New Tailoring Recipe for 3.3.3

This weekend I was hanging out on the Test Realm (aka checking old recipes for errors) when I happened to stop by the Frozen Orb dude again. Seems they finally got that Tailoring recipe posted on him, so I took a pic for you guys:

Also, I noticed they had fixed the Frost Lotus to cost 1 Frozen Orb instead of 3 gold and change. It looks like the Frost Lotus thing is a done deal, since they didn't remove it from Frozo's inventory. This should be pretty interesting for the flask situation, since Frost Lotus will be less scarce now. I'll be curious to see how this particular change shakes out:

Finally, I got a pic of Frozo for you. This dude is freaky looking! Ok, so it's probably an error of some kind :)

What do you think of this Frozen Orb vendor? I think people who are playing alts will appreciate the help catching up to T9/10 geared toons, but players who depend on the current pricing of related crafted items will be none to pleased to see prices start dropping.


  1. err… is Mr Frozo supposed to look like the gnomish version of the Hulk?

  2. Haha - good one :) I honestly don't know, I assume it's a bug of some kind. We'll see if he still looks like that after today's maintenance.

  3. LOL he looks like flubber

  4. We talked about this to death on the new wow podcast: Castaclysm

    Kaliope, would you be interested in giving your two copper on the show as well as your thoughts on crafting in cataclysm? We'd love to discuss your ideas on the show and of course talk about your awesome blog. You can reach me on gmail or on my blog or forums!



  5. Well this explains the rash of orb ninjas in my groups lately, i.e., players needing on orbs.

  6. Hey Markco, thanks for stopping by. I'd be happy to help out with your podcast if you're planning something tradeskill-related. Feel free to email me with more details :)

    As for Orb ninjas, I think went on record last week suggesting that everyone should just roll need on them. At this point it would be hard to argue that a player should be denied a roll because of their professions. Since Frozo allows you to trade orbs for a variety of crafting mats, everyone has a valid reason for wanting something whether they have the trade in question or not. I certainly wouldn't deny someone else the option to collect mats for a gem or titansteel transmute if they want to pay someone else for the combine. We are winding down Wrath content anyway, it seems silly to be stingy about items that will be obsolete in the near future ;)

  7. When patch goes live, you will only be able to roll Greed on the orbs.