Blacksmithing Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

It has been brought to my attention that I neglected to post my Blacksmithing guide for selling lowbie gear in Cataclysm (thank you Jennifer for the virtual bonk). Sadly I've still procrastinated this posting, but I'm forcing myself to squeeze it in now. There's not any new and exciting tradeskill content in the current build, so I'm trying to tackle other loose ends...

Anyway, Blacksmithing is a weird beast. It has enjoyed a resurgence in WotLK, but traditionally it was a rather crummy profession. No significant consumables to speak of and the gear did not hold up well against end-game loot. You may wonder where this leaves Smiths for Cataclysm. Unlike times of old, leveling players do not farm level 60 and 70 dungeons for BiS gear, so I think Blacksmithing can grab a little love. Another shift that helps Blacksmiths out is that people now have more money to spend and are willing to pay for the convenience of buying an upgrade over farming one. Add in the fact that plate classes have increased in popularity and we have a good recipe for success.

As before I've compiled statistics for the plate wearing classes across level ranges from 10 to 77. Each item is given a score for each class that would reasonably use it, then those numbers are averaged to come up with a final ranking for the item. Please bear in mind that these items are ranked based on their quality for the level ranges used in the search, not necessarily their popularity or sales value. You are encouraged to use your own judgement to assess which items you believe you can sell and whether you can make a profit on that item. I'm merely attempting to show which crafted items are the strongest options for leveling characters.

Generally speaking dungeon drops and PVP gear will usually rank higher than crafted or quest gear. I think it's safe to assume that newly minted worgens and goblins will not be spending much time farming gear that way, so a strong crafted piece is likely to do well. If you like you can skip weapons, breastplates and shoulder gear to avoid competing with heirlooms. I'm on the fence about that, I suspect some people are too lazy, shortsighted or simply noobish to completely eliminate the need for those pieces. However, it's your call as to which items you want to focus on.

So here we go:

Levels 10-19

1) Bronze Shortsword
2) Bronze Mace
3) Thick Bronze Darts
4) Rough Bronze Shoulders
5) Rough Bronze Cuirass
6) Runed Copper Bracer
7) Bronze Axe
8) Heavy Copper Maul
9) Rough Bronze Leggings (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
10) Runed Copper Breastplate

Levels 20-29

1) Barbaric Iron Shoulder
2) Shining Silver Breastplate
3) Silvered Bronze Leggings
4) Barbaric Iron Breastplate
5) Green Iron Helm
6) Iridescent Hammer
7) Patterned Bronze Bracers
8) Silvered Bronze Shoulders
9) Silvered Bronze Boots (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
10) Silvered Bronze Breastplate

Levels 30-39

1) Whirling Steel Axes
2) Golden Scale Bracer (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
3) Barbaric Iron Boots
4) Searing Golden Blade
5) Golden Scale Coif
6) Orcish War Leggings
7) Mithril Scale Bracer (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
8) Golden Scale Cuirass
9) Barbaric Iron Helm
10) Barbaric Iron Gloves

Levels 40-49

1) Steel Plate Helm
2) Ornate Mithril Helm
3) Radiant Breastplate
4) Truesilver Gauntlets
5) Thorium Armor
6) Ebon Shiv
7) Imperial Plate Shoulders
8) Mithril Coif (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
9) Radiant Belt
10) Wicked Mithril Blade

Levels 50-56

1) Enchanted Thorium Blades
2) Thorium Legs
3) Thorium Helm
4) Thorium Boots (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
5) Imperial Plate Helm (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
6) Imperial Plate Chest
7) Corruption
8) Dawn's Edge
9) Heavy Timbermaw Belt
10) Imperial Plate Legs

Levels 57-66

1) Adamantite Plate Bracers
2) Adamantite Plate Gloves
3) Adamantite Dagger
4) Adamantite Cleaver (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
5) Fel Iron Greatsword
6) Adamantite Maul
7) Fel Iron Plate Glove
8) Fel Iron Chain Bracer
9) Adamantite Rapier
10) Fel Iron Hatchet

Levels 67-77

1) Cudgel of Saronite Justice
2) Saronite Spellblade
3) Deadly Saronite Dirk (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
4) Saronite Bulwark
5) Saronite Protector
6) Ragesteel Shoulder
7) Saronite Shiv
8) Horned Cobalt Helm (please note, tends to be used in powerleveling guides)
9) Spiked Cobalt Gauntlets
10) Furious Saronite Beatstick

Other items you might consider making include sharpening and weight stones, weapon chains, shield spikes, spurs, enchanting rods and belt buckles. Feel free to add your suggestions and ideas in the Comments!


  1. Great list, adding to my twitter feed. Thanks for the awesome post.

  2. Thanks!

    And I would especially say that your "please note" is the sort of thing makes this typically excellent. Items used in leveling are so unprofitable; could you ever make a profit on the Inscription bag or pocketknife? So pointing out to people "Danger!" is useful.

  3. One item that has a more expensive craft but could be well worth it is the Red Belt of Battle.

    The pattern for this item drops in Serpent Shrine Cavern and Tempest Keep raids at level 70 so it's rather difficult to acquire now, however if you can craft this you might want to consider farming the mats for a few and hold on to them. Two red sockets and lots of hit rating made this a very strong item that lasted all the way to heroic 80 drops on my DK and paladin.

  4. Anon: I specifically added that information by user request and I agree it's a valuable statistic.

    Al: Thanks for the tip! I'm sure our readers appreciate learning the value of niche items they might have in their recipe list.

  5. Hey kaliope i have a question for you but im not really sure where to post/ask it , so here goes.
    I bought a very high quantity of northrend herbs from (presumably) bots , dirt cheap ofc.
    I already levelled inscription with it but i kinda overdid myself and through reverse inkt trading (offering 1 snowfall ink for 9 inkt of the sea) i estimate i have enough inkt of the sea left to powerlevel another 2 inscription proffs.
    So here is my question ,i would like to level inscr on 2 future alts in cata , should i hold on to the inkt of the sea so i can adapt to whatever changes in the insc recipes to level, assuming they wont change jessica seller and the whole trade-down inkt mechanic or should i buy X etheral inkt X lions inkt etc,.. , hoping the levelling recipes and quantities wont change?
    Maybe u can help me with this as u seem to have a good insight of the beta regarding proffesions

  6. I would convert that ink now if you have it. Once Cataclysm launches the ink trading will be done with the new Cataclysm ink (blackfallow) and not Ink of the Sea. Do the conversions ASAP, I can't vouch for the status of the vendor on the PTR.

    One other change that will affect you is that glyph recipes now require 3 inks each, not just one. So please plan for that in your calculations, your current stash won't take you as far as you think.

    Also, I'm not sure why you want to have 2 different Scribes, but bear in mind that learning glyphs will soon be permanent. The market is going to change pretty drastically when that happens.

  7. Thanks for the heads up.
    i think i'll just use the wow professions guide and multiply all inks by 3.
    The reason for the multiple scribes are the profession bonusses (+ its easy to level , needing only about 500 inkt of the sea) and i have my gathering profs convered on a set of druids.

    Thx for the quick answer and keep up the good work!

  8. just a little heads up Anon, when patch 4.01 hits (presumably in two days) the cost of all glyphs is going up from 1 ink a piece to 3 ink a piece.

  9. I have a lot of Dark Iron ore. Do we still have to go to BRD to learn to smelt them?

  10. I honestly don't know what has become of the BRD trainer NPC. I'll add that to my check list and see what I can find out. I'm guessing the BRD thing still applies in this case.