Daily Fishing Quests for Cataclysm

Over the past week I've been keeping an eye on the rotation of daily Fishing quests being offered in Stormwind. I hope I've finally seen them all, or enough to go ahead and share what I've found. Bear in mind that profession training is still broken on the Beta servers, so I cannot actually try these quests.

Right now I have four quests identified, there may be a fifth that I haven't seen yet. Here are the screenshots I took of them:

All of these locations are in the vicinity of Stormwind, so the new dailies will require minimal traveling. Also, there are some changes to the denizens of the canals which enable quest completion in and around the city. At least I have found it to be so with the one Cooking quest.

As of today there are no additional Cooking quests available. Unlike the Fishing quest, the Cooking dailies are not rotating. It's the same quest every day, even though the quest giver has a blue ! over him. I assume they haven't yet implemented the other Cooking quests. I'll be sure to post when I see them :)

** UPDATE ** Used one of my pre-made toons to tackle fishing, dropped a primary profession so he could unlock the Fishing ability. I was able to get a functional Fishing button that way, apparently it's just broken on characters who already have the Fishing ability. I went ahead and did the quest even though my test toon had no fishing skill. It took about 10 minutes but he was able to fish up the quest items and turn in the quest. So it appears there's no minimum skill requirement on the SW fishing dailies. And the quests themselves are working, it's just professions that are borked :)

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  1. Yay for fishing! I hope they don't change the mechanic too much.

  2. Are you able to comment to Blizzard about their quests? For the Lobster fishing quest, I'd be tempted to explain that viscous means thick and sticky, vicious is the adjective they want to describe sharks with.
    /grammar nazi

  3. Rofl, I noticed "viscous" too when I was cropping the images, but I didn't actually read it when I saw the quest. They do have a feedback button and luckily today Rock Lobster is up again, so I will submit a feedback about the spelling error :)

  4. Does anyone know if the Shattrath and Dalaran fishing dailies also reward fishing skill points now?

  5. Just checked Dalaran and Shatt quest givers for daily fishing, and they are not offering skill points. Just the same old goodie bag. I did not test the quests to see if I magically got a skill point, since Fishing is still broken. I suspect not since the quest text hasn't been changed.

  6. You can re-learn Fishing on beta by learning the highest fishing skill available at the trainer. You have to do every time you log on though as it vanishes every time you log off.

    Also, there are 4 cooking dailies in SW and only 4 fishing dailies. Screens of both exist on mmo-champ profession forums.