Crafter's Tome Updated with Smithing, Alchemy & Cooking

You may not have noticed it, but last night we posted a bunch of the new recipes to our web site. All of the currently known Cooking, Alchemy and Blacksmithing recipes are now showing up in the recipe tables. We've added a "Cataclysm" filter under the Expansion tab so you can filter the new recipes by their expansion.

Unfortunately it's not all wine and roses. Wowhead's tooltip program is not recognizing the Cataclysm item numbers, so all the mouseover pop-ups are broken. Our attempts to come up with a hack were unsuccessful, so we're stuck with it for now. Also, the ingredients are missing in Cooking because most of them are still undiscovered in the Wowhead database. You may also notice numerous recycled icons for various items. This is because most of the item artwork isn't implemented yet, I assure you we see the same icons in the beta itself!

I hope these new lists are helpful to some of you despite the wrinkles. I need to start getting them online regardless, so we'll all just have to deal with the warts for now :)


  1. Thank you so much for your ongoing, massive efforts!

    With the tooltips down and there not being a column for min toon level to use the item, is there anything to craft for any of the 80s to use on day one? Or is the gear for 81s or 83s or 85s? Will there be much do do on D-Day (C-Day?)

  2. I don't think Wowhead can handle the mix of cataclysm and non-Cataclysm data. While some IDs are new, there are many live items that changed on Cataclysm. Yet the tooltip script is generic, so simply doesn't know whether to use Cataclysm data or not. So opts for not. I'd rather they hacked their data to default to Cataclysm for new IDs (so at least it partly worked), but I guess they are already struggling with their own site (which seems to be having technical issues, as well as falling behind of new Cataclysm data). Maybe we could try and convince Adys (who created the MMO-Champion database) to add Wowhead-like support for non-linking data (rel="item...)?

  3. Anon: Thank you for your kind words, I enjoy making this information available to others who can't get in here :) There are some craftables for level 80, you can see the tooltips by visiting the individual posts I did for Leatherworking and Blacksmithing from earlier in the week. There are a handful of 78-80 items in each list but these lists are incomplete. Leatherworking progression is still being designed and Blacksmithing is not showing any under 450 Cata recipes. I believe there are more items in this range coming.

    El: We tried pointing just to the Cata subdomain and ignoring the 'live' database, but the script wouldn't recognize that either. I agree that I'd like to see support for it. Hubby saw some Cata info being referenced in the code but it wasn't the right bits for our needs. I would love to see someone add Cata/PTR support to the mouseover scripts, as this is an ongoing problem with test realm data. If MMO-Champ wants to dethrone Wowhead, being more proactive with off-site usability would be one way to do woo fan sites to their side.

  4. Sep 27
    New build on the Beta servers and Folded Obsidium is available, but goes grey by 455, so from 455 to 460, it looks like Wrath titansteel recipes still need to be used to get to the first Cata mat recipes at 460.

  5. Thank you Brian :) I'm not planning to level Blacksmithing until they get those beginning recipes implemented. It's good to confirm that my instincts are on about that.

  6. I levelled Alchemy to 500 and got the transmutation recipes today.

    At the moment there are no CDs on these recipes. These recipes will be useful to raise Alchemy from 500 to 510.

    My character is a transmute specialist and I can confirm transmute procs...I even got 5 gems on one transmute :) I don't have a flask or potion specialist in the beta so I don't know if people are getting procs when making flasks or pots.