place to go as soon as we log on December 7, rather than guessing about.

  6. tweell- I go to Blizzcon every year and this is how it is every other year. Last year was a great Blizzcon because of the announcement of cata. There was nothing they could really announce this time around. I expect next years Blizzcon to announce something big (next MMO)

  7. Saliira: I'm not seeing any evidence of that yet. The engineering trainer has three scope recipes for Cata and they are +hit, +crit and +haste to range weapons.

    Jess: I'm planning some power-leveling guides, but I wasn't really looking to include gathering professions in that list. There are so many ways to level those, it would be time-consuming to test them all for comparison purposes. I don't think I can work that in before Cata launches.

    However, I'm working on a couple of things that should be of some use in that regard. I've been exploring all the zones and documenting which herbs/ore are found in which zones. Since there've been a number of changes around the world, this will save folks from having to visit a handful of zones like I did, trying to figure out where a particular resource was moved to.

    I'm also working on a Cataclysm "Noob" Guide which will cover general information, including my recommendations on where to start depending on what your launch plans are.

    As for Fishing, you can do that anywhere and level at the same rate. It's more a matter of what type of fish you prefer :)

    Syrien: Fish Feasts are still orange at 450 but I don't think I'd recommend making those unless you're going for a Realm First. It's so easy to level cooking from the fish you pick up while leveling Fishing, I see no meaningful benefit to using WotLK recipes unless you plan to power Cooking up on the first day. I've gotten enough fish while leveling Fishing to level Cooking on 2-3 other characters. My only caveat to that is that Cooking isn't finalized, so the easy leveling process I experienced could be nerfed in the next six weeks.

    I suspect Fish Feasts would only gain you 10 skill points at the most. I don't have the mats on me to test this at the moment, I'm just going on the Wowhead spell data. You could catch 10 fish in maybe 5 minutes in Cata, so we probably aren't looking at a huge time savings. Since you'll need those same Cata fish anyway to move beyond the first 5-10 points, it may not be worth dividing your efforts.

    Another downside is that Fish Feasts will be useless once the new food buffs are out. Not that it's a huge problem since you can farm the mats in advance, but it's still a consideration if you don't need the marginal speed advantage they would give you.

    Anyone who wants to go for the Realm First in Cooking should probably start in Darnassus and fly to Mount Hyjal for fish. That is the closest city/new zone pair. Except for maybe Gadgetzan/Uldum, but the mob aggro there would be a bigger factor. In Mount Hyjal you can hang out near the Inn and fish the lake out back. For Horde it would be Orgrimmar -> Hyjal. You could try IF/UC -> Vashj'ir, but I think working around the whole water zone bit would be too annoying for a speed situation. There's also IF/UC -> Twilight Highlands, but again you'd have the bigger aggro issue with that combination. I honestly haven't bothered to figure out a recipe progression yet, I think Cata Cooking is in dire need of a revamp.

  8. Oops, a couple of addendums to the above Cooking comment. In Mount Hyjal I'm referring specifically to the starting hub of Nordrassil. There are other lakes in the zone, but that's the only lake near an Inn.

    Also, when I says that Cata Cooking needs a revamp I don't mean I want them to do one because it's bad. I mean it's clearly off and I don't expect them to allow it through to launch in its current form.

  9. Our thirst for knowledge is unquenchable. But rest up so you don't get burned out when we need you the most. As always, thanks!
    Yesterday, I had the first, of what will inevitably be hundreds, of "MH or V" question on vent. As we get closer to Dec 7, our horizon shifts from T13 vs deathwing to the more immediate. So you have the opportunity to compare and contrast (and just consolidate previous posts in a single place.) A "goto" topic for the next 6 weeks.

    MH vs V can be evaluated three ways: your preference, for gatherers, and for "go! go! XP levelers." I suppose for WF gatherers as well. IIRC, you preferred MH for the power herbing and fishing. It sounds like MH for all 3 criteria/everything so nvm. But wait, if MH is superior should a good metagamer go to the less crowded V?

    A former SoD said there are two kinds of things we don't know: the things we know we don't know and the things we don't know we don't know. So while all is subject to change (epic gem transmute /sigh), an occasional state of the professions is nice: e.g. fishing and eng seem like they will see more change and alchemy may be close?


    As you mention professions, we are especially grateful for Wotlk mat skillups like fish feast or icethorn. Even if you are not going for world first, just having 100g of fish in your mail queue might be more cost effective considering mat costs in the first few weeks. More importantly, it gives those of us something to do and plan prior to 12/7.

  10. I've seen blue posts about Archaeology saying they might change the numbers of sites (different numbers from each other) on each of the continents if it becomes necessary.

    I haven't seen anything about resetting sites. Do the sites reset each restart? I can see a situation where all your sites wind up in inconvenient places, like eastern plaguelands when you're only lvl 10.

    If there are 4 possible places the sites could spawn that you can't reach, eventually all 4 sites will be spawned at once, unless there's some sort of daily reset, or sites left alone too long despawn, or at worst they all get rerandomized once a week.

    Has this been discussed and I was too thick to take it in; or is there a system in place, but it's too boring to talk about; or is there a real problem for lvl 10 players?

  11. Hagu: Vashj'ir will be the likely starting zone for folks who want to enjoy the leveling process, IMO. It's a lot of fun there, I've quested through about half of the first zone. It does require the mental adjustment on the aggro radius, but I'm naturally cautious anyway :)

    Neil: Thus far I've seen no reset of any kind on dig sites. I submitted a suggestion that they add one, but I've had crappy dig sites stay on my toon through multiple server resets. I know because I was desperately hoping it would get rid of some buggy ones and it never did. Other beta folks have said the same on the forums.

    I don't know if Blizzard will implement a reset option or not. Perhaps they assume that if they fix the bugs no one will need a reset button. Personally I want the button. Even if it's on a CD it would allow you to "reroll" dig sites to get a better mix of locations.

    They claim that dig sites will not spawn in zones higher than you, but I've seen that happen also. All of my toons had dig sites pop up in Twilight Highlands/Uldum while they were still level 80/81. Again, if they fix it before launch, the need for a button is theoretically gone. I suspect that's something we won't know for sure until the release.

  12. Thanks. I was afraid of that.

    Even if they restrict it to your level, how's a lvl 10 dwarf supposed to get to places like silverpine forest? If they're restricting it to your level and your faction, then there're only 2/4 zones per continent for them to appear when you're lvl 5/10.

    I'd love a button, even if it were a once-a-day button. I can see why they don't want you to be able to reset them, but I would have thought the weekly server reset would have been convenient.

    With the removal of the portals, they seem more determined than ever to make us take 10 minute cross-continental flights. I only hope they relent in a few patches. Leveling Arch. in Northrend (once you can) might be faster due to the smaller distances, teleport rings, argent tabard, (and for engineers, the northrend wormhole generator I keep forgetting I've got) and the 2 dragon taxis which are the fastest flights in the game (approx 150% of a normal taxi's speed).

  13. A bit late but...

    How about a section on Wotlk enchants/gems/etc which are still likely to be useful in Cata due to a void in the recipes?

    Much like how Mongoose was still used by bear tanks due to a lack of a Wotlk +agi to weapon enchant.

    Then again with the stat consolidation this is unlikely to happen again, but I'd be interested to know if you spotted something interesting in your travels.