A bit of goodness in Northrend

As I write this, I'm standing in Dalaran near the fountain at a late night party.  I have no idea how long it's been going, but I've been here for almost half an hour.  There have been 20-30 players coming and going, despite the fact that it's 3am server (12am to me).

Kaliope's Guide to Noblegarden

Tomorrow kicks off the newly revamped Noblegarden and I'm very excited about this event being expanded in Patch 3.1. I've always liked this holiday but thought the content for it was pretty skimpy. So when it went up on the test servers, I made a point to check it out.

Happy Birthday to Me!

They say it's your birthday.  Well it's my birthday too yeah!

They say it's your birthday. We're gonna have a good time!

I'm glad it's your birthday! Happy Birthday to You!

The Argent Tournament

I seriously considered writing a guide to this event, I actually did the whole chain up to Champion status and took a couple of pages of notes to document the progression while the Test Realm was up.  Then the WoWInsider folks said they were writing a guide and shortly after that I found an excellent walk-thru already available at Banana Shoulders**.  There's also an article on WoWWiki for folks who prefer a more outline-oriented format instead of the walk-thru version.  So instead of a tourney guide... I wrote one for Noblegarden :)

3.1 Glyph Marketing Report

I'm happy to report that the action with Glyph sales has been really good since the servers came up after the patch.  The second thing I did when my server was back up was head for the Auctions and post a bunch of glyphs.  I followed my own recommendation chart for which glyphs to sell and I was able to bring in almost 800G before I went to bed.  I also posted a bunch before I logged for the night and this morning I had another 500G waiting in the mail.

Fishing Changes in Patch 3.1

The first big news to my mind is... you can now fish anywhere while leveling up!  I really like this change, because it eases the path for high level characters to take up fishing without forcing them to hang out in low level zones.  On the test realm my rogue was fishing right in Dalaran, which is much more convenient to her since she doesn't have to waste a hearth CD to get back to Northrend.  I mean, you end up with a lot of junk as advertised, but it's not like we wanted the stacks of Brilliant Smallfish either.  At least the fishing junk is funny.

Chef Products Now in the Store

Just a quick FYI to let everyone know that we went ahead and created some new merchandise for the "Chef" achievements in our Zazzle store.  We couldn't decide between a serious image and a silly image, so we made two versions

Daily Fishing Quests in Patch 3.1

Yes, as promised I've got an overview of the new Fishing quests from the Test Realm.  I would have had this up sooner but one of the quests was eluding me in the rotation.  For some reason the RNG god has the same problem with the Fishing quest as he does with the Cooking quest... there's way too much love for the meatloaf.

Master Angler Swag!

Hubby and I have been working the past few days on a new project.  We wanted to take another stab at the online store, but we really didn't want to do the typical thing of plopping our site name on a shirt and hoping you good folks would pay money to give us free advertising... so we wracked our brains until we thought of something more interesting.