Old World Recipe Collection

It's been a while since we've tackled the subject of older recipes here at Crafter's Tome. Since we've got some time in the lull before Cataclysm, the coming months are a good time to consider collecting projects. One of the things we've been doing in my guild is "fun runs" to old dungeons. This is a great way to get those achievements you didn't get credit for at the end of Burning Crusade. It can also be an excellent way to collect recipes you missed out on, whether you were just unlucky on drops or undergeared for a particular raid.

As an example, last night we took three folks to Magister's Terrace (can also be run with just two). In the course of three clears (two regular, one heroic) we collected three recipes that folks in our group were missing. Personally, I got the Boar's Speed enchant, which I never would have paid top dollar for on the Auction House. Plus my enchanter is an alt, so she doesn't get out much to farm dungeon drops. Another guildie got the Solid Star of Elune recipe for his Jewelcrafting alt. Not that any of us need these items at this point. But if you're the collector type, it can be fun to find these older recipes while tackling various dungeon achievements.

On another night we went to Zul'Gurub to get the achievement for killing Hakkar. You can also farm reputation for the vendor recipes that are available on Yojamba Isle. Most people don't want the coins and bijous, so you can probably hog them all for yourself. If you're the fishing type, you can get your fishing achievement by calling up Gahz'ranka with a mudskunk lure. You'll also have a blast taking down these old-world bosses with just a handful of people. We 4-manned Hakkar with no trouble. Jin'do the Hexxer was honestly the hardest to kill, but also the most fun. He mind controlled our warlock and attacked him with his own pet! That's got to be a warlock's worst nightmare =) He also mind controlled our healing paladin right before he died, leaving her under mind control and hopelessly stuck. And who can put a price on random folks being flung into the dancing skellie pit, right? We laughed through the whole thing as we watched our hapless buddies being tormented by Jin'do.

So while you might be thinking that the coming months are going to be horrifically boring, it may just be an opportunity in disguise. For avid crafters, this is a great time to get caught up on all the older recipes you wanted back in the day. I know I still want Mongoose from Moroes :P What's the recipe that got away from you? Now is a good time to go out and get it!


  1. It's not just recipes, although there are heaps of them to be wanted and maybe had in the coming months of old dungeons (although I too would love Mongoose and enough rep with the Consortium to get all those JC designs, and most importantly I have SIX (maybe seven) toons to get that recipe for Runn Tum Tuber Surprise!) Even though two of them already have their 160 cooking recipes thanks to all the Hallowed End cooking that's been done.

    But then, add to that a Loremaster or three, whelplings galore to be farmed (seven toons and they all want baby dragons) and the effort it will take for my priest to get Mr Pinchy to stop mocking her... I WILL have you Mr Pinchy! *flails fist in the air petulantly*... and there is much to do before the Cataclysm splits the world asunder.

  2. I have to say i've been playing this game for a damn long time and i've never really payed alot of attention to the forums here, but thanks, its been a really nice read. You now have another day to day viewer :) But i do agree, i'm working on Loremaster at the minute and i've just finished my mission to get every Alchemy recipe in game, so pretty happy at the moment :D

    I'm doing Tailoring next which should be as much if not more of a challenge than Alchemy. I looking forward to running Black Temple and Sunwell again for some of the recipes, really enjoyable raids right there.

    Anyway, look forward to wondering around more of the great to read topics. Laters - Yinxz

  3. Welcome Yinxz - look forword to seeing more comments from you!