Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life...

Kaliope flying over Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal.

...at last I've found you! (Madeline Kahn, Young Frankenstein for the confused).

I finally made it into the Beta today after two weeks of waiting :) It only took a week of waiting for a key code to be assigned to me, followed by a week of waiting for Battle.net to accept it. In a bizarre twist, my daughter got a random Beta key on her account the day before I applied for mine. And she was completely unwilling to share, would you believe that?? Luckily I'm a sweet and patient person and restrained myself from invoking parental privilege.

Part of the reason for my monumental patience was that I could see how little tradeskill content was actually implemented. Since it was obvious that there wasn't much to do, I decided to bide my time. Right now there are no Cataclysm profession trainers. In fact, the lower trainers that are around are pretty sketchy. I'm only able to level mining to about 75, the trainer won't let me to move up another level. I can only assume they're still working on this stuff. It looks like they're revamping the trainer interface, so I guess that's why things aren't too functional.

On the plus side, I've been exploring a bit. The zones are being reworked - as you know. So I've taken the opportunity to wander around and figure out where the nodes ended up. I went to the Plaguelands to find high-end herbs and saw kingsblood and khadgar's whiskers. Be prepared for that type of change when you get into Cataclysm. It should be obvious, but I didn't really consider that when I first started hunting for herbs.

I've also been scoping out the new zones to see what types of herbs and ore are there. So far I've managed to locate obsidian (ore), cinderbloom (herb), stormvine (herb) and azshara's veil (herb) in Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir. Right now cinderbloom seems to be the most prevalent of the herbs. My daughter and I both agree that Mount Hyjal is the better zone for farming. Vashj'ir is basically under water, which makes it slower getting around. It's also loaded with mobs who jump you frequently, the mob density feels pretty high. Plus everything is in three dimensions, which means you have to be aware of everything above/below/sideways of you. Personally I felt that the ore spawns were not as numerous there, but the mob density and movement issues definitely affect accessibility too.

The skill levels don't seem to be set either, so far everything requires a skill of 425. I'm guessing this isn't a permanent situation. Until they start to solidify these things, I probably won't be reporting a whole lot on tradeskill content. But I'll be happy to answer questions you guys might have, if you want to submit them :)


  1. Woot! Grats on beta! Well, this is more of a question for El, but is there still an STV fishing contest? I'd also like to know (selfishly) if Yohimbe Isle is still there and inhabited by neutrals (my friends and I call it Twinkie Island, since it's safe for 19s to fish there). Thanks, Kaliope! Keep up the great work!

  2. Grats on beta I'm definitely jealous! Now I can't wait to see the info you discuss regarding cataclysm professions.

  3. Kit: Sadly Fishing is either broken/disabled at the moment. I have no Fishing ability button in my spellbook :( On the plus side, Yojamba Isle is still there and still populated with Friendlies! And I found a new daily quest in Stormwind, will post screenies tomorrow sometime.

    Markco: Thanks - but it's actually not luck. The unsung hero for my last two beta invites is my hubby. He created an add-on for our site, which qualifies us to receive an author beta key. Any author who writes a mod can get one by submitting their info to CurseForge or WoWInterface.

  4. Have you seen anything on guild advancement? I don't expect much from the two guilds I handle, as they are very small and act mostly as family shared storage. We may get some benefit if Blizzard keeps with points awarded for crafters, though.

  5. I think the guild system is just recently implemented. Apparently they reset all the guilds today, many people were scrambling to reform their guilds. I'm not in a guild yet since I just got in yesterday, but I'm hoping to form one. I would like to check out the profession-related progression as well, we'll see if I can get a guild together for crafties :)

  6. Hallo there and gz on beta inv :)

    Have you seen anything about Realm Firsts achievements? I want the next one too of Realm First! Grand Master Tailor :)

  7. I found this strange thing in the Goblin training machine (the place in the Village-in-a-box) which suggests that all three gathering professions are now secondary skills.

    Any idea what that is all about?

  8. Jay: I haven't personally tried the Goblin tried the goblin content yet, but my daughter has. She knows the object you're talking about. Since professions aren't even working right now, I don't think I'd rely on that staying in place. However, it's certainly something to keep an eye on, thanks for the tip :)