Inc! Cataclysm Wish List

In case some of you missed it, an official post went out today with a preview of Profession information from Cataclysm. I can only assume this is partly due to the leaks that went on recently, but I don't intend to look a gift horse in the mouth. There's lots of stuff to love in the announced changes. Specializations are going away, an end to the proliferation of vial types, bows and crossbows finally craftable! The most exciting part to me is this: "But as all tradeskills are in the design stages these are still being discussed to a degree."

The door is still open in terms of what Cataclysm tradeskills will look like. So there's no time like the present for us dedicated crafters to start campaigning! That's right folks -- it's poll time :) What can I say, I've got a whole other sister site to pimp, I may as well take advantage.

Here is my DREAM list for Cataclysm:

  • Daily quests for ALL professions. That's right, First Aid too. It's fun to have dailies that don't involve carnage, an FA daily could be heal-oriented :)
  • Superior and Epic craftables that are equivalent and sometimes better than instance drops. It would be nice if a few best-in-slot items were crafted so our wares don't become obsolete. Or perhaps add a mechanism by which we can upgrade an existing item to a higher level. Items like Runed/Crusader orbs could be used to upgrade a crafted piece instead of making a whole new item.
  • Bring wands and weapon oils back to Enchanting
  • Make sure each profession has a special vendor with access to at least some of the top recipes. It's annoying that raid drops almost always trump vendor wares. Since the daily token system provides needed gating, there's no reason to lock non-raiders out of all the best recipes.
  • Scale down the cost of Engineered goodies so that they are more in line with other crafted epics. I've never even made a motorcycle, much less sold one. The guns aren't much better compared to the Titansteel armor mats.
  • I miss the stone statues from early JC, I'd like to see new versions of those. My rogue has no heals :(
  • Blacksmiths should get sharpening stones back, a belt buckle shouldn't be the only consumable they have. Or at least some other consumable, if not weapon enhancements.
  • We're still waiting on the Fishing revamp... I'm just sayin'...
  • Change all crafting mats so they can stack to 20. massive. bank. cram.
  • Profession Titles!
This probably isn't everything I can possibly think of, but it should be a good start. Before I lay down the gauntlet to our readers, I want to give a quick cheer for all the Burning Crusade wishes that were granted: Blacksmiths got a new consumable - woot! Enchanters can finally sell enchants on the AH - woot! Engineers got more non-combat pets to sell - woot! More fun gadgets and trinkets for Engineers - woot! Better gear itemization across all professions - woot woot!

Please take a minute to add your own thoughts for Cataclysm profession changes in the Comments section. I'll put together a poll with ALL of the ideas and then we'll vote!


  1. I don't think I've much to add beside what you said, to be honest.

    I'd really like engineering to be a little less.... selfish, though. When I'm heading into an instance and all my friends are talking about getting food and pots ready and offering enchants when new gear drops or whatever I feel like I'm not contributing so much.

    It makes it supremely satisfying when the healer dies and I successfully revive them with the Gnomish army knife.

    I love engineering, though. When I'm doing my dailies and firing off rockets, running at high speed with my rocket boots, zapping people with the lightning generator or pelting some distant mobs with my (completely unnecessary, as I'm a warrior and have the shotgun for my main tanking spec) Nesingwary I don't regret taking the profession at all. I just wish I had some options to both be a bit more sociable with it and make a little gold from it.

  2. Hi Ian, thanks for stopping by :) It sounds to me like you truly enjoy Engineering, you just aren't getting any group utility from it. If it makes you feel any better, my rogue stands around like a dork at the beginning of dungeons/raids too. As a JC/Miner, she has nothing valuable to contribute to group prep. In fact, my warrior is also an Engineer and she's in the same boat. I think there are certain classes that just can't add to the group love, but I don't think the player-base expects it either. When they see your warrior or my rogue, they aren't offended that we just soak in the buffs without dishing any out. Of course my warrior is a gnome, so perhaps they just don't notice me there - hehe.

    On the plus side, there is *something* your warrior can do that my rogue can't, and that's yell at the mobs. Your shouts are nothing to sneeze at ;) You could also take up fishing and throw down feasts for the folks if you really want to help out. I've actually seen people share their valuable fish food with strangers in random Heroics! Another possibility is to purchase (or craft on the appropriate alt) some of the new portable buffs like the Runescroll of Fortitude or Drums of Forgotten Kings. I can promise you that bringing these to the table will win some brownie points with the group.

    Much as I appreciate your interest in getting group utility from Engineering, Blizzard reaffirmed in the above post that they want Engineering to be about fun gadgets for personal benefit. I will add your request to our poll because I'm curious what kind of response we'd get to it. But you might wanna consider thinking outside the box a bit and trying some of the ideas I mentioned above, just in case Blizzard doesn't hear your plea ;)

  3. Ah, engineering is very handy in a long raid or dungeon crawl. Popping a bot to repair armor and vendor grays is definitely appreciated. When the tank's armor is red and everyone's bags are full of trash, the engineer is the MVP.
    How about unifying any tokens given for dailies? There's little reason to do the daily cooking quest when you have all the recipes and the hat, for example. Doing a bunch of Dalaran dailies for Dalaran Trading Tokens and applying those to any craft greatly appeals to me.

  4. Oh ultimately if utility came at the expense of a wealth of engineering gizmos I certainly wouldn't choose THAT, because that'd be neutering the profession. It'd require too much of a rework for it to be made very group-friendly and ultimately you'd probably rip the heart out of it.

    Just an extra gizmo here and there that can either be given to others or used to give 'em a hand.

    Although I suppose that's part of the charm of engineering, especially if you're questing with somebody who's not very clued up on the profession. Catches them by surprise when a warrior fires lightning from his hands. :-P

  5. Tweel - thanks for the suggestion about unifying the daily tokens. I think that's an interesting proposition and I'm going to add it to our poll.

    Ian - One thing I think they could add back into Engineering is upgrades to items like the Discombobulator and EZ-Thro Dynamite. Those would both be fun items for other players that wouldn't go outside of existing design principles. In fact, I'm adding both of those to my wish list :)

  6. If you're still taking suggestions, my JC would dearly love a larger bag. The other professions have 32 slot specialty bags, but jewelcrafting is stuck with the 24 slot Bag of Jewels as the largest (and hard to find, since many tailors are heading to Northrend instead of grinding rep with the Consortium).