Cataclysm Fishing Mini-Preview

After a whole day of downtime, the Beta Realms are back online with lots of new content. Sadly most of it is not profession related :( But I did find that Illustrious Fishing is trainable now, so I went ahead and trained it. And I was indeed able to fish and get skill points. Previously I was only getting skill points for doing the daily Fishing quest in Stormwind.

I didn't go too crazy, only 10 points in (11 with the daily quest). I just wanted to see if it was working for tonight, I will do more serious fishing later :) From what I'm seeing at the low end of Illustrious fishing, the average is about 9 casts per point. Here's a breakdown of my casts for the curious:

451 = 10 casts | 452 = 7 casts | 453 = 9 casts | 454 = 9 casts | 455 = 9 casts
456 = quest | 457 = 9 casts | 458 = 9 casts | 459 = 9 casts | 460 = 8 casts | 461 = 9 casts

You can see here that 9 is pretty typical with a variance from 7 to 10. I suspect this will drift higher towards the middle and end of the the Illustrious tier, but I'll leave that number crunching for El.

I also ventured out to Mount Hyjal to see if any new fishies were implemented. And SCORE! I found some =) So far I've only visited the lake right below Nordrassil. I was able to fish up some Sharptooth, Striped Lurker, Mountain Trout and a few Volatile Water. But mostly I got Sharptooth, that was almost 50% of my catch.

Tomorrow I'll see if I can find anything exciting in Vashj'ir and maybe even try some Cooking! As always feel free to submit your questions/research requests in the Comments.

---- Numbers for El ----

Skill: 455-460 + Kaluak Fishing Pole (+30), no other fishing buffs
Catch: 22 Sharptooth, 14 Striped Lurker, 5 Mountain Trout, 5 Junk, 4 Volatile Water


  1. *hugs* Worth cross-posting this, since Hoddie has checked a few other locations - .

    I have a hunch that the complete skill-up sequence has changed, since 450+ seems to be taking fewer catches than 300-450. Unfortunately those numbers are both a lot of work to gather, and tend to change during testing.

  2. I agree, I remember how they dorked with the WotLK skill-up rate and made huge changes. I would prefer not to level up Kaliope's fishing just yet, but I really need the Cooking mats. Luckily I can mooch another fisherwoman from by daughter to do another test later down the road.

  3. Madmar here - I got 3 skill ups in 25 fish. Fishing in Mordrassil, Mt. Hyjal. Pulled 11 sharptooh, 3 driftwood, 3 mountain trout, 3 striped Lurkers, and 2 volatile water.