Guide to Noblegarden

Last year I wrote a nifty little guide to Noblegarden, complete with pictures of the eggs. For those of you who didn't do this event last year, you can read all about it here:

Kaliope's Guide to Noblegarden!

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  1. I had a crack at Noblegarden this year (in Kharanos) and set-out to get the 100 (or whatever) chocolates for the Spring Rabbit. I looted at least one of everything that required chocolates to buy. When I reached 99 chocolates (or whatever-1) I was SO relieved to find an egg that it took me a minute of swearing before I realised that while the loot wasn't the 100th (or whatever-th) chocolate it was the Rabbits Foot itself!

    True story! I looted the pet on the egg that could've bought it for me in chocolates :)

    I *did* get the 100th chocolate. I'm a bit OCD that way.