Updated WotLK Herb Chart

Several changes have been implemented with Herbalism, mostly a few of the herbs have had their skill levels tweaked over the last six months.  On the Test Realm I went ahead and revisited my original Herb Skill Chart to compile an updated version...

Pet Bombling & Lil Smoky BOMBSHELL!

I don't know how many of you caught this little gem in today's patch notes:

"Engineers can now obtain the schematics for Lil' Smoky and the Pet Bombling from certain creatures found in Gnomeregan. Specialized Gnomish or Goblin engineers can obtain both schematics equally. The repeatable quest that used to randomly grant these schematics has been disabled."

A Closer Look: Rituals of the New Moon

One of the new Inscription items we'll be seeing in 3.1 is called Technique: Rituals of the New Moon.  This is a farmable drop recipe that creates an off-hand book.  I like the farmable drop thing, I wish there were more of these for Scribes.  Still, I'm happy to see something new for us :)  Here's the recipe:

3.1 for Scribes, Part 2

Ok, first I want to throw out a reminder about sharing opinions on glyphs.  Everyone has personal favorite - I include myself in this pool of guilt.  Right now I'm sporting Glyph of Healing Touch, which most Resto Druids don't use.  I like having a fast, powerful heal and Glyphed HT has half the cast time and almost double the healing power of Nourish.  It's not listed on most Druid sites, so I left it off the list because I can't back it up with expert opinion.  My point is... I'm suffering too!

3.1 for Scribes, Part 1

In preparation of a release in the next few weeks, I'm putting together my glyph recommendations for the much-anticipated Dual Spec feature.  I've done some research on the current "top dogs" for class glyphs that will hopefully narrow the playing field a bit.  In this article I'm going to present the first five classes and follow up in a Part Two with the remaining five classes.  Minor Glyphs will not be covered here - dealing with Majors is enough of a chore!

More New JC Goodies in Patch 3.1

Last night a new update went up on the test realm with a handful of Jewelcrafting recipes added to the mix.  These were easy to find, one was on the token vendor and four were available from the Trainer, right in Dalaran.  The first one is a recipe that I know folks have been waiting on: the Shifting Twilight Opal recipe that's been absent from the lineup since November.

JC Goodies from the Test Realm (3.1)

A couple of new Jewelcrafting items are being implemented in the 3.1 patch and I have some screenshots to share with additional information.  The first is a low level necklace with +HIT on it, I'm just not sure if lowbies are hurting for Hit rating enough to trade 8-12 points in other stats for this piece.  Seems kinda skimpy imo and the mat cost is pretty high (8x Truesilver bars):

Argent Tournament Intro (3.1 Patch)

I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm working on the new Tournament event on the Test Realm and I finally have something concrete to share.  I don't want to give away too much because it's nice to actually discover new content when Blizz puts in the time to create it.  I thought I'd just give a general overview of the process for those who've been wondering how it will work.  This isn't normally the sort of thing we cover here at the Kaliope Blog, but I know many crafters are also avid Achievement Hounds as well as collectors of novelty items and the Tourney has a good supply of both.

Inscription Recipes from the 3.1 PTR

We got yet another new update on the Test Realm yesterday, and I popped over to do my usual rounds of trainers and see if any new crafting goodies showed up.  I was in luck because some new Inscription recipes were added to the trainer in Dalaran!  And I'm so tickled because it looks like I'm the first site to have them ;)

New Cooking Goodies in Patch 3.1

Yesterday we got a question from a reader about the new "Clamlette Magnifique" recipe that was announced in the latest build on the test realm.  I noticed that MMO-Champion did not have a screen shot for this item, so there's pretty much zero information on what this recipe might be other than the fact that it exists.  We also had the announced Dig Rat Stew changes unexplored, so I decided to spend a bit of time tracking both of these down. 

3.1 Blacksmithing Changes + Tournament Update

We got a question over the weekend regarding the upcoming "tweaks" that are being made to low level Blacksmithing items.  I confess, I didn't have much interest in this when I first read it since my Smith is already capped.  But clearly this could be an important issue for new players or folks who are just picking up Smithing.  So I went ahead and did a quick eyeball review of the new vs. old items to give an overall impression of the changes.