Day 2 on the 3.1 PTR

And the word of the day is: Slow.  This is how things are moving on the  PTR right now.  Luckily we got a new patch last night which seems to have improved performance a bit today, but there's still a good amount of lag, frequent server crashes and occasional client crashes.  Most people don't realize that being on the PTR means you're testing new content, not just discovering new content.  Having come from a software testing background, I have more patience than the average WoW player so the current sitation doesn't overly upset me.

New Engineering Goodies + Inscription Update (3.1 PTR)

The Test Realm for Patch 3.1 went live earlier today and the news has been rolling fast and furious.  I also got a quick chance to snoop around a bit, although sadly I was not able to turn up as much information as I'd like.  Stupidly I copied the only one of my 70+ toons who isn't able to get to Dalaran.  For now I'm stuck with the starting zones in Northrend until I can get another toon copied.

To Be A Chef

I don't know how many of you are going for the Profession-related Achievements, but I've been working on the "Chef" title recently.  This requires you to do a number of tasks, including cooking every Northrend recipe in the game.  You also have to make five Great Feasts and waste them on lame-O PvP'ers (no... I'm not bitter about that at all)!  Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing this off and on between raids and rep grinding.  I thought I'd highlight some of the tougher tasks in here for those who haven't given this a stab yet:

Dual Specs & Incribers

A new page has gone up on the official WoW site with lots of details regarding the implementation of Dual Specs (at least the current plans for implementation, these things can always change!).  Naturally this is a great read for any class that's considering Dual Specs, but it's also an interesting read for Inscribers.

Engineering Change NOT in Patch 3.1

This morning on the EU forums comes a blue post that recinds the loss of consumable ammunition for the next major patch: read it here.  There's been no change to the intent to drop consumable ammo, it's just not going to happen in time for Patch 3.1.  The sentiment of my last post stands, this is merely a stay of execution ;)

Engineering Change in Patch 3.1

Under the guise of a "buff" comes this revelation about Patch 3.1 from Eyonix "Consumable ammunition has been removed from the game." While I'm sure Hunters will happily ditch their quivers and kiss their arrows and bullets goodbye, this is a nerf to Engineers.  There's not a whole lot that Engineers can make for other players and I suspect many of us rely on ammo as an income-generating item.  Other products we can sell are scopes, which are only replaced for a weapon upgrade, and motorcycles which are a high-end, single purchase item.  Engineers can also make the Overcharged Capacitor, but this is a limited market item since the quest for it is only done once per character

Recipe Data Updated for 3.0.8

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I think I've finally caught up on all my updates for our recipe data and hopefully it's current with Patch 3.0.8.  New items include all the PVP gem recipes that were added to the Wintergrasp vendor, as well as the known World Drop gem recipes that were just released.  Also included are the ongoing Alchemy discoveries and Inscription research glyphs that I've been plugging away on since November.  If anyone spots any errors or omissions, feel free to drop me an email!

Welcome our First Guest Poster!

I'm pleased to introduce our very first Guest Poster -> Markco from Just My Two Copper.  His blog is focused on the WoW economy and he shares his tips for making gold in WoW.  I've popped over to his blog a few times and I've enjoyed getting his insights on the economic tides of the game as various changes are implemented by Blizzard. He was also recently featured on Tobold's MMORPG Blog, so he's shaping up to be an active participant in the WoW blogging family.