Guest Post on Just My Two Copper

Markco from JMTC just put up the post I wrote for his blog Carnival. Even though I sent the article a bit late, he was very sweet to use it anyway :) The login servers for the Beta are messed up, so I'm not getting much done today. But you can read my post and some of the other Carnival offerings to pass the time...

(why you should) Get Max Cataclysm Professions Quickly

and the JMTC Blogging Carnival for a cornucopia of articles on making gold in Wow.



  1. You make good points in your article, but one problem with your strategy is the level-locking that you described in your beta forays. Our toons may have gathering skills up to snuff, but we still will have to quest/dungeon/grind in order to break into those higher level areas, so there's little advantage to be had. It's still a good idea, mind you, just not quite as good as it looked at first.
    One crafting skillup strategy might be to buy up Northrend mats in the first week of Cata when they're being dumped, use them to skill up as far as they will economically take you.

  2. You caught that eh? Lol, I actually wrote the article before I discovered the zone locking in the Beta. I don't think we know enough at this point to determine if it's a completely dead strategy, but certainly in doubt. In Burning Crusade you could level mining all the way to 375 with Fel Iron, so it's not inconceivable that obsidian would be workable or that other ores may be added to lower zones. I agree there's a good chance that leveling may not work out the way I described it in the guest post. Rest assured that I have the will and if it's possible - I will find a way =)

  3. Also, in Wrath, Rich Cobalt will get you all the way to 450.