Preliminary Jeeves Farming Report

In our last post we talked about the new re-speccing process and how we'll be able to easily switch between Goblin and Gnomish specialties.  Another big addition to our toy chest in the next patch is Jeeves.  I have to tell you, I was seriously excited when I read about this.  Not because of the functionality - no no.  I just want my own personal manservant and it doesn't get any better than a Jeeves.

Changing Engineering Specs in Patch 3.2

So Engineers are FINALLY getting the ability to change specializations in Patch 3.2. I believe this is the last profession to be given  this option, and it's at least a year overdue compared to other tradeskills. But what does this actually entail?  The patch notes say nothing about who/when/where. Don't you love it when Blizzard adds a new feature and neglects to include any details on the subject? I know I do ;)

Those who can't do... fake it

Ok, so I have no actual news to report.  No new investigations or anything exciting like that.  But I still want to put posts up so I'm going to delve into seldom-charted territory.  I'll just share something that I personally found entertaining.  I know that we get our weekly infusion of WoW comics and WoWInsider makes sure we don't miss any bit of news that's even mildly relevant to WoW. Even so, just happened across this on Wired and thought I'd share:

Sam Raimi’s Warcraft Movie Production Diary


3.2 Recipes + Updated First Aid

Hey all - sorry for the long delay in posts!  I've been recovering from my trip and getting caught up on web site work.  We just put up the new 3.2 recipes for Jewelcrafting, Alchemy and Engineering.  Make sure you select "Test Realm" if you want to see just 3.2 recipes.  The items aren't fully working yet because the WoWHead 3.2 data isn't live, but everything is in place for when that happens.  All of the new recipes are there and the information should be current as of the most recent build.  No promises on the epic gem transmutes... we're on the 3rd revision of mats for them rofl!

Also, I've updated our First Aid guide to include Lich King information as well as the recent change to trainers.  The First Aid recipe list has also been updated to match.  I'll be spending the summer doing clean-up on the site while we have this lull in WoW action.  Hopefully 3.2 will come out soon and liven things up, eh?

"Most Popular" Rankings Debut!

As some of you may know, we've been experimenting with information from the WoWPopular folks with the idea of creating 'Top Ten' lists for our crafters.  I'm happy to say that we've completed our work and we've launched the lists on our web site.  For those of you who haven't already stumbled across it yet, you can see our new "Most Popular" rankings here: