Icecrown Citadel for Rep

I'm sure some of you have witnessed the same phenomenon as I have, but for those who haven't I thought I'd share my experiences. Over the past week I've seen a number of guild-based and pug-based ICC farming groups starting up. There are some pretty great items on the Ashen Verdict vendor, including most of the new recipes from Patch 3.3. The main thing folks seem to be focused on are the upgradable rings, since you can get the first one at Friendly reputation and beefier versions at each higher reputation level.

For those of you who haven't been brave enough to try this, I would recommend taking a chance! Whether it's your guild or a pug, these groups are usually very casual and willing to take just about anyone for DPS duty. As long as there's no intention of killing bosses in ICC, you don't need a full 10-man group to kill trash. As a result, the attitude is pretty loose on DPS requirements and such. And there are often groups running at any time of day. The next few weeks are a perfect time to take advantage of the relative generosity of the player base. Everyone is working towards a common goal and this seems to have created a mellow attitude in groups like this.

That said, there is some potential for drama and you should be aware of that going in. There's some trash loot that drops from these mobs. Especially if you join a pug, you should be clear on what the loot rules are. If there are no loot rules, then by asking you'll be forcing the leader to come up with some. Better to get this issue out of the way before something drops than deal with fights after. Also, some items are BOE so it might be a good idea to decide what is done with BOE items that can't be used by attending members before those items drop and everyone gets greedy. I mention this from personal experience, there's a particular warrior-tank gun that drops in ICC-25 which caused huge drama in my guild because warrior-tanks are practically non-existent right now. Anyway, 'nuff said on that. Just get the rules ironed out before loot drops :)

I can confirm that farming trash will get you to at least Revered - I have a guildmate who's achieved that already. Exalted isn't required for any of the recipes, so you should be able to access any new craftable you want by using this method for rep grinding. Go on - get going then!


  1. How many people are needed to farm trash? I am assuming you get more rep in 25 than in 10 man ICC. Cool blog.

  2. ICC25 can be farmed by a group of 18 or so folks in ToC10/UD25 level gear. We haven't tried ICC10 with less than 10 folks, but I would guess you could go as low as 8. Strong healers/tanks are more important than strong DPS, the fights just last longer is all. If your whole group is below UD10 level gear, you may not be strong enough to kill trash groups without healers going OOM. Good luck!