Cataclysm World Maps

A few days ago we had a reader request for maps of the new zones and continents from the Cataclysm beta. I normally don't cover this sort of thing, but who am I to argue with our readers? I took some screenshots of the new zones and the continent maps. Hopefully this will answer some questions you may have about Cataclysm!

This is the new map for Eastern Kingdoms. You can see there are some small shovel icons - these are my active dig sites. I have a number of them in Stranglethorn, that's actually a pretty frequent spawn area. I guess those trolls are busy little burying fiends, lol! It may be hard to tell but Stranglethorn is now two different zones: Northern and Southern. I think they actually have other names, but that's the basic scenario. You can also see Vashj'ir off to the left. Vashj'ir is actually composed of about three different zones, but so far everyone just calls it Vashj'ir.

This is Vashj'ir. Not the individual zones of Vashj'ir, just the main map. Each of these three areas actually have their own zone map, but I didn't want to get too crazy with that. I don't expect many people to focus their farming efforts on this location anyway. The important information here is that the vortex is where the dungeon is, so if you want to discover it you should travel to that spot. Also, the first set of quests begin in the Kelp'thar Forest.

This is Twilight Highlands. It connects through a new flight path at Farstrider Lodge, but only after you complete the starter quests in Highbank (lower right corner). I don't know the Hordie version of flight paths, sorry! I only know that Dragonmaw Port is their starting hub, which is at the mouth of the river. The circular road on the west side by Grim Batol is where I do my elementium mining. There's also some nice twilight jasmine spawns there for you Herbalists, although the jasmine is really all over the place in this zone. As long as you can handle the aggro here there's plenty of herbs for the pickin'.

This is the new Kalimdor map. You can see Uldum at the very bottom and Mount Hyjal is directly east of Felwood.

Here is the map for Mount Hyjal. Sorry about that Winterspring title, my mouse must have drifted off on me. You can see a red "cloud" in the upper left of the map. This is the visual range indicator for dig sites. Right now they're buggy and don't always show up, but this is a good example of one. Your survey tool doesn't work when you're outside the dig site, so you can use this in combination with the survey tool to determine the approximate range of the dig zone. The grayish, mountainous section to the southeast is where I do my obsidium mining. The greener areas to the northwest are not as populated with ore spawns, so I generally don't spend time in that section. The red area to the south doesn't currently have a lot of ore. For a while it did earlier in the beta, but that was changed at some point.

Here's a map of Uldum. You can see the green area around the river, this is where Whiptail spawns. The rest of the zone has Cinderbloom. The center of the map has a city called Ramkahen, which has a flight path. You need to pick up a new FP in southern Tanaris to connect with before you can use it. I've had pretty good luck farming ore by flying around the outer edges of this zone.

Finally, this is Deepholm. It's a pretty rocky place. The main herbs here are cinderbloom and heartblossom. The main ore is elementium. You can find nodes pretty much all over. You cannot go here until you reach level 82 - this zone is restricted to portal access only. It's not listed on any of the continent maps either.

So there you have it, the various new zones in Cataclysm!


  1. Thank you for these maps. I've been looking for a good map of Uldum for a while! This is very much appreciated.

  2. You bet! I kind of assumed that other sites had maps available, but it's been a while since I checked them. I think it was before Uldum and TH were actually functional, hehe.

  3. thanks esp for the notes as to wat nodes and where they are in the zones!

    saving me a lot of hunting in a month!

  4. NICE!!! Are you going to create herbalism and mining routes for farming soon? Please do I'm dying to see them!

  5. I would like to find out if Smelting in cataclysm in the mining profession has a new cool down, like titansteel had in this expansion? if you can help with this info that would be great!


  6. Anon: So far there is no Titansteel equivalent in Cataclysm. The Ebonsteel Belt Buckle uses elementium and pyrite, no actual ebonsteel. Mining has nothing smelted on CD, both pyrite and hardened elementium are cooldown-free. The closest we currently have to a cooldown metal is Truegold, which is made by alchemists and is on their transmute cooldown.

  7. Markco: I hadn't planned to do that, but if I have time before they shut the servers down on me I will give it a shot :)

  8. Heyo, I take a week away from wow and look what I come back to! thank you so much for these Kaliope, very helpful, especially the bits about where you are currently farming, now I wont have to trial and error for the better farming areas!

    Thanks again, I'll be catching up on the JC and Alchemy stuff tomorrow, cant wait!