Jewelcrafter's Guide to Cataclysm Buyers

... otherwise known as 'The Beast'. Ok, so I wasn't really looking forward to this one because Jewelcrafting spans all classes. Most other profession wares can be limited to a handful of classes, but Jewelcrafting has forced me to evaluation every 10 levels of gear for every class. But now I've bitten the bullet, gotten it done and I'm ready to share :)

For this guide I'm only focusing on rings, necklaces and a few random crowns. There was one fist weapon, but it didn't make anyone's hit list. I've also ignored all gems because Cataclysm players will likely just buy the new cheapie gems instead of the stuff we have now. Time to start clearing out those banks folks... in case you haven't been already.

As in other posts, each crafted item is ranked across appropriate leveling builds for the classes that would use it. Then I calculate an average ranking for the item, which is the number shown in the list. For example, if an item has a rank of 3.0 it means that on average it was the third best item for the classes that could reasonably use it. Generally that means either caster dps or melee dps, tank and heal builds are not included in the rankings. The items are divided up by level ranges, every 10 levels except in Outland and Northrend where they are split in accordance with the newer content.


1.0 Ornate Tigerseye Necklace (BiS for all dps casters)
3.0 Malachite Pendant
4.6 Simple Pearl Ring
5.8 Bronze Band of Force
13.7 Gloom Band
14.1 Inlaid Malachite Ring
14.6 Elegant Silver Ring
15.0 Tigerseye Band
21.6 Woven Copper Ring
24.0 Braided Copper Ring


1.0 Amulet of Truesight (BiS for all classes due to +hit rating)
3.6 Amulet of the Moon
4.0 Wicked Moonstone Ring
4.0 Barbaric Iron Collar
6.0 Brilliant Necklace
6.8 Pendant of the Agate Shield
7.0 Heavy Jade Ring
8.6 Golden Dragon Ring
12.7 Ring of Silver Might
15.8 Ring of Twilight Shadows


3.4 Citrine Pendant of Healing
3.8 Golden Ring of Power
4.5 Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior
4.6 Blazing Citrine Ring
5.0 Truesilver Commander's Ring
5.2 Jade Pendant of Blasting
5.3 Aquamarine Signet
5.4 Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing
11.6 Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle
14.8 Engraved Truesilver Ring


1.0 Ruby Pendant of Fire
4.2 Ruby Crown of Restoration (best crafted helm from any profession)
4.6 Gem Studded Band
6.3 Simple Opal Ring
6.8 Truesilver Healing Ring
10.9 Red Ring of Destruction
19.4 Diamond Focus Ring


2.0 Emerald Crown of Destruction (best crafted helm from any profession)
4.0 Band of Natural Fire
8.0 Living Emerald Pendant
14.4 Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night
14.6 Ring of Bitter Shadows
15.2 Onslaught Ring
20.3 Emerald Lion Ring
23.4 Glowing Thorium Band


1.1 Necklace of the Deep
16.3 Brilliant Pearl Band
20.8 Fel Iron Blood Ring
22.0 Azure Moonstone Ring


3.0 Blood Sun Necklace
3.7 Shadowmight Ring
5.8 Jade Dagger Pendant
6.0 Crown of the Sea Witch
8.8 Bloodstone Band
11.8 Sun Rock Ring
12.0 Crystal Citrine Necklace
12.8 Crystal Chalcedony Amulet

Bear in mind with that these items are often competing with dungeon, PvP and even some raid drops. A lower ranking doesn't necessarily mean it's crap. Sometimes it just means there are stronger items out there if someone were intent on farming to get them. Most leveling players won't bother making that kind of effort. Therefore it's worth considering any item you think has good stats, even if it has a lower rank in the list.

Feel free to post any additional suggestions in the Comments!


  1. Frequent reader, first time poster, love your site!

    Just wanted to point out, in the last set, that the Earthshadow Ring and Jade Ring of Slaying are both BoP. Otherwise great list!

  2. Eek! Thanks Anon, I'll take those out :)

  3. Jewelcrafting is strange in that a lot of players don't pay attention to that gear until they get to Outland or even Northrend. I've seen quite a few Brilliant Necklaces on level 40+ characters. The jewelry that my JC made while leveling either went into the guild bank or to my enchanter, I couldn't sell much at all.
    A couple notes: I've never managed to make a Necklace of the Deep, how'd you get a shadow pearl? I have never seen one. [jealous]
    The level 70 rings/necklaces get made by the bagful for cheap DE mats on my server. With green Northrend gems going for 1g or less and eternal earth for less than 4g, you can even vend the jewelry and make gold, let alone sell enchanting mats on the AH.

  4. Weird, I'm obsessed with getting upgrades on my leveling toons. I usually hit the AH every time I ding, guess it's just me :)

    I agree that in Wrath it's been tricky to sell most jewelry, but I assumed that was because the bulk of the levelers were in the 70+ group. Seems like things have picked up the last six months or so now that ppl are bored. I know I've been selling lowbie junk I get in old Vanilla dungeons while doing achievements. The gear goes like hotcakes unless the stats are crap, I'm amazed what folks will pay for level 30 greens.

    I presume that lowbie gear will be in demand when Cataclysm comes out and everyone rolls a Worgen/Goblin toon. I could be wrong on that, but I'm preparing for it anyway ;)

    I made a number of Necklaces of the Deep, both for my own toons and for selling back in BC. They are great for melee DPS in pre-raid gear! The shadow pearls are a rare drop from Jaggal Clams in Outland. This is probably why you're not seeing them, not enough players there now. You could try farming Naga in Zangarmarsh or perhaps run the Coilfang dungeons for better drops. They are also one of the possible rewards in the gift bag from the Old Man Barlo fishing dailies, I got a few that way as well.

  5. in your 40-49 you call ruby pendant of fire a helm, I'm assuming you meant to switch positions with the ruby crown of restoration?

  6. Actually, the Ruby Pendant really should be in the top spot (according to my research notes) with the helm at #2. It looks like I just put the note on the wrong line item. It should be fixed now, thanks for the heads-up :)