Bring Back Crafting Quests!

I know - I hear you saying that we have crafting quests.  The daily Cooking quest, the daily Jewelcrafting quest, and just recently the daily Fishing quest.  These are fine and I've been enjoying the new Fishing daily.  In fact, just a few days ago I scored the nifty crab pet =)  This isn't really what I mean by crafting quests, the cooking and JC quests hardly even use our crafting skill.  The quests I want back are the old AQ/AD style crafting quests that required actual tradeskill abilities to complete.

World Drop Recipe Blues

I've been having a problem since 3.1 that maybe some of you have also experienced.  I was excited by the idea of getting my hands of some of these new Books of Glyph Mastery that randomly teach new glyphs.  The problem is that despite all my best efforts, I could never manage to get one.  I tried really hard, I did the tournament dailies each day on 2 toons and killed the Icecrown mobs.  I spent a couple of hours farming in Storm Peaks.  To this day I have yet to loot one.  About a week in I gave up and bought one off the auction for 300g.  My guild leader was also kind enough to give me one that he got in a raid, thanks for that!!

TradeTrak Has Been Updated!

During my recent hiatus I've been trying to get our recipe mod updated with all the newest recipes and latest changes.  Finally this morning we've posted our newest copy of TradeTrak, complete with 99.99% of new recipes from patch 3.1.  For those of you using our add-on, you can download a new copy from Curse or WowInterface.

Please let us know if you have any problems with it!

We come in all shapes and sizes

That is so HOT to meet another girl who games.  That's tight!  What games do you play?

Umm, you know, role-playing games mostly.

Oh.  I'm an FPS girl.  Halo.  Boom!  Head shots... I'm ranked and stuff.  It's the truth.

Well I kill stuff too, it's just I wear prettier outfits.

Cool. <awkward pause>  I'm gonna grab a drink.

Argent Tournament Pets

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going out of my mind with all the activities that are going on right now!  As soon as 3.1 hit I started working the Argent Tournament to beef up my pet collection.  I have three toons who are high enough to do it, so I've been doing the dailies on all three when I can.  Then Noblegarden rolled into town and after waiting out the first couple of days to let the furor die down, I started walking my gals through that too.  Since these events only happen once a year, I try to get at least two of my toons through each holiday so they can all make progress on the "Strange Trip".  Then as I was in the midst of taking my third gal through the Noblegarden egg farming, the server time rolled over and Children's Week went live.  Phew!  There's not enough of me to go around, heh.

3.1 Recipes Now Online

Some of you have noticed that there are a number of missing recipes on Crafter's Tome, predominantly Ulduar drops.  These items finally started showing up in the Armory last week, so I've tried to collect as many as I could and add them to our site.  Not all of the information is complete, because the Armory is still showing no drop locations for some items.  There may still be some items missing and I will continue to monitor the Armory for those.  The most glaring omission is the Alchemy recipes which are purported to be in Ulduar.  But all of my latest updates are now on the site including all of the new Glyphs learned from books.