Giving Thanks for EZ-Mode Cooking!

You may have seen on WoWHead and other sites that the new Pilgrim's Bounty event allows you to level your Cooking skill quickly and on-the-cheap. Since this holiday only lasts a week, I went ahead and tested this out to see if it's legit. I used my new Hordie Death Knight, who had a Cooking skill of 6. She got a few points doing those Day of the Dead quests, what can I say :P It was the best I could come up with on short notice!

Using this method, I was able to get my toon's Cooking skill up to 300 in about an hour, including travel time. Another 30 minutes and I got her Cooking up to 350 skill, which is basically Northrend level. My total cost was under 14g, including travel expenses and trainer fees. As far as I'm concerned, this is a HUGE gift to folks who haven't bothered to level Cooking. If you have any intention of working on Cooking skill for one or more characters, NOW is the time to get it done. It will never be this fast or cheap people!

Here's a quick little chart so you can see how easy it is:

  • Start at the Undercity or Stormwind
  • Purchase Bountiful Cookbook from the Pilgrim vendor for 1 silver
  • Learn the Spice Bread recipe from the trainer if you don't have it already
  • Make 60x Spice Bread to reach 40 Cooking and set up the next step
  • Make 60x Spice Bread Stuffing to reach 100 Cooking (train @ 75)
  • Make 60x Pumpkin Pie to reach 160 Cooking (train @ 150)
  • Travel to Orgrimmar or Ironforge for Tangy Cranberries
  • Make 60x Cranberry Chutney to reach 220 Cooking
  • Travel to Mulgore or Darnassus for Sweet Potatoes
  • Make 60x Candied Sweet Potato to reach 280 Cooking (train @ 225)
  • Return to Undercity or Stormwind
  • Kill 20 Wild Turkeys in Tirisfal/Elwynn Forest
  • Make 20x Slow Roasted Turkey to reach 300 Cooking

There are Cooking trainers located right at the Pilgrim camps who will teach you each level of Cooking skill you need to reach 300. The only reason you'll have to travel is to collect the different "local" produce items for the recipes. You may also need to overstock a bit on each step. Once a recipe is yellow it isn't quite as reliable for skill points. I averaged about 62 items per recipe, so bear that in mind when you're purchasing ingredients from the vendor. Most of the city camps have barrels behind the vendor that act as a secondary vendor. If your having trouble with objects being "busy", try the barrels!

To continue beyond 300 you'll have to go to Outland or Northrend to visit expansion trainers. Expect to put in another 30 minutes or so to get from 300 to 350 in Cooking. Most of that will be traveling and killing more turkeys. You'll probably want to collect about 60 additional wild turkey corpses. Don't forget to stop by the Bounty camp in Stormwind/Undercity and stock up on herbs and honey before you hearth back to Shattrath/Dalaran.

  • Kill 60x MORE wild turkeys in Tirisfall/Elywynn Forest
  • Purchase 120 Honey pots and 60 Autumnal Herbs from the Bounty vendor.
  • Travel to Outland/Northrend to train Master Cooking
  • Make 60x Slow-Roasted Turkeys to reach 350 Cooking
As I said, this takes about 90 minutes to complete, including all the travel and turkey slaughter. I did not include any pit stops for quests, it may take longer if you integrate them into your plan. The quests for this event will grant experience, so take advantage if you're still leveling alts. All of these quests are quite easy, most of the work is traveling between major cities.

One more thing, these new recipes DO count for our Cooking achievements. You get five new recipes to add to your recipe tally. Make sure you pick those up if you're still working on Chef de Cuisine or one of the lesser versions. Have fun!


  1. You can also hop a boat to Valiance Keep and visit the cooking trainers there. Easier to get to if you are a lowbie and if you want to put in the effort (and gold) you can level your cooking all the way to 450. 8^)

  2. Nice tip, thanks! I hadn't tested beyond 350 yet but I will give that a go :)

  3. I don't think you can level cooking much past 400 (or all the way to 450) without buying some of the Northrend recipes, which requires doing some of the Northrend cooking dailies.

  4. I wondered that as well, that's why I want to check it out and see whether the Pilgrim recipes continue to provide skill. I thought mine pooped out around 350, but I could be wrong.

  5. I got to 355 on my DK, but the last 5 took a while. I will have to also do this on my Hunter, since he has a few recipes I have been saving for him to learn.

    My rogue already had 450 cooking, so this wasn't much of a help, other then to get him the recipes which unfortunately can only be used during this time - no saving some of the ingredients for later as in the X-mas based one.

  6. The turkey recipe is green at 350 and turns gray at 355. Thanksgiving recipes aren't really an option beyond 350 since the turkey is the highest one available. The main benefit of the Pilgrim recipes is that they allow you to bypass all the pre-WotLK cooking content if you want. I doubt Blizzard intended that the Pilgrim recipes enable players to bypass current content, I'm sure that's why the turkey recipe turns gray at 355.

    If you wanted to keep going after the turkey, you could visit the Cooking trainers in Northrend and level a little more. I took my Belf DK to the Fjord and trained the 350 recipes, but once you get to 382 all of the trainer recipes are green. It would be rough after that if you had no access to Dalaran vendor recipes, but you might be able to reach 400 or so if you cranked out copious amounts of cheap Northrend vittles.

  7. and in case nobody caught it, theres an item from the pilgrim vendors that lest you convert the ton of stuff you made into feast. they are a bit below the buff of a fish feast and for the cost are WONDERFUL