Cataclysm Inscription Recipes from the Beta Realm

Inscription is now available on the Beta realms and there is some interesting stuff going on here. Of course, we've got the usual scrolls, off-hand books and cards, but glyphs are Gone Baby Gone. I guess Blizzard feels we have enough glyphs and I can't say I blame them on that. However, it looks like we've inherited a few new items instead.

We'll be able to make a couple of dusts that allow players to remove glyphs from their books. There's some mysterious items including the Adventurer's Journal and Fortune Card - who knows what function these things serve? It looks like we're gaining the new Relic items that Blizzard has consolidated from the "not" range slot. And take a gander at Forged Documents... what's going on there? Should be fun to find out :)

I suspect many of you Scribes out there will be unhappy about the loss of glyphs, but this profession was getting pretty unwieldy IMO. I'm curious as to how this will shake out with glyphs dropping in importance and relics being added to the lineup.

And with that, here are the recipes:

Oopsie, almost forgot to include the trainer information for these guys!


  1. Still lots to wait for and see how will it actually work, cost of mats especially ... and the epic Relics are BoP ... for the begining of Cata thou Inscription will be win along with the gathering professions, it will be surpassed by crafting and Jewelcrafting a couple of months in the expansion thou.

  2. Thanks again, Kaliope. I've gathered up everything I know about Inscription into a summary, which should help digest some of the information you've posted above - - including herbs/milling and skill-up details for trainable recipes. I'd obviously welcome any additions/corrections/etc.

    Most interesting is the Adventurer's Journal, which (from data mining) grants XP on use (but via cooldown). Fortune Cards also also look very interesting - apparently a random chance of creating different vendor-able items, some of which are very valuable (up to 5000 gold), but most of which are worth far less - the ultimate gambler's gambit? Forged Documents appear to trigger a short "go to Orgrimmar/Stowmwind" quest, with a "Bulging Sack of Gold" reward. Confirmation of all those would be very useful - they look like the fun things, to parallel those epic relics and personal Inscriptions.

    Vanishing Powder (for 80 or below) and Dust of Disappearance (for 81+) appear to be the items required to swap glyphs, but I've not seen that reported yet. Also, are those items available from vendors?

    Lastly, I noticed that Mageroyal isn't flagged as millable in the data files. It was always an odd herb (milling into an illogical pigment tier). Hopefully I'll be able to check that on the PTR shortly.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I just got my scribe to 525 on the beta realm.
    A few notes:
    The stuff to delete glyphs (I only noticed one kind) is available from vendors for 10g a piece (without discount). To craft it it costs 2 blackfallow ink (the cataclysm 'ink of the sea'). Noone knows of course what the market value of those inks will be so it is anyone guess which on would be cheaper. I did get a good many skillups from crafting it though.

    I made one adventurers journal and used it. It gave a one hour buff to move faster by 15% (I didn't notice any experience gain, but then, I wasn't looking for it.) A bit disappointing, really.

    Forged documents cost 3 inks and a parchment to make. They start a quest awarding a bag of gold - the amount of gold is mildly randomized, but was in the 9g-10g range. The real value of that recipe was that it served me to gain many levels (up to and including the maximum, 525). There were several NPCs in orgrimmar that accepted turn-in of that quest (which looked as a new mechanism to me), each of which bar one had one or more possible funny things to say after turn in. One NPC kept silent (the cook), and one time I got disconnected upon turning in the quest.

    Fortune cards are usable cards that turn into another card with a funny message on them - so far nothing else, really. To me they looked to be level-up fodder (I got many skillups from crafting them).

    I almost made a relic for my druid - but noticed just in time that they are BoP - so pointless for my warlock scribe.

  4. Personally I'm hesitant to level my Scribe up just yet, sometimes these Beta professions go through 2 or 3 revisions before they hit the Live servers. Thanks for your commentary Yoco, I'm sure folks are curious about the level up process :)

    El: I checked the Inscription vendor in Dalaran and she sells the Dust for 10g and the Powder for 8s. I don't expect the Powder to be a revenue generator and the Dust is iffy @ 10g. They look more like skill point fodder to me, but I won't know until I level through.

  5. Will Scribes loose the ability to create any glyphs or will they just not get any new glyphs?

    Where does the new typo of glyphs come from? Dungeon dropps?

  6. Hey;

    Are the existing glyphs still made in the same way then, using all the current kinds of ink?

  7. I haven't sen any recipes for new glyphs yet - the old ones work as they always did: various kinds of inks for various glyphs.

    I tried the two kinds of research and both taught me recipes, but as far as I could see that was because due to bugs I lost all recipes in the transfer process (the only thing that transferred properly was the knowledge that I was already at 450 inscription; all recipes needed re-learning). The northrend inscription research taught me three recipes, as you would expect for doing NR research for the first time.

    The ink trader in dalaran has been modified to use blackfallow ink now as currency instead of ink of the sea.

  8. "The ink trader in dalaran has been modified to use blackfallow ink now as currency instead of ink of the sea. "

    That answers one very important question, no point stocking up on ink of the sea, much better to pre-craft glyphs.

    However, here's another important question: What happens to already crafted glyphs that exist on live but not in the beta when this goes live? Do they disappear? Transform into something else? Become a new item that you can use to create a random glyph?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Especially minds that just broke someone's ONE GOLD glyph wall (LOL 1 gold? Really? Thanks for crafting me a month's worth of glyphs for 1/3 the usual cost, mate) and are now sitting on 3000 random glyphs.

  9. As far as I can see existing glyphs turn into equivalent glyphs as far as reasonably possible.

    Some of the transforms are pretty wierd (e.g. Glyph of Quick Decay keeping that name, but now affecting a succubus pet spell...; the original glyph's effect is now baseline).

    So far the beta is still too much moving to deduce any solid advice. Inscription has only just been re-enabled. And remember that on the beta there are glyph vendor NPCs (selling any existing glyph for a few silver), so noone has really been testing what happens when you transfer glyphs.

  10. Just confirming that you're saying there are no NEW glyphs, but you can still make the glyphs from WotLK, right? Like, the glyphs I have in my bank aren't going to become worthless all of a sudden?

  11. Yes, as of right now there are no new glyph recipes. This can change at any time, but there are none in this build. As for the glyphs in your bank, I would sell out as much as you can when the pre-Cataclysm patch comes out. Once players can write glyphs permanently into their spellbook, the market will shrink pretty quickly. If you have a huge stash, the next patch is the time to clean out your inventory.

  12. what about IOS will it still be usable? I have a whole bank tab full same with snowfall ink

  13. What do you do with the relic? Does it equip in a slot?

  14. Relics are the ranged slot items for classes who can't equip a ranged weapon.

  15. The current WotLK inks will still be usable, they just won't be the currency utilized by the Ink vendor. Once Cataclysm is Live the Ink vendor will use the Cataclysm ink to make trades instead of WotLK ink.

  16. I don't understand. There is a totally new rank/tier of glyphs. As these are not in the game atm, they have to be new recipes coming?

  17. Hagu: All I can report is what I see, which is that there are no new glyph recipes on the trainer. This could change at any point, but what you see in the post is what's available now.

    As for the new tier of glyphs, it looks to me like the existing ones have been repurposed. In my glyph window I have Swiftmend, Regrowth, Rejuv and Lifebloom all showing up under Prime glyphs. The Major glyph section shows Healing Touch, Thorns, Wild Growth and Innervate. Minor glyphs appear to be unchanged. These are examples of druid healing glyphs and all of the Prime/Major ones I listed used to be Major glyphs. They are currently split in two groups and you are able to activate three of each type. Assuming this change is permanent, I'd actually be gaining 3 additional glyphs in my active window.

    Just remember that any of this information could change at any time. They may scrap this implementation and go with another one. However, right now there are no new recipes and the old recipes are being used to cover the new type (Prime).

    That said, I do see a couple of items in the druid list that look new. So it's possible that there are a few glyphs being considered which are related to new spells/talents. I wouldn't write it off just yet, but we may be getting close to the wire in terms of new content being added.

  18. They are not going to introduce glyphs for the 80+ abilities until a later patch, according to a blue post; they want us to play with them for a while unglyphed. So there very well could be no glyph recipes right now which use the new ink, in which case there wouldn't need to be any new trainable ones.

    Which doesn't mean there aren't new glyphs, though. The vast majority of glyphs aren't learned from the trainer... Has anyone tried using Books of Glyph Mastery to see if you learn the new glyphs introduced at lower tiers? The Shaman ghost wolf cosmetic change one and the others posted on mmo-champ a week or so ago.

  19. I'm also interested in what role Books of Glyph Mastery will have come cataclysm.
    Is it worth picking up a couple of stacks (cheaply)

  20. I tested the "book" theory on the Beta realm and got mixed results. My Scribe already knows all the glyphs, so I thought this would be definitive. I purchased one book and used it - and I learned a new recipe! Then I purchased a second book and tried to learn that one - and got an error saying "you have learned everything from that book".

    The glyph recipe I learned was called Glyph of Colossus Smash. Based on the data here:

    It looks more like a reworked glyph of a WotLK ability than a new glyph. The difficulty ranges are Grand Master level, not Illustrious level.

    At this point, I would say purchasing books is a gamble. We don't have solid information either way about their value in Cataclysm.

  21. I was on Beta as well & the Fortune Cards, are random, but some of them can sell up to 10g... there is also one card that is rare, that sells for 5000g. Just thought you'd like to know.

  22. But on AH or vendor?