New Archaeology Loots (BETA)

Normally I wouldn't bother making a whole post for this kind of thing, but it appears that one of the epic items I unlocked tonight isn't showing up on MMO-Champion or Wowhead. To be completely fair the spell is showing up, just not the item. But I don't think most of us care so much about the flavor text as we do the item itself. So here's the Vrykul item I discovered:

I also unlocked the Scepter of Az'Aqir, which was included in the MMO-Champion loot list for Archaeology. But I'll go ahead and post it here for those who may have missed that:

This item is purported to be a version of the Ahn'Qiraj mount, so that should be interesting. I suspect a lot of folks will take up Archaeology for a chance at this item. :)

Something to bear in mind, you cannot unlock Vrykul (or Nerubian) artifacts until you reach 375 Archaeology skill. So until you're able to solve Northrend artifacts, you have no chance to get the axe. The epic mount is a Tol'vir artifact, so you'll have no possibility of unlocking that until you reach 450 Archaeology skill. Neither of these races will show up in your Archaeology book until you're at the proper skill level. Beyond that it's just a matter of luck whether they pop up as the next artifact for you. Just to give an example, the axe was the 9th Vrykul artifact I discovered but the mount was the 2nd Tol'vir artifact I unlocked.

For anyone who's considering Archaeology as a path to getting a way cool mount, understand that it will take a good bit of work to acquire. I still stand by my original estimate of 25-30 hours to level this profession. You would need to put in at least 20 of those to access the Tol'vir racial artifacts. I'm still documenting the time investment needed, but so far it's still looking to be an average of 20 minutes per artifact with 90 artifacted needed to reach the skill cap of 525.


  1. You are putting in a lot of time with this. Um... thanks!

  2. Heheh, this is what I do :) I was an obsessive tradeskill researcher before I started this site, now I just share the fruits of my labor with others.

    To be honest though, I hadn't actually planned to spend this much time on Archaeology. Most of the other tradeskills are broken enough that I'm not comfortable leveling them. Meaning recipes are missing and leaving awkward gaps in progression. As a result I have more lag time to put into Archaeology.

  3. I'm not too worried about the time investment for Archaeology. I'm gonna want to check out "new" Azeroth on my main anyway, and this seems a perfect way to do that.

    Based on where it takes you, do you think that's kind of the point of Archaeology? "How do we get people who won't level more alts to come check out what we've done?"

  4. You've got a solid plan Ian, I think Archaeology *is* a good way to revisit old zones. You'll definitely hit the bulk of them and pick up many of the new flightpaths that have been added.

    I think Blizzard always tries to put a new profession in each expansion. In this case I suspect they didn't want to try and squeeze another primary into the mix. They seem to be having trouble itemizing Inscription as it is, especially now that glyphs are changing in functionality.

    I'm sure the original point was to incorporate the Path of the Titans with the lore being a natural extension and enhancement of that. This incarnation seems to be more of a mini-game style of activity with some novelty perks sprinkled in to keep people motivated. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, you can argue that Fishing is similar in both time investment and item value.

  5. I noticed mmo-champion shows a great primer video on how archaeology will work out in the field in Cata, not a bad idea for being pre-Cata ready =)