Patch 3.3.3 maybe not fully functional today

You may be rushing to log into your WoW account today to enjoy the new CD removals, but as of right now I have been unable to make any specialty Tailoring cloth (Moonshroud, Ebonweave and Spellweave). I tested all three and the CD is still showing a timer on each cloth. If you try to make one anyway, it refuses to do so and gives an error. I don't think this is a problem for everyone, however. I saw another tailor in Dalaran who was making many Moonshroud no problem.

The Titansteel cooldown has been removed, however. I was able to do 2 titansteel bars with no problem, so that one at least is working as advertised.

Hopefully they'll be able to hotfix the Tailoring CDs for those having trouble and get them working, otherwise it could be a week or two if it requires more serious correction.

Engineers - don't forget to make the new pets!!

Anyone else having trouble?


  1. The same thing happens whenever they remove a cooldown - if you actually have it on cooldown when the patch hits, you have to wait for the CD to be up, then you can craft as many as you like.

  2. Well that seems like a rather crummy bug. If the cooldown requirement has been removed from the "spell", it should no longer be applied regardless of the current status of the "spell".