Experience gains through Archaeology (BETA)

Last night we got a new build on the Beta servers and the nerf I predicted to Archaeology experience was part of the changes. Prior to the change, here is the experience I was getting on my druid:

@ Level 82 - 73290 rested / 36645 normal
@ Level 83 - 92190 rested / 46373 normal
@ Level 84 - 121440 rested / 60720 normal

There are slight variances between expansion continents, for example I would get 57960 XP in Kalimdor vs. 60720 in Northrend. But overall I was getting about 60k XP per loot from Archaeology. This has been reduced by about half based on the numbers I'm seeing now. I don't have a complete list yet, I'm still verifying some of the numbers. But I can share what I've found so far:

@ Level 80 - 23204 rested (all continents appear to be normalized)
@ Level 82 - 36644 rested
@ Level 83 - 46094 rested / 23047 normal

The direct comparison is the level 82/83 numbers, but as you can see the experience received today at these levels is about half what it was before. I'm pretty comfortable sharing these numbers because I believe Blizzard has likely done their massive adjustment and any further tweaks will be minor. Kaliope was able to go up 4.5 levels with Archaeology and she still had 100 more skill points to go. That's really just too generous in terms of XP for leveling a secondary profession. These new numbers should be much more reasonable.

I'm still working on finishing Archaeology so I can compile a final report of the profession, but for now I think Archaeology is still a viable alternative to questing. It's just been nerfed to the point where it won't be easier than questing :)

As always, feel free to post any questions or research requests in the Comments!


  1. How "shared" are these archy sites? Do we compete for them, like mining nodes? Thanks for all your work on our behalf in the beta, Kaliope!

  2. They are not shared at all, they are more like "phased". Each artifact is attuned to you and others cannot loot them :) However I've noticed that they tend to spawn in the same spots for everyone. So if someone else is tracking the same area you are, often you'll end up at the same spot. Which means it's possible to shadow people and save yourself a bit of aimless wandering.

  3. Ok...not exactly the right topic to ask, but i have a couple questions. Unraveling removed for tailors? Did you catch that in patch notes? This kinda sucks...

    Also i saw it mentioned in early beta news but havent seen anything else on it...they had said green items made would give 1 point and blue/purple items would give more levels in a craft...is this implemented or has it been dropped?

    Sorry i couldnt think of the right place to ask these questions :p

  4. Rien: Yes I caught that this was removed. I'm holding back the panic for now, since they may replace it with another ability that has similar functionality. Tailoring recipes are still in flux, as are most of the other gear-related trades. Which leads into your other question regarding extra skill points... I'm not sure. The only profession which I've been able to test a blue recipe was Alchemy and I did not get extra points for that (meta gem). I submitted a bug report, but they may not want to grant extra skill points for that particular item.

    I'm stuck in wait and see mode on most of professions because of all the shuffling that's still going on. I know others are trying to level these things up, but it's pretty obvious when you have gaps of 10-15 points with no recipes that the progression isn't finalized. And so I wait...

    And no worries about posting wherever, I know I haven't written much in the Tailoring dept.

  5. at lvl 79 i was getting ~7200 exp
    at lvl 80 i am now getting exactly 6050 exp.

    have 2 heirloom gears and the guild exp perk.

    Its actually reducing lol.