More Jewelcrafting Recipes in Cataclysm

Yesterday on the test realm I saw a couple of people posting uncommon Jewelcrafting recipes in trade chat. I mentioned it to my guild and one of them said he had looted four different recipes while questing in Deepholm. Unfortunately he had already deleted them by the time we had this conversation, because the toon that looted them was not a Jewelcrafter. The recipes are Bind on Pickup, so you can't sell them.

So I went to Deepholm to see if I could manage to get any myself. I spent about four hours questing there and saw nothing. No drop recipes of any kind. Either my buddy has a horse-shoe up his rump or Blizzard hot-fixed the drop rate before I got there. Sadly my Jewelcrafting toon is trapped on a buggy boat to Northrend, but as soon as she's free I'll take her out to Deepholm. It's possible that these new recipes will drop more reliably for an actual Jewelcrafter.

The good news is that I was able to capture a couple of screenshots of the recipes that were linked in Trade Chat. This is all we have for now, but I think it gives us an idea of what to expect. Here are the pics I took:

It's interesting that these gems appear to have a gear level requirement. You can see under the gem name that it says "Requires Item Level: 285". Assuming this change sticks, we can assume that we'll be unable to socket pre-Cata gear with these Cata gems. Personally, I kind of like this change. I wouldn't mind seeing it retrofitted to the older gems either. Right now there's zero market for BC gems and soon WotLK gems will follow suit. By adding a requirement like this, players would still be able to sell older gems instead of vendoring them. Right now BC gems typically sell for less on the auction than their vendor price. That's just sad IMO. It also contributes to people's ability to hoard their epic gear longer when they can socket them with beefier gems.

My guess for these drop recipes is that they will complement the more standard cuts that come from the trainer. We may see more unusual combinations of stats, such as the dodge/hit on the Nimble Jasper above. At this point we don't know how many of these recipes are floating around out there without full data mining from MMO-Champ/Wowhead. I think this find underscores the importance for Jewelcrafting toons to make sure they run content so they can collect these recipes.

As always, feel free to leave questions and requests in the Comments area. My JC/Mining toon is stuck, but I should be able to look into any other queries you might have :)


  1. You're absolutely right about item levels and gems. Blizzard made a big mistake in WOTLK by allowing top end gems to be used in low level items and I wish they would fix that quickly.

  2. Hmm... the above stuff would suggest that 30 points will be the base number for all green gems. 30 Agility, 30 Hit, 30 Crit... and so on. Of course, mixed gems will be 15 / 15 like the above stuff.

    Stamina will be at least 45 I imagine. Possibly more since Stamina and health pools are getting monkeyed with in Cata.

    And I LOVE the item requirement and hope they go retroactive on it with older gems.

  3. I do like the gem change. Although uncut green quality gems sometimes sell for 10g each while blue quality LK gems like TwOpal sell for under 4.5

    I dislike the questing patterns since it will be many months for crafting alts to get to 85.

  4. November 3/10

    New beta patch tonight has added Isabel Jones, a Jewelcrafting Supplies person at the JCing shop in Stormwind. It appears that this is where we will get our JCing dailies.

    She gave the quest, "Nibbler! No!" which asked for 3 solid Zephyrites to be cut and turned in ( I had to cut them, not sure if she would accept gems already cut). And yes she took and kept the gems. The reward on my lvl 80 character was 22K experience and an "Illustrious JCing token." At the moment there doesn't appear to be any place to spend the tokens. I presume the recipes that we will be purchasing with the tokens will be added soon.


  5. Thanks for the heads-up Brian, I had trouble getting in last night. I'm having the opposite problem today, I see the vendor with the token recipes but no quest lady.

  6. I should amend that. I see Isabel Jones at the JC Shop but she doesn't offer me a quest. For me she just has the vendor window with all the JC recipes.

  7. Wow, just solve one problem and create another? Outdated WotLK gems will be mined less than Cata gems, so they will continue to grow more and more scarce. Eventually, it will get to the point that blue LK gems are nearly impossible to find, and the level 70-80 bracket is f*cked.

  8. There are now items with sockets as low as level 40 (check out Libram of Divinity and Totem of Sustaining) so I really think Blizzard is going to implement level requirements on gems. Being able to socket a WotLK epic gem in a level 40 item is not the kind of thing that Blizzard would normally allow.

  9. Thanks for the heads-up! I didn't realize new socketed items were being implemented in classic zones. I think you're right about those sockets, we're already seeing iLevel requirements on the new Cataclysm gems. I'm sure iLevel requirements for other gems are on the horizon as well.