Cataclysm Cooking Recipes from the Beta Realm


For a current list of Cooking recipes GO HERE and select "Cataclysm" on the Expansion tab.

For current information on Cooking Dailies GO HERE

The latest beta build that went up tonight had Cooking recipes available - woohoo! I happily made dozens of screenshots for you guys. It looks like a really good selection of recipes. I would guess that these are most if not all of the Cooking recipes that will be learned from the trainer. Here are the details for the new recipes:

Here are a few images of the trainer window that show the skill levels and the training costs. Unlocking the Illustrious level is gonna run you 40g (no reference to minimum character level yet):

I don't know about you guys, but this looks like a pretty comprehensive list of recipes to me. Recipes at or under the current cap grant +60 of a given stat. The recipes at 500+ grant +90 of a given stat. Plus they've added a couple of new stats like parry and mastery. I think the mastery food is a particularly good idea since we'll all be lacking that while we level up. I also think it's pretty cool that we're getting some new booze and a new fishing buff. And check out the crazy mana on that iced tea - woof!

I'll work on getting these into our database over the weekend, but this should give you all a chance to pore over the information in the meantime :) Feel free to leave questions and requests in the comments!

** UPDATE ** My bad, I reported these recipes from my rogue who is currently Exalted with Stormwind. The prices in these pics are 20% lower, so the actual Illustrious training is 50g and the recipes are 3g.


  1. Thanks Kaliope. Confirmation of names, training method and minimum skill is very useful.

    Cooked lures are interesting...

    Chances are there is no level requirement for learning Cooking ranks (as currently), although there may still be a blockage created by the need to gain Dalaran Cooking Awards (anyone know?), thus limiting the better recipes to 65+.

  2. Hm... interesting...

    where is the feasts? Will Blizzard get rid of it?

    btw, do you know the site maldy ( ? It's a site where you can view a price to your char. pretty cool ^^

    Hello there,

  3. Yes, there is a new daily token called the Stormwind Cooking Award. I haven't seen a vendor for them yet, but I presume that's where we'll get feast recipes and other novelty goodies. Right now the daily Cooking quest grants a token, 1 skill point in Cooking and 250 Stormwind rep.

    There are also two feast recipes on the guild vendor which require 500 skill. The guild faction requirement is not listed yet, but it's been stated that all items on the guild vendor will have some rep requirement. Given it's spot at the top of Pg 2, I would estimate Honored or possibly Revered. I will try to get some screenshots up later today :)

  4. This is a bit scary. I know that the difference between 80 and 85 is supposed to be like between 70 and 80, but none of my toons have health or mana that's half of what that food is providing!

  5. Just checked the difficulty on the new recipes and it looks like all except the Blackened Surprise are orange at 450. Blackened Surprise is yellow. Fish Feast is also orange at 450, same as live. These values may change before launch, so stockpile fish at your own peril ;)

  6. Now why didn't I hear about this before? - finally some new tradeskill stuff!

    Seeing how many recipes seem to require fish as ingredient, does that mean that fishing is finally working, without having to re-learn it after every login?

    Another question: are these recipes available from all cooking trainers in the beta, or only selected trainers? I'll check the orgrimmar trainer tonight myself.

  7. Just checked the trainer in Orgrimmar and he currently offers recipes up to 200. I'm not seeing any BC/WotLK/Cata recipes on her. This could be due to my chatting her on a pre-made toon with no Cooking ability, but it's the best I can do. For now Hordies may be able to use the Cooking trainer in Dalaran. I know the Alliance trainer there has the new Cata recipes.

    And no, fishing is not working to my knowledge. That's one of the first things I checked when the latest patch went up.

  8. Ah, thanks for checking!

    I just checked with my copied character and it seems the orgrimmar trainer indeed doesn't have the new recipes. However, Awilo in dalaran indeed does have the recipes!

    I also just checked the state of fishing, and it is as you said - if you try to fish in for instance Mount Hyjal, you get the message "There aren't any fish here" (you need to re-learn fishing from a trainer in kalimdor first btw, and next fly to mount hyjal; you will lose the fishing skill when you zone or log out; apprentice fishing is enough to re-activate your full existing fishing skill; I was able to level from 399 to 400 fishing on my test character after re-learning apprentice fishing in orgrimmar)

  9. Yes, I had to relearn all the fishing ranks too. I'm poking around SW to see if I can scare up some new fish. These Cata Cooking recipes are calling to me...

  10. I'm guessing the complexities of trainers have been removed, and that every trainer will train everything depending on what expansion you have installed, rather than what continent the trainer is on. I've also seen references to multi-profession trainers, although those might be temporary.

    I suspect you can correlate many of the new fish to zones based on their names. Especially if all the new recipes relate to catches in new zones, which is highly likely.

    Blood Shrimp will (based on item descriptions) come out of Abyssal Clams. There are also a couple of items that are likely to be catches, but aren't used for cooking. Notably Albino Cavefish, which looks like the new Pygmy Suckerfish (used for an Alchemy oil).

    I'll be interested (and not a little jealous) to read about what you find...

    Lastly on leveling: Fish Feast goes grey even quicker than the other top-end WotLK recipes - and nothing lasts beyond 475. Like WotLK, pre-expansion stockpiling is probably going to be a wasted effort.

    The biggest quirk in the current fish-cooking data is Lavascale Minestrone, which appears to train at 450, but has the same skill-up profile as recipes taught at 500: It remains orange for 65 points, which I suspect is not intended. Of course, that result is not visible in-game yet - the perils of data-mining.

  11. You hit the nail on the head El, the trainer interface has been completely overhauled. I have the same impression, that eventually they will all be able to train 1-525 recipes. Right now it looks as if they just haven't populated the changes to all of the trainers, so many are still stuck with their pre-Cata recipe tables.

    I have indeed found a few multi-profession trainers. One is in the goblin noob zone, I'm locked out of my goblin so I can't access that anymore. I found another just last night in Kharanos. It's a gnome who will teach you BS and Mining. He has chat options for the other professions, but doesn't actually teach them. I put in a ticket on him asking why can't they add the other professions. Right now Kharanos only has Mining, First Aid, Cooking and Smithing trainers. This new multi-trainer would be a good addition to the town so noobs can pick up herbing/skinning/etc.

    I feel your pain El, I wish you were in here too! I know I'm doing a pathetic job of tackling fishing because I get distracted by other profession goodies, hehe. But I'll be happy to check things out/collect screenshots for you if you like, just msg me :)

    I'm sure there are some oddities in the Cooking progression, which is why I'm planning to hold off on leveling it right away. That plus no fish/meat I can find :( Will keep working on that part, thanks for the tips!

  12. Anything you (or anyone else reading) can uncover is appreciated. It looks like fishing is still Not Yet Implemented at the moment, but moving towards implementation now.

    The hardest parts to get information on will likely be changes to mechanics - skill-up per catch values, no-junk skills, any new variations. Unfortunately that's not only very time consuming information to gather, but it is also difficult to direct remotely, because often I don't know what I'm looking for until I start playing around in the water.

  13. I totally agree with you about new variations on fishing catches - I am in awe of your tenacity and I know I haven't got the patience for it ;) After yesterday I'm pretty certain that fish aren't implemented yet, so for now you're not missing anything in that arena.

    However, I will continue to post new things as I find them. Meanwhile feel free to point out any holes in my research and I'll be crossing my fingers for you to get a key. Hmmm, maybe I should submit a bug report about that =)

  14. Any idea what the Wrath recipes that buff stats that are going away will change to in Cata?

  15. So far no changes to the Wrath buff recipes. They are still showing the old info such as spellpower (Firecracker Salmon), armor pen (Hearty Rhino), attack power (multiple recipes) and so on. I looked at all the buff foods and could see no differences in their stats.

  16. this is really stupid,..4 me that i dont have time to raid only 1 day per week, guildness,so that means that i will never have some of the guild benefits? im a player like every1,just dont have the time to dedicate myself to a guild! ://

  17. Anon: Don't despair, it's not as bad as all that! Take the time now to find a casual, family-friendly guild or a pure social guild on your server. Most servers have at least one of these guild types. If you're in a guild that's built around social benefits and not raid benefits, you shouldn't have a problem fitting in with your schedule. There are real adults with real lives on every realm, try to connect with those players and you should be fine.

    Find your realm here:

    Realm Forums

    and read about the guilds on your server. Not every guild is built around hard core raiding with mandatory attendance :)

  18. Hi,
    Have i not researched enough? You folks seem to REALLY know what is up.
    I have reached 300 fishing + gear to 335
    I know I can't increase til lvl 40?
    But cooking is 300 And I can't find a trainer to increase my skills is there a levle cap there also??

  19. Hi Anon - in case you missed it I wrote a post about your question here:

    Cooking Question from the Mail Room

    If you continue to have problems with your toon, contact a GM. I believe the trainers should work for your character. If they don't you should ask in-game support to help you out.