Vote in our Cataclysm Wish List Poll!

Yep, it's that time again :) Time to vote in our wish list poll for Cataclysm! I've compiled all the feedback we got in May on which new features we want to see for crafting. Now YOU can weigh in on the items that are most important to you:

If I've forgotten anything, please leave a Comment so I can add your idea to the list!


  1. Do you really think that Blizzard will listen to this? They have ten million subscribers, after all.

  2. My main motivation for tossing out polls usually isn't about getting attention from Blizzard. It's nice to give the crafting community an opportunity to share their views without going to all the trouble to leave a comment (which most readers don't). This also gives me a good feel for the issues that our crafters care about, which is important to me. Much of my professional efforts have focused around the user experience, so I try to consider the average user's needs when sharing new ideas for improvements and writing opinion pieces. Polls like this help me take the pulse of my readers.

    I also use this kind of information when checking out tradeskills on the PTR or Beta realms, since most of you never get a chance to be involved in testing. I try to give feedback on what I think is best for a profession overall, not necessarily what I would personally prefer.

    Not that I object if a Blizzard person happens to drop by, as far as I know we are the only pure Crafting community for WoW players. It's always possible that they check us out from time to time :)

  3. Please add the fun back to Engineering.

    When wow was first out there were some great Eng. devices and fun things, when BC & WOLK arrived it all became dull and boring, lets have magic & fun back with eng. and even a chance of making a few quid too

  4. First off I hate level limits on crafting. Hollyanne is a level 46. Her Herbalism is at 331, but her Alchemy is stuck at 300 until she gets level 50. I had to sneak her into the Outlands for training, which is another sore point.

    Second why can I mine in combat, but not fish?

    Third, be able to create bid to account items when used.

    Fourth, be able to modify existing items. For example I would like for Darktraker, an Artisan leather worker, to be able to change plate or cloth items into either leather or mail. The item would have the same attributes, except for the armor value. Have the same skill for blacksmiths and tailors.

    Fifth, be able to make temporary shelters to use in order to not have to go back to an inn to rest. For example, leatherworkers could make Tee-Pees, tailors could make tents, and engineers could make a lean-to.

    Sixth, be able to disenchant soulbound items by placing them in the do not trade slot.

    Seventh, I can change between crystallized and eternal and back. Why not do the same for other items such as leather?

  5. Ugh, yes on the bags!

    And! Where is my tailoring bag?! My tailor has no sizable storage bag, but keeps just as many bits and pieces of crafting things as my engineer or alchemist. (Often more than my alchemist.) For people who think "oh, just turn your cloth into bolts", I'd love them to see the list of all of the other items used in tailoring - elemental bits, feathers, essences, etc.