More Goodies from 3.3.3

News keeps rolling in from Patch 3.3.3 and today we get a few interesting tidbits for crafters. First is the awesome Engineering change:

  • The Pet Bombling and Lil' Smoky non-combat pets are no longer Bind-on-Pickup.

How cool is that??? I know some Engineers will be miffed because their gizmatronic pets are no longer unique, but I say bring on the cash cow! I'd rather have money-generating goods than a special pet or two. Lately I've been lamenting the loss of injectors and (soon) ammunition. Changing our pets to BoE should make up for some of that, I hope. I'm so glad I farmed Gnomeregan for both recipes when they were added. If you didn't then now is the time to get going!

There are also a couple of changes for Jewelcrafting:

I assume the reason for reducing the cost of Icy Prism is to balance for the higher value of Frozen Orbs, but I don't think dropping the green gem requirement will achieve that for most people. Honestly I save all my green gems for the daily quest, I don't bother to cut them or "prism" them.

I hope we see more crafting goodies as Patch 3.3.3 progresses, I'm certainly looking forward to what we've seen so far.


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  2. I'm so glad you like our site layout, thanks for leaving feedback on that! We prefer the clean layout as well, especially with all the data we're trying to display :)

  3. I can't wait for the cute lil' engineer-only pets to be BoE! Bring on the gold!
    Also, I agree with the above poster-- I've been using your site for a long long time and I recommend it to people all the time. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for supporting us Satisfied - we appreciate your help and enthusiasm!