Mail Bag: Cataclysm questions are answered

We've gotten a couple of questions in since yesterday so I thought I'd try to dig up some answers for you. The content on the beta servers is still very much in flux, and much of the tradeskill content is broken or MIA. I'll do what I can to find answers or if nothing else, try something and report that it's not working :)

First question from Henrik: "Have you seen anything about Realm Firsts achievements?" Sorry Henrik, Realm-First achievements show up under Feats of Strength. This section does not display empty achievements, so there's no way for me to view feats that I don't have. I poked around on WoWHead to see if they might have data-mined any Cataclysm Feats of Strength, but all they have are the current ones. For now, nothing new on realm firsts.

Anonymous asks: "Was wondering whether or not you could comment on the amount of gold that you are getting per quest? Do you feel like its going to change or stay steady?" I checked this out for you by doing the first few quests in Mount Hyjal. The reward for all of them was 7 gold 80 silver and 27700 xp. My XP bar for level 80 is currently set at 1686300, which may change before release. The experience required to level is often tweaked several times before beta ends. I took a screenshot of one of the turn-in panels so you guys could see for yourselves:

Keep the questions coming folks - I'm happy to find the answers for ya!!


  1. THANKS very much for answering my question (same anonymous from yesterday who asked the gold question)! Think i'm gonna make a profile :D keep up the awesome work

  2. And thanks for answering my question too :) If you get some more news about it later in the beta, it would be nice with a note about it here in the blog :)

    I really hope that they are planning to put a lot of effort into profession’s as I like that part of the game more than other parts. I did find tailoring kind of boring in WotLK. So I hope they can find some fun back in to it.

  3. One thing I have been looking for is someone to report on what new craftable items are being added into the new quests in Cataclysm.

    Any big ones removed?
    Any confirmed new quests requiring crafted items? IF you have info on this, I would like to have you as a guest poster on the topic.

  4. Sorry Cold, I've seen no sign of crafted quest items yet. My rogue has quested a good bit through the Kelp Forest at this point. I'm guessing there's nothing. People tend to barrage the chat channels with that sort of thing, and I've seen no mention of it. In contrast, I saw players begging for Overcharged Capacitors constantly back in the WotLK beta. Of course, professions are still locked so things could change. For now, I think there's nothing new.

  5. I haven't heard anything about it, so I assume the answer is no, but have you seen anything to suggest that 1-60 gear will start to have sockets?

  6. Jason: I have not seen anything to suggest that Vanilla gear will get sockets. From everything I'm seeing in chat, most players are either doing the goblin/worgen newbie zones or the 80+ content. I don't believe many people are doing 20-60 zones.

    The only mention I've seen regarding gear is a thread on the Cata forums asking people to list their BOE loot and crafted goodies on the AH so leveling players can buy them. From that I assume that decent quest gear is still hard to some by and we can possibly extrapolate that lackluster quest rewards are unlikely to include nifty sockets.