New 3.3 Glyphs

Yes, I've been a bit remiss in posting new content from the Test Realms. This is mostly because new items have been dribbling in, and I wanted to hold off until there was more to share. Since that hasn't happened yet, I'm just going to run with what I have. I really don't know if there will be more goodies anyway.

So far all I've really seen are these three glyphs, which were also posted on MMO-Champion:

You can see in the first image that these recipes are available from Larana Drome. She's the supply vendor inside the Scribe shop in Dalaran. She sells these recipes in limited supply, so you'll want to be sure you visit her as soon as you can. She has about five copies of each new recipe, unfortunately I don't know what her respawn rate is. Needless to say she will be mobbed when 3.3 goes live. If you want these particular glyphs, I'd come up with a strategy to get them that takes crazy crowds into account. I have not found them on any other vendor yet, but I will post if I do. As you may know, there are additional trade vendors at the Argent Tournament who duplicate items found in Dalaran. I'm hoping they will add the new glyphs to the Tourney vendor to "spread the love around". Or at least ease some of the Dalaran lag anyways ;)

Also, I'm still keeping an eye out for the new armor recipes but they haven't shown up on any trainers or vendors in town. I'm regularly visiting Icecrown Citadel to locate the new Faction vendor for The Ashen Verdict. So far I've been unable to locate any vendors around the Citadel. If you want to get a sneak peek at these items, you can visit WoWHead's PTR listings here. I'm holding off on posting these recipes until I know more about how to get them.



    thanx for keeping us updated on the newist items in the PTR!

    Keep up the great work Kaliope!

    now if only they give LW some new recipes outside of the raid i will be ESTATIC!

  2. I can feel Mages finally getting a buff, indefinite water elemental is a nice perk. Clothie hunter prehaps?